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Life baby names and what they mean, for life, alive, fate, soul, resurrection, healing.

Adoption of these girl names was at its highest during 1890-1899 (usage of 0.1452%) and has remained as widespread to this day (usage 0.1446%, down 0.4%), but with names such as Karma, Stacy, Theresa, Lourdes and Viva becoming somewhat dated. The more fashionable baby names in this compilation are Cora (#103), Aisha (#559), Eve (#460), Anastasia (#240) and Chaya (#692), and there is also a rekindling in baby name usage for Anastasia, Cora and Eve. Chay (top 21%) is a familiar last name.

Here is the list of Life names for boys.

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Top 1000 baby names ranking of Life names: Aisha, Alma, Althea, Anastasia, Anniston

Aisha 1 .. Root fr. Arabic element. "Alive and well." Listed in Top 1000. Also possibly means "life" in Swahili .. [Aayshah, Aesha, Aeshah, Aishah, Aishia, Ayeesah, Ayeisa, Ayeisha, Ayisah, Ieasha, .. 52 more]

Alma 2 .. Derivative of Latin, Italian, Hebrew, Arabic words. "soul; young woman; learned." Popular as last names, and Alma (upper 27%), Allma are comparable to popular -ma surname Altema (upper 85%). Modern name .. [Almah, Allma]

Aloe 3 .. widely considered to have healing qualities. Aloe, like the similar-sounding Alle, exists more usually as a surname. See also Alla.

Althea 4 .. Root fr. Greek element. "Healing herb." Althea, Altha and Thea are familiar as variations. From Althaia, and of a different .. [Altha, .. 8 more]

Anahita 5 .. .. associated with fertility, healing and wisdom .. Anahita is not in the Top 1000. See also Anthia.

Anastasia 6 .. From Greek. "Resurrection." Ana (+14), Anastasia (+15) and Anya are contemporarily stylish forms undergoing rekindling. From the word "anastasis" .. [Ana, Anastaise, Anastase, Anastasiya, Anastassia, Anastay, Annastasia, Anya, Asia, Nastassya, .. 37 more]

Anniston 7 .. .. Anastassakis, from Greek Anastasia meaning "resurrection" .. Anniston and Aniston became more trendy in 2014, rising on average +48 rankings as children's names with Anniston leading the upswing. [Aniston]

Aretha 8 .. .. Aretha Franklin, the "goddess of soul". Somewhat scarce as a children's name these days, but recorded often as a female first name. [Areta, Arete, Arette, Laretha, .. 10 more]

Arethusa 9 .. .. to avoid a fate worse than .. Aiarethusa, Arethuda and Arethusaai are kreatif variations.

Ashia 10 .. Derivative of Arabic word. "Life and hope." Unique. Ashia, like Aishia, ends with the unusual -shia. See also Aysha. Hindi name ..

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Life names: Aretha, Ava, Beatrice, Bethany

Athanasia 11 .. From Greek. "Eternal life." Athanasia, Atanasia, etc. are not frequently used as children's names. Feminine of Athanasios. [Atanasia, Atanasya, .. 1 more]

Ava 12 .. name Chava meaning "life" or "serpent" .. Popularly used, with usage of 0.1263% for Ava and variants as birth names in 2014, higher than 0.1105% the year before. [Avah, Avalynn, Avis, Avlynn, .. 6 more]

Beatrice 13 .. Source fr. Latin language. "Voyager (through life); blessed." Beattie (upper 2%), Bee (5%), Beatrice (15%), Bea (19%) and Beatie (45%) appear frequently as last names. Italian and French form of Beatrix .. [Bea, Beah, Beatie, Beatrica, Beatrix, Beattie, Beea, Beeatrisa, Beeatriss, Beeatrissa, .. 14 more]

Bee 14 .. Beatrice (Latin) "voyager (through life); blessed" .. Rare. Bee (cf. Blakelee) uses the -ee suffix. See also Bree.

Betha 15 .. Derivative of Celtic language. "Life." Not in Top 1000. See also Beth.

Bethany 16 .. .. Testament description of life in the .. Adoption of Bethany and variants as girls' names in 2014 was down 23.6% compared to a decade ago. [Bethanee, Bethani, Bethann, Betheny, .. 7 more]

Bethesda 17 .. .. supposed to have healing powers after .. Not in Top 1000.

Bibiana 18 .. .. of Vivian (Latin) "alive". Bibiane is .. Not in Top 1000. [Bibiane, .. 1 more]

Cenobia 19 .. Based on Greek element. "Life of Zeus." Not in popularity charts. See also Cenobie. Spanish variant of Zenobia.

Chava 20 .. Derivative of Hebrew element. "Life." Common, with usage of 0.2761% for Chava and variants as children's names in 2014, higher than 0.2721% the year before. Can also mean "living being", or .. [Ava, Chaya, .. 7 more]

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Summary of Life names (and variants) for girls.

Aisha - Chava
Aisha [Tyisha, Yiesha, Yieshah, Tynisha, ..], Alma [Almah, Allma], Aloe, Althea [Thea, Eltha, Althia, Elthea, ..], Anahita, Anastasia [Tasia, Tasja, Tasya, Tasiya, ..], Anniston [Aniston], Aretha [Retha, Oretta, Reatha, Orette, ..], Arethusa, Ashia, Athanasia [Atanasia, Atanasya, Athenasia], Ava [Avis, Ayva, Avelyn, Avlynn, ..], Beatrice [Trix, Trixy, Trixie, Beitriss, ..], Bee, Betha, Bethany [Bethzy, Betheny, Bethanny, Betheney, ..], Bethesda, Bibiana [Bibiane, Bibianna], Cenobia, Chava [Eve, Hava, Haya, Kaija, ..]

Chaya - Miriam
Chaya, Cora [Koryne, Korynna, Koryssa, Lacoria, ..], Coral [Koral, Korall, Koralie, Koralline, ..], Destiny [Destini, Destyni, Destiney, Destinie, ..], Enid [Enyd, Enydd, Enidd, Eneida, ..], Eva [Evie, Evina, Evita, Jieva, ..], Eve [Ewa, Evy, Evvy, Evvie, ..], Faustine [Fausta, Fauste, Faustina], Fortune [Fortuna, Fortunata], Galatea [Galatee, Galathea], Gianna [Gionna, Gianina, Giannina, Gianella, ..], Hava [Eva, Eve, Haya, Kaija, ..], Ieesha [Iesha, Yeesha, Ieeshah, Ieashiah, ..], Karma, Keisha [Kicia, Kisha, Kesia, Kiesha, ..], Kismet [Kismat], Lakeisha [Lekisha, Laquisha, Lekeisha, Lekeesha, ..], Lanice, Lourdes [Lurdes, Lourdetta, Lourdette, Lourdecita], Miriam [Miyana, Myriam, Mitzie, Miyanna, ..]

Myisha - Yeva
Myisha [Myesha, Myeisha, Myeshia, Myiesha], Nastasia [Nastassja, Nastassya, Nastassija, Nastassiya], Portia, Psyche, Saisha [Saesha], Salvia [Sallvia, Salvina], Stacy [Tacy, Taisie, Staysy, Staysie, ..], Talitha [Talita, Taletha, Talisha, Talicia], Tansy [Tansey, Tansia, Tanzey, Tanzia, ..], Tasia [Tazia, Tasya, Tashia], Themis [Temis, Temiss, Themiss], Theresa [Zita, Treza, Tressa, Trescha, ..], Trixie [Trix, Trixy, Trixee], Vica, Vida [Vita, Vitia, Vieda, Vidette, ..], Vita [Vitel, Vitka, Veeta, Vitella], Viva [Vivva, Veeva, Viveca], Viveca [Viveka, Vivica, Vivika], Wibeke [Vibeke, Wiebke, Wiweca], Yeva [Yevka]

Zenaide - Zolynn
Zenaide [Zenaida], Zenobia [Zenda, Zenna, Zenina, Zenobie, ..], Zitomira, Zivanka [Zivka], Zoanne [Zoanna], Zoe [Zoya, Zoie, Zowie, Zooey, ..], Zolynn