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Life Names

Page 1/3. 46 Life names and what they mean, for life for baby girls, listing 1-20.

Aisha .. Also possibly means "life" in Swahili ..
[Aayshah, Aeesha, Aeeshah, Aeisha, Aesha, .. 57 more]

Ashia .. "Life and hope." ..

Athanasia .. "Eternal life." ..
[Atanasia, Atanasya, Athenasia]

Ava .. Other possible sources are the Hebrew name Chava meaning "life" or "serpent", or from Latin "avis" meaning "bird" ..
[Avah, Avalee, Avelina, Aveline, Avelyn, .. 2 more]

Beatrice .. "Voyager (through life)." ..
[Bea, Beah, Beatie, Beatrica, Beatris, .. 19 more]

Bee Diminutive of Beatrice (Latin) "voyager (through life); blessed" ..

Betha .. "Life."

Bethany .. From the New Testament description of life in the house, the name has rather domestic, cozy connotations ..
[Bethanee, Bethaney, Bethani, Bethanie, Bethann, .. 5 more]

Bonnie .. Their life was made into the 1967 film "Bonnie and Clyde" ..
[Bonne, Bonnebell, Bonnee, Bonnell, Bonney, .. 12 more]

Casey .. Made famous by the popular song about the heroism of Luther Casey Jones, a US engine driver who gave his life to save the lives of his passengers ..
[Cacey, Caci, Cacia, Cacie, Cacy, .. 52 more]

Cenobia .. "Life of Zeus." ..

Chantal .. It was originally given in honor of Saint Jeanne-Françoise de Chantal (17th-century), a woman of great piety who adopted a strict religious life and founded an order of nuns, the Vistandines, devoted at first to charity and later to teaching and devotion to Jesus ..
[Chandal, Chanta, Chantaal, Chantae, Chantael, .. 68 more]

Chava .. "Life." ..
[Ava, Chabah, Chaya, Chayka, Eva, .. 4 more]

Chaya .. "Life." ..

Cora .. Classical mythology: name of Persephone, the goddess of the underworld who lives there in winter, before her return in spring causes the cycle of life to continue ..
[Corabel, Corabella, Corabelle, Corabellita, Corabeth, .. 53 more]

Enid .. "Soul, life." ..
[Eanid, Ened, Enedd, Enedina, Eneida, .. 3 more]

Esther .. Biblical: a young beautiful Hebrew woman who became the wife of the Persian king Ahasuerus, and risked her life to save her people ..
[Eppie, Eistir, Ess, Essie, Essy, .. 14 more]

Eva .. "Life, animal." ..
[Ava, Eeva, Efa, Eubha, Evah, .. 8 more]

Eve .. "Life, animal." ..
[Aoife, Eba, Ebba, Eubh, Eva, .. 17 more]

Galatea .. She was brought to life for him by Aphrodite ..
[Galatee, Galathea]

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Life names: Aisha, Ava, Beatrice, Bethany, Bonnie, Casey, Chantal, Chaya, Cora, Enid

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Life names: Esther, Eva, Eve

Aisha, Ava, Beatrice, Bee, Bethany, Bonnie, Casey, Chantal, Chaya, Cora, Enid, Esther, Eva and Eve are commonly used names, while Ashia, Athanasia, Betha, Cenobia, Chava and Galatea are rare in comparison. (2000 U.S. Census)

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