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Life names and what they mean, for life, alive, fate, soul, healing, resurrection for females. Here is the list of Life names for boys. These girl names reached the height of their popularity during 1890-1899 (usage of 0.1474%) and have remained as popular to this day (usage 0.1468%, down 0.4%), but with names such as Karma, Stacy, Theresa, Lourdes and Viva becoming somewhat dated. The more fashionable baby names in this compilation are Cora (#103), Aisha (#559), Eve (#460), Anastasia (#240) and Chaya (#692), and there is also a rekindling in baby name usage for Anastasia, Cora and Eve.

Aisha - Anahita

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Aisha 1 .. From Arabic language. "Alive and well." Asia exists commonly (Top 45%) as a last name. Also possibly means "life" in Swahili .. [Aayshah, Aeesha, Aeeshah, Aeisha, Aesha, Aeshah, Aishia, Aisia, Asha, Ayeesah, .. 52 more]

Alma 2 .. Root fr. Latin, Italian, Hebrew, Arabic languages. "soul; young woman; learned." Popular last names, like last names Dolma, Elma, with the -lma ending. Modern name .. [Almah, .. 1 more]

Aloe 3 .. widely considered to have healing qualities. Aloe, like the similar-sounding Alle, exists more usually as a surname. See also Alla.

Althea 4 .. Root fr. Greek language. "Healing herb." Unconventional. Compare Althea, Elthea, Thea, and popular last names Beathea, Bethea, which also end with -hea. From Althaia, and of a different .. [Altha, Altheda, .. 7 more]

Anahita 5 .. .. associated with fertility, healing and wisdom .. Anahita is not in the Top 1000. See also Anthia.

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Summary of all Life names (and variants) for girls.

[Aisha - Anahita]
Aisha [Yiesha, Yieshah, ..], Alma [Almah, Allma], Aloe, Althea [Thea, Elthea, ..], Anahita

[Anastasia - Enid]
Anastasia [Tasja, Tasya, ..], Anniston [Aniston], Aretha [Retha, Reatha, ..], Arethusa, Ashia, Athanasia [Atanasya, Athenasia], Ava [Avis, Avlynn, ..], Beatrice [Trixy, Trixie, ..], Bee, Betha, Bethany [Betheny, Betheney, ..], Bethesda, Bibiana [Bibiane, Bibianna], Cenobia, Chava [Haya, Kaija, ..], Chaya, Cora [Koryssa, Lacoria, ..], Coral [Koralie, Koralline, ..], Destiny [Destyni, Destinie, ..], Enid [Enyd, Enydd, ..]

[Eva - Saisha]
Eva [Evita, Jieva, ..], Eve [Evy, Ewa, ..], Faustine [Fauste, Faustina], Fortune [Fortuna, Fortunata], Galatea [Galatee, Galathea], Gianna [Gionna, Giannina, ..], Hava [Haya, Kaija, ..], Ieesha [Iesha, Yeesha, ..], Karma, Keisha [Kisha, Kiesha, ..], Kismet [Kismat], Lakeisha [Lekisha, Lekeisha, ..], Lanice, Lourdes [Lurdes, Lourdette, ..], Miriam [Myriam, Miyanna, ..], Myisha [Myeshia, Myiesha, ..], Nastasia [Nastassya, Nastassiya, ..], Portia, Psyche, Saisha [Saesha]

[Salvia - Zoe]
Salvia [Sallvia, Salvina], Stacy [Tacy, Taisie, ..], Talitha [Talita, Talisha, ..], Tansy [Tanzey, Tanzia, ..], Themis [Temiss, Themiss], Theresa [Zita, Treza, ..], Trixie [Trixy, Trixee], Vica, Vida [Vita, Vitia, ..], Vita [Vitka, Vitella, ..], Viva [Vivva, Viveca], Viveca [Vivica, Vivika, ..], Wibeke [Wiebke, Wiweca], Yeva [Yevka], Zenaide [Zenaida], Zenobia [Zenna, Zenobie, ..], Zitomira, Zivanka [Zivka], Zoanne [Zoanna], Zoe [Zoya, Zowie, ..]

[Zolynn - Zolynn]