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Names may be associated with a word, eg. Raven is associated with "dark" but does not mean "dark".

Light baby names and what they mean, for light, bright, shining, brilliant, with 154 results. These girl names were at the top of their popularity in the 1880s (ADOPTION OF 6.34%) and have become significantly less common since (ADOPTION 3.01%, 53%), with names such as Ciara becoming less in vogue. The trendier birth names among these are Alina (#172), Callie (#196), Lucy (#55), Nora (#41) and Nova (#215), while Klare (TOP 28%) and Monserrate (23%) are common last names. Here is the list of Bright names for boys.

Light names

Agave - Assunta | Asuncion - Ciana | Ciara - Elga | Eliora - Lenore | Leonora - Meera | Meira - Phaedra | .. - .. | Uberta - Zuleika

Agave - Assunta

From Greek element. "Illustrious, noble." Uncommon, but Agave is comparable to common -ve surnames Angove (UPPER 29%), Aldave (94%). See also Agafi.

Source fr. Gaelic, Celtic languages. "Brilliant; happiness." Uncommon as a children's name, but Aine is comparable to the more popular Aide. See also Ana. Though not strictly related, Anne, Anna ..

Source fr. Japanese element. "Bright; glistening." Not in popularity charts.

Derivative of Japanese. "Bright child; glistening child." Akiko is uncommon as a girls' name. See also Aiko.


Stems fr. Arabic. "Bright, intelligent." Akili and forms peaked in popularity in 1996. [Akili, .. 1 more]


Derivative of Japanese element. "Bright, clear, ideal." Adoption of Akira as a birth name in 2015 was up 31.6% compared to the previous decade. Cross-gender use.

Derivative of Japanese element. "Bright, clear, ideal." Alyra is a marginally prominent baby name. See also Amyra. Invented feminine form of Akira.

Derivative of Hawaiian language. "Light of dawn or sunset glow." Alauel and Alaufa are creative variations. See also Alala.


Derived fr. Old English. "Noble, bright." Alberta, Berti, etc. became less trendy last year, dropping on average -12 positions as birth names with Ali leading the decline. Feminine of Albert .. [Elbertine, Elberthina, Elbertha, Berty, Alverta, Allie, Alie, Ali, Alberthine, Albertha, .. 21 more]

.. name Lucinda, meaning "light", or a .. Alacinda and variants are seldom found as feminine names. [Allcinda, .. 3 more]

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Light names: Akilah, Akira, Alberta, Alina, Alyssa, Assunta


.. derive from Arabic for "noble, illustrious" .. Lena has generally been a favorite of parents, though Alina has gained in usage, while forms like Aline used to be popular. [Lynah, Linah, Leenah, Alyne, Alynah, Allynah, Alleen, Aline, Alena, .. 16 more]

.. is the Latin word for "light". Rare. Alumina, Allumina, like Amalina, Aegina, end with -ina. [Allumina]


.. name of a bright yellow flower .. Popular, with usage of 0.242% for Alyssa, Lissa, etc. as birth names in 2015, though lower than 0.305% in 2014. [Lyssa, Ilyssa, Alyssia, Alysse, Alysa, .. 9 more]

Stems fr. Greek element. "Shiny, sparkling." Not Top 2000 name. Spanish name ..

Derived fr. Greek language. "Fresh, sparkling." Not Top 2000 names. Also the name of a flower .. [Amarilis]

Source fr. Hebrew, Scottish. "Light." Not in popularity charts. See also Annet.

Based on Arabic. "Light." Also used for boys. Anwar is unique as a first name, registering frequently (TOP 10%) as a last name. Most familiar as a man's name ..

Stems fr. Hawaiian. "Beautiful light." Aonani is rarely used as a baby name.

Stems fr. Greek. "Bright, shining." Unconventional. Argia is not listed in the US Demographics. See also Arika. Italian name.


.. the Assumption is celebrated on August .. Assunta grew in popularity 105 years ago. See also Ashanta.

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Summary Index of Light names [and variants] for girls.

1. Agave - Assunta
Agave, Aine, Aki, Akiko, Akilah [2], Akira, Akyra, Alaula, Alberta [31], Alcinda [4], Alina [25], Alumina [1], Alyssa [14], Amarilla, Amaryllis [1], Annot, Anwar, Aonani, Argia, Assunta

Asuncion [1], Bartha [1], Behira [1], Berdine, Bertha [21], Bertilde, Bertina [1], Bertrade, Beryl [7], Bobbie [3], Braulia, Bridget [72], Callie [22], Candra, Cassandra [48], Ceallach, Chandra [8], Chermona [4], Chiara [4], Ciana [2]

Ciara [22], Cindy [21], Claire [61], Clara [21], Clare [1], Clarette, Claribel [1], Clarimond [4], Clarinda [1], Clarissa [24], Clytie, Corazon [1], Dawn [14], Diamond [5], Eberta, Egberta [5], Eirian [4], Elberta [2], Electra [6], Elga [3]

Eliora [4], Ethelberta, Eulalia [13], Fiby, Forsythia, Fulgencia, Fuchsia [1], Gilberte [12], Herbertine, Huberta [4], Ilene [5], Javiera, Kalinda [2], Katherine [192], Kelly [11], Keren [2], Klara [7], Klarissa [2], Lainey [1], Lenore [8]

Leonora [11], Leora [3], Lewana [4], Liora [4], Lucetta [3], Lucia, Luciana [1], Lucille [10], Lucinda [7], Lucita [2], Lucy [27], Lumina [1], Luz [3], Magali [4], Mahina, Malana, Marilla [2], Marmara [7], Mazhira, Meera [1]

Meira, Menora [1], Meriel [6], Merrill [4], Meryl [14], Mohala, Monserrat [1], Morgan [10], Muriel [7], Myrtle [9], Nahara, Nehara [4], Nora [8], Norbeta, Nova [2], Nura [7], Onella, Oralee [4], Orit [3], Phaedra [7]

Philiberta [4], Phoebe [6], Pollyanna, Rhiannon [14], Roberta [53], Robin [21], Roshan [5], Saffron [4], Sana, Sancia [4], Sandy [4], Saskia, Shera [7], Shirley [20], Siria [2], Sorcha, Svetlana [3], Taliesin [2], Tatum, Thea [3]

Uberta [3], Ula [4], Uma [1], Uriela [2], Urit [4], Veda [5], Vesta [1], Xaviera [7], Zahara [1], Zahira [2], Zia [1], Ziv [3], Zohara [2], Zuleika [2]

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