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Lightning Names for girls

Lightning names and what they mean, for lightning for females. Here is the list of Bright names for boys.

Ashni - Levina

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Ashni 1 .. Origin fr. Sanskrit. "Lightning." A girls' name that is only intermittently used. See also Aghna. ..

Barbara 2 .. In Roman Catholic custom, Saint Barbara is invoked as a protector against fire and lightning .. Barbara is recognizable (Top 1%) as a women's name, and it occurs regularly (Top 13%) as a surname according to the US Census. The forms Bonnie, Bobbi, Barbra, Barbar and Babette are widely used as variations of Barbara. [Bab, Babara, Babbette, Babett, Babs, .. 48 more]

Levina 3 .. From Latin element. "Lightning bolt." Not frequently used as a name for babies. See also Levanna.

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[Ashni - Levina]
Ashni, Barbara [Bonni, Bonny, Bobbi, Bobby, Bobbee, Bobbie, Bonnie, Varina, Varvara, Borbala, ..], Levina


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