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Little names

Little baby names and what they mean, for little, small, slender.

Adoption of these girl names reached its apex during 1970-1979 (usage of 4.8%) and is now much less (usage 2.1%, down 55%), with names like Keely falling out of fashion. The trendier birth names in this list are Lucy (#62), Willow (#138), Nova (#287), Lana (#351) and Wren (#704).

Here is the list of Little names for boys.


Names may be associated with a word, eg. Raven is associated with "dark" but does not mean "dark".

Adin - Bunty

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Top 2000 baby names ranking of Little names: Aiko, Alana, Alida, Amy, Angel

Source fr. Hebrew word. "Delicate and slender." Adyn is also a slightly prominent girl's name. Appears in the Old Testament as .. [Adina, .. 1 more]

Based on Japanese word. "Little loved one." Common, and Aiko is comparable to popular surnames Ciko (top 96%), Siko (45%), which also end with -iko. See also Kiko.

.. Gaelic "ailin" meaning "little rock" or .. Alana and Lana have risen in popularity since 1880-1889. [Alaina, Alaine, Alannah, Alawna, Alayne, Aleyna, Allana, Alleen, Alleynah, Alleyne, .. 23 more]

Source fr. Latin element. "Small winged one." Usage of Alida and variants as children's names in 2014 was up a lot compared to the previous decade. Also variant of Alda. [Adela, Adellyna, Adellyta, Alaida, Aldina, Aldine, Aldonna, Aleida, Alette, Alita, .. 44 more]

Based on French language. "Little love." Not in popularity charts. [Amoretta]

.. by Louisa May Alcott's "Little Women" .. Amy (upper 9%), Amie (28%), Ami (64%), Amata (65%) and Amil (82%) exist frequently as last names. [Aimee, Ame, Amee, Amice, Amiee, Ammie, Amya, .. 15 more]

.. a good (or pretty) little girl .. Usage of Angel and forms was more pronounced among parents in 2001 and has become diminished. [Ang, Angelea, .. 1 more]

.. cartoon feature film "The Little Mermaid" .. Used widely as birth names, Ariel, Aeriell, etc. are pronounced like the familiar Areli. [Aeriel, Aeriela, Arie, Ariela, .. 7 more]

.. Indian word possibly meaning "small spring". Unconventional, with usage of 0.004% for Arizona as a baby name in 2014.

Derivative of Persian language. "Small one." Ayesha is commonplace (upper 47%) as a feminine name. See also Asha. Also variant of Aisha.

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Little names: Ariel, Arizona, Ayesha, Beth, Blondell

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Little names: Brenna, Brooke

Source fr. Latin word. "Little stutterer." Balbina and Balbine are rarely used as children's names. [Balbine]

Stems fr. Spanish. "Little beauty." Compare surnames Belitz (top 31%), Betita (95%). Also nickname of Isabel. [Bellita]

.. the four daughters in "Little Women". Bessie (top 5%) and Beth (5%) are common given names, whereas Bet and Bethan are rare. [Bessie, .. 2 more]

From American. "Little bird." Less popular today. Birdie was the variant last found (1950-1959) in the Top 2000. May also be a variant of .. [Birdie, .. 2 more]

Also possibly (French) "little pale one". Blondell is conventional (upper 79%) as a first name, while Blondelle, Blondene, Blondie and Blondy are unique. [Blondelle, .. 3 more]

From Gaelic element. "Little drop of water; raven or .. ." A conventional birth name (#784 a year ago), Brenna also exists conventionally as a surname. Modern use is probably as a .. [Bren, Brenn, Brenne, Brynna, .. 5 more]

.. wild rose with small, prickly thorns. Brier and Briar became more popular in 2014, gaining +417 positions as baby names with Briar rising the most. [Briar]

Derivative of Old English, Old German words. "Water, small stream." Usage of Brooke, Brooklyn, etc. as birth names in 2014 was 15.7% more than 10 years ago. Also a surname .. [Brook, Brookelle, Brookie, Brooklynn, Brooks, Brooky, .. 3 more]

.. with large leaves and small flowers. Scarce as birth names, but Brioni, Bryony, etc. are pronounced like the more familiar Briana. [Brioni, Bryonie, .. 1 more]

.. name for a little lamb, from .. Bund and Buntye are kreatif forms. See also Bente.

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Index of all Little names [and variants] for girls.

1. Adin - Bunty
Adin [Adina, Adeana], Aiko, Alana [Lanny, Lannie, ..], Alida [Oletta, Olette, ..], Amorette [Amoretta], Amy [Esma, Esme, ..], Angel [Angle, Angelea], Ariel [Ariellel, Ariellia, ..], Arizona, Ayesha, Balbina [Balbine], Belita [Bellita], Beth [Bet, Bethan], Birdena [Birdine, Byrdene], Blondell [Blondy, Blondie, ..], Brenna [Brynna, Brynne, ..], Brier [Briar], Brooke [Brooks, Brooky, ..], Bryony [Briony, Bryonie], Bunty

2. Callula - Elba
Callula, Cameo [Cammeo], Cantara, Caoilainn [Keelan, Keelin, ..], Carlin [Carling], Cendrine, Charmian [Sharmyan, Sharmyane, ..], Chiquita [Chiquin, Chiqueeta, ..], Cinderella [Ella, Cindy, ..], Cinnamon [Sinemmon, Sinnamon], Cosette [Cosetta, Cozette], Dalia [Dalya, Dalyah, ..], Damita [Dama], Deora, Devi, Dorrit [Dorita, Doritt], Edlyn [Edlynn, Edlinna, ..], Egidia [Aegidia, Egidiana], Einin, Elba [Elbe, Ellba]

3. Eva - Linnea
Eva [Evita, Jieva, ..], Fayette [Fayetta], Fiammetta [Fiamma], Hansika, Hayfa [Haifa], Jena [Jenna], Jo [Jovelle, Jozette, ..], Jonina, Kanara [Kanarit, Kanarra], Kataniya, Kaylee [Kaylley, Kaylleigh, ..], Keely [Keylley, Keyllie, ..], Kellen [Kellan, Kellyn], Koemi, Lana [Lanna, Lanny, ..], Lassie [Lassey], Laura [Lory, Lorry, ..], Lieselotte, Linette [Lynnet, Lynnette, ..], Linnea [Lynnae, Lynnea, ..]

4. Lottie - Talitha
Lottie [Lotti, Lotty, ..], Lucy [Luz, Luzija, ..], Lyris [Lyra, Lyria], Malva [Melva, Melvina], Mercedes [Mercede, Mercedez], Mina [Minnie, Minnette, ..], Musetta [Musette], Nina [Nyna, Ninotchka, ..], Nova [Novia, Novella], Ocarina, Ondine [Ondyne, Undine], Orsa [Ursa, Orssa, ..], Paula [Polly, Pollie, ..], Paulina [Pavlina, Polline, ..], Picabo, Prunella [Prunelle], Rilla [Rilletta, Rillette], Rochelle [Shelly, Shelley, ..], Rowena [Rowina, Rowenna, ..], Talitha [Talita, Talisha, ..]

5. Tiara - Yara
Tiara [Tiare, Tiarra, ..], Undine [Undene, Undina, ..], Ursula [Urszula, Urszuli, ..], Villette, Willow, Wren, Yara [Iara, Uira]