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Page 1 of 2. 24 Loved names related to or that mean loved for girls, listing Loved baby names 1-20. Aiko, Amanda, Divina, Dodie, Echo, Esmeralda, Hulda and Lida are popular names. Amica, Angharad, Annwyl, Brisa, Cedrica, Cyrene, Ermintrude, Etain, Galatea, Habibah, Halia and Haviva are uncommon names. View Loved baby names below for name meanings or search Loved names for boys.

Aiko ... "Little loved one."

Amanda ... "Fit to be loved, lovable." ...
[Amada, Amandah, Amandi, Amandie, Amandine, ... 10 more]

Amica ... "Loved friend." ...
[Amicah, Amice, Amika, Mica]

Angharad ... "Much loved." ...

Annwyl ... "Loved one."
[Annwyll, Anwylle]

Brisa ... the Greek name of the woman loved by Achilles in Homer's "Iliad".
[Breezy, Briseida, Briseis, Brisha, Brisia, ... 3 more]

Cedrica ... "Kind and loved." ...
[Cedra, Cedriana, Cedrika, Cedrina]

Cyrene ... Mythology: Kyrene was a maiden-huntress and princess loved by Apollo ...
[Cyrena, Cyrina]

Divina ... Also variant of Davina (Hebrew) "loved one".
[Devina, Divine, Divinia]

Dodie ... "Well loved." ...
[Doda, Dodee, Dodey, Dodi, Dody]

Echo ... From kho. Mythology: a nymph who loved Narcissus and faded away until only her voice was left behind.

Ermintrude ... "All loved." ...
[Ermengard, Ermentraud, Ermyntrude, Irmentrud, Irmtraud, ... 2 more]

Esmeralda ... The name was made famous in 1831 as the name of the gypsy girl loved by Quasimodo in Victor Hugo's novel "The Hunchback of Notre Dame".
[Em, Emmie, Emerald, Emerant, Emeraude, ... 16 more]

Etain ... Etain is a beautiful woman loved by the god Midir the Proud ...
[Eadaoin, Eadan]

Galatea ... Mythology: Galatea was a statue loved by the sculptor Pygmalion ...
[Galatee, Galathea]

Habibah ... "Loved one."
[Habiba, Habibi, Haviva, Havivah, Hebiba]

Halia ... "Remembrance of a loved one."

Haviva ... "Well-loved."
[Havivah, Havviva, Havvivah]

Hulda ... "Loved one; mole."
[Huldah, Huldie]

Lida ... "Loved by the people." ...
[Leida, Lidah, Lyda]

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Top 1000 ranking of Loved names: Amanda, Brisa, Esmeralda, Hulda, Lida


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