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Magical names and what they mean, for magical, magic for females. Here is the list of Magical names for boys. Usage of these girl names reached its most widespread in 2006 and has remained as widespread to this day, but with names such as Elvina, Alvina and Alfreda becoming less fashionable. Aubrey (#20), Jade (#139) and Morgan (#101) are three of the more fashionable girl names among these.

Aafje - Alfreda

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Aafje 1 .. Root fr. Dutch. "One of the magical beings." Usage is irregular as a name for baby girls.

Agate 2 .. The agate is a semiprecious gemstone which was once believed to have numerous magical and curative powers .. Uncommon as a birth name for girls. See also Agace.

Ailsa 3 .. Alfsigr is a personal name meaning "elf or magical victory" .. Unusual as a name for babies. The form Elsa is widely used as a variation of this name. [Ailis, Elsa, Elshe, .. 2 more]

Alcina 4 .. Greek mythology: a sorceress who rules over a magical island .. Atypical as a name for girls, Alcina exists more often as a last name. See also Alcinda. [Alcee, Alcine, Allcine, Alseena, Alsinia, .. 5 more]

Alfreda 5 .. Root fr. Old German, Old English words. "Elf or magical counsel." An intermittently used given name for girls now, but recorded commonly as a first name among females of all ages according to the US Census. The variations Freddie and Elfrieda are widely used as variant forms of this name. .. [Alfi, Alfre, Alfredda, Alfreeda, Alfried, .. 50 more]

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[Aafje - Alfreda]
Aafje, Agate, Ailsa [Elsa, Ailis, Ailse, Elshe, Elsha], Alcina [Alsina, Alzina, Alsyna, Alseena, Alsinia, Allcinia, ..], Alfreda [Fryda, Frieda, Frydah, Freeda, Friedah, Freedah, ..]

[Alvar - Katherine]
Alvar [Alvara, Alvera], Alverdine, Alvina [Vina, Vinny, Vinni, Vinnie, Elvine, Elvinia, ..], Aubrey [Aubry, Aubri, Aubrie, Aubury, Aubriana, Aubrianne, ..], Catherine [Trina, Riona, Trine, Trinette, Yekaterin, Yekaterina, ..], Ekaterina [Yekaterina], Elfrida [Frida, Fryda, Friede, Frieda, Freeda, Friedah, ..], Elvina [Vina, Vinny, Vinni, Vinnie, Elvine, Elvinia, ..], Jade [Zhade, Jayda, Jayde, Jayden, Jaydra, Jaydee, ..], Katherine [Trine, Trina, Trinchen, Trinette, Yekaterin, Yekaterina, ..]

[Morgan - Pamina]
Morgan [Morgin, Morgen, Morgann, Morgayne, Morganne, Morganica, ..], Pamina