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Magnificent Names

2 Magnificent names and what they mean, for magnificent for baby girls, listing 1-2. Augusta is a commonly used name, while Austine is rare in comparison. Here is the list of Magnificent names for boys.

Augusta .. "Great, magnificent." ..
[Agostina, Agustina, Asta, Auguste, Augustia, .. 12 more]

Austine .. "Great, magnificent." ..
[Austina, Austyn]

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Magnificent names: Augusta

Featured categories: august, brilliant, distinguished, divine, exalted, famous, fine, glorious, great, heavenly, heroic, high, prominent, proud, regal, renowned, rich, splendid, sublime.

Lilith (Babylonian) "Belonging to the night" ..

Assunta .. The feast of the Assumption is celebrated on August 15 ..

Aine .. "Brilliant." ..

Aaricia .. "Proud, distinguished and noble princess."

Ansonia .. Possibly means "son of Ann" or "son of the divine" ..
[Annesonia, Annsonia, Annsonya, Ansonya]

Oriel .. An oriel is also an architectural feature, an elaborate bay window.
[Auriel, Auriella, Aurielle, Oriella, Orielle]

Alta .. "High, elevated." ..
[Allta, Altha]

Emina .. "Eminent."

Ali .. "Exalted." ..

Adelma .. "Noble, famous." ..

Asteria .. Greek mythology: Asteria was a woman whom Zeus took a fancy to ..

Bonnie .. "Fine, attractive, pretty." ..
[Bonne, Bonnebell, Bonnee, Bonnell, Bonney, .. 12 more]

Branislava .. "Glorious defender." ..
[Branka, Bronislawa]

Aldina .. "Golden." ..

Berit .. "Gorgeous, splendid, magnificient."
[Beret, Berrit]

Abia .. "Great."

Araceli .. "Heavenly homemaker." ..
[Aracelia, Aracely, Aracelis, Arcelia, Arcilla, .. 3 more]

Boadicea Name of a heroic queen of early Britain, who led a massive army against Roman invaders ..


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