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Mary - Maureen

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Mary 1 .. Saint Jerome associated the Virgin's name with the Latin phrase "stella maris" .. Mary is a frequently occurring (Top 1%) feminine name, and it appears frequently (Top 14%) as a last name according to the US Census. The variations Molly, Minnie, May, Marylou, Maryanne, Maritza, Marilee, Mariela, Mariann, Maren and Malia are popular as variant forms of this name. [Mair, Mal, Mallie, Mamie, .. , Maurene, .. 98 more]

Maureen 2 .. English form of Mairin, a pet form of Maire the Irish Gaelic form of Mary .. Maureen has waned in popularity as a birth name over the years since 1950. The forms Mora and Maurine are commonly used as versions of this name. [Maura, Maurene, Maurianne, Maurine, .. , .. 15 more]

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[Mary - Maureen]
Mary [Moya, Poll, Muire, Polly, Molly, Morag, Mollie, Murial, Muriel, Murielle, ..], Maureen [Mo, Mora, Moira, Mavra, Moria, Moreen, Morene, Morena, Morine, Maurizia, ..]