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Medieval names and what they mean, for medieval, puritans, classical, victorian, puritan, renaissance for women. Here is the list of Medieval names for boys. These girl names were at the apex of their popularity during the years 1890-1899 and are almost as popular today, but with names like Courtney, Desiree, Clarissa, Cynthia and Laura falling out of fashion. The more fashionable baby names in this list are Colette (#522), Renata (#659), Kora (#691), Arabella (#174) and Cora (#103), with Colette and Cora going through a rebound in popularity.

Abigail - Amelia

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Abigail 1 .. .. under Puritan influence. Abbie, Abbey, and .. A very common given name (#8 a year ago), and occurring frequently as a first name among the general female population according to the US Census. The forms Gayle, Abigayle, Abbigail and Abagail are popular as variations of Abigail. [Abagael, Abagail, Abageal, Abaigael, Abbe, .. 38 more]

Adela 2 .. .. name popular in medieval Europe because .. Moderately infrequent as a name for babies these days, though found often as a first name among the general female population in the US Census. The form Adell is generally used as a variation of the name. [Adalia, Adele, Adelita, Adella, Adelle, .. 5 more]

Alison 3 .. .. "Alice's son". Common in medieval times .. A very common choice for a given name for girls (#289 the past year) which also exists somewhat often as a last name. A name suitable for both women and men. The variations Allyson and Allison are common as forms of Alison. [Aili, Alisann, Alisoun, Alisun, Allcenne, .. 23 more]

Alva 4 .. .. Irish albho. In medieval times this .. A name suitable for both sexes. Somewhat uncommon as a birth name, Alva occurs more commonly as a last name. The form Allie is common as a version of Alva. [Alba, Albina, Albinia, Alvah, .. 3 more]

Amelia 5 .. Blend of two medieval names: the .. Amelia is a commonly occurring (Top 8%) female name. The forms Melia, Emmy, Emma, Emelina and Amy are widely used as versions of Amelia. [Aemelia, Aimiliona, Amalee, Amalia, Amalija, .. 42 more]

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[Abigail - Amelia]
Abigail [Gal, Gale, Gayel, Gayle, ..], Adela [Adella, Adelle, Edelle, Adellah, ..], Alison [Alyson, Alysoun, Alysann, Alysanne, ..], Alva [Allie, Alvah, Alvit, Albinia, ..], Amelia [Milly, Melia, Millie, Meline, ..]

[Aminta - Honor]
Aminta [Minty, Minta, Amynta, Eminta], Anthea [Thia, Antia, Anthia, Anthoula, ..], Antonia [Tony, Tonya, Tunke, Tunna, ..], Aphra [Afra, Affera, Affery], Arabella [Orbel, Orbella, Orbelle, Orabelle, ..], Astraea [Astraeia], Ava [Avis, Avlynn, Avelyn, Aveline, ..], Berenice [Bernie, Bernise, Bernessa, Bernetta, ..], Bliss [Blyss, Blisse, Blysse], Cass [Cassy, Cassie], Cecily [Sessy, Sissy, Cilly, Sicili], Chloe [Kloe, Khloe, Khloey, Clorinda, ..], Christabel [Crystabel, Cristabella, Cristabelle, Crystabella, ..], Christian [Kristian, Kristien, Khristian, Kristienne, ..], Christiana [Tiana, Tiahna, Krystianne, Krystyiana, ..], Claire [Seara, Kliara, Klyara, Searra, ..], Clara [Klara, Klarra, Clarry, Clarrie, ..], Clarice [Klarise, Klaryce, Klarysa, Klarissa, ..], Clarimond [Claramond, Claramonda, Claramonde, Clarimunde], Clarissa [Klarisa, Clorissa, Klarissa, Klarrisa, ..], Clemence [Clemmie, Clemency, Clementine, Clementina, ..], Colette [Collett, Kolette, Collete, Collette, ..], Concordia [Concord, Concorde], Constance [Tina, Kosta, Konstanze, Kostatina, ..], Cora [Koryne, Korynna, Koryssa, Lacoria, ..], Courtney [Kourty, Kourtni, Kourtnie, Quartney, ..], Cynthia [Synthia, Synthie, Synthya, Syntheea, ..], Desiree [Desyre, Dezirae, Deziray, Deziree, ..], Dorcas [Dorkas, Dorcie, Dorcass], Eartha [Ertha, Herta, Hertha, Erthel], Emma [Ima, Emmy, Emmye, Emmylou, ..], Ermine [Ermin, Ermina, Erminia, Erminne], Esther [Hetty, Hittie, Yesfir, Hesther, ..], Eunice [Uniss, Unice, Eunike, Euniss], Faith [Fe, Faye, Fayth, Faythe, ..], Felicia [Phelicia, Phylicia, Phyllicia, Phyllisha, ..], Florence [Floss, Flossy, Flossie, Flossey, ..], Fulvia, Gaynor [Gayna, Gaenor, Gayner], Honor [Nora, Norah, Norry, Norine, ..]

[Hope - Temperance]
Hope, Jay [Jeh, Jey, Jeyla, Jaylene, ..], Jerusha [Jarusha, Jeruscha, Jerushah], Joan [Joni, Jone, Jonee, Joannue, ..], Joby [Jobi, Jobie, Jobina, Jobyna], Joy [Joye, Joyanna, Joyanne, Joyelle, ..], Joyce [Loyce, Joyse, Joyous, Joysel, ..], Juno [Junot, Junia, Juneau, Juneaux], Katelyn [Katlyn, Kitlyn, Katlynn, Katlynne, ..], Katherine [Trine, Trinette, Yekaterin, Yekaterina, ..], Keturah [Katura, Ketura], Kezia [Kizzy, Kezzie, Kizzie, Kissie, ..], Kora [Korrina, Korrine, Korynna, Koryssa, ..], Latisha [Letisha, Letitia, Letticia, Lettisha, ..], Lauda, Laura [Lory, Lorri, Lorry, Lorrie, ..], Lavinia [Luvina, Vinnie, Luvenia, Luvinia, ..], Leah [Lee, Lia, Leia, Leigh], Leta [Lita, Leeta], Letitia [Tish, Tisha, Letty, Letycja, ..], Lucretia [Tia, Lucresha, Lucrezia, Lucreisha, ..], Marian [Marion, Mariane, Maryann, Maryanne, ..], Martha [Pat, Mattie, Mirtha, Pattie, ..], Meliora, Mercy [Mersey, Mercie, Mercina, Mercilla, ..], Morgan [Morgin, Morgen, Morganne, Morgayne, ..], Octavia [Tavy, Tavia, Tavie, Ottavia, ..], Olwen [Olwin, Olwyn, Olwenn, Olwynne], Ouida, Pagan, Paige [Page, Paget, Payge, Pagett, ..], Pearl [Perley, Perline, Perlita, Perlline, ..], Priscilla [Prissy, Prissie, Prisilla, Prysilla, ..], Rebecca [Rivi, Rivy, Rivka, Rivkah, ..], Regina [Rina, Reyna, Riona, Rionagh, ..], Renata [Renise, Rennae, Rennay, Rennie, ..], Ruth [Ruthi, Ruthie, Ruthina, Ruthine, ..], Segovia, Silence, Temperance

[Thomasina - Zilla]
Thomasina [Tommi, Tommy, Tommye, Tommie, ..], Tristana [Tristen, Tristenna], Truth [Truly, Trule, Truley], Unity [Unita, Unite, Unitey], Vashti [Vashtee], Verity [Verety, Verita, Veretie, Veritie], Vicenza [Vichensa, Vichenza, Vicenzia, Vichensia], Ysabel [Ysbel, Ysobel, Ysbella, Ysabelle, ..], Zilla [Zila, Zylia, Zillah]