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Maria - Nia

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Maria 1 .. See also Manon, Mari, Maribel, Marisa, Mia, and Ria .. Very common choice for a name for newborns (#115 the previous year), Maria also exists somewhat frequently as a surname. The variations Marya and Marie are familiar as forms of Maria. [Maree, Marialena, Marie, Marietta, Marja, .. 12 more]

Mary 2 .. See also Maira, Mari, Maribel, Marigold, Marisa, Marissa, and Mia .. Mary is commonplace (Top 1%) as a feminine name, occurring frequently (Top 14%) as a last name in the US Census. The forms Molly, Minnie, May, Marylou, Maryanne, Maritza, Marilee, Mariela, Mariann, Maren and Malia are commonplace as versions of the name. [Mair, Maire, Mallie, Manette, Mara, .. 98 more]

Mia 3 .. Made famous by actress Mia Farrow .. The name Mia has risen in favor with parents. See also Mima. [Mea, .. 2 more]

Michelle 4 .. Feminine of Michael .. The variant form Mia has surged in popularity over the years. The forms Misha, Micki, Michelina, Michaela and Mechelle are commonplace as versions of the name. [Chelle, M'chelle, Me'Shell, Mia, .. , .. 31 more]

Nia 5 .. Also short form of names with the -nia ending, used as an independent name after the fashion of Mia .. Very common choice for a baby name (#487 the previous year), Nia also exists frequently as a first name among women in the community according to the US Census. See also Ria. [Nea, Niah, .. 2 more]

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[Maria - Nia]
Maria [Marja, Mayra, Marya, Mayria, Marika, Moriah, Moraiah, Marietta, Mariette, Marielena, ..], Mary [Moya, Poll, Muire, Polly, Molly, Morag, Mollie, Murial, Muriel, Murielle, ..], Mia [Mea, Meya, Miah], Michelle [Misha, Miquela, Mikaela, M'shell, Mychele, Myshell, Mychelle, Myshella, Mishelle, Mishaelle, ..], Nia [Nea, Nya, Nyah, Niah]