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Monday names and what they mean, for monday for women.

Ajua - Tanisha

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Ajua 1 .. Source fr. Ghanaian word. "Born on Monday." Unconventional, but Ajua is comparable to popular -ua last names Aumua (top 94%), Pua (28%). Akan name. [Adwowa, .. 2 more]

Tanisha 2 .. name for children born on Monday .. A moderately uncommon birth name nowadays, but Tanisha is still recorded often as a female first name. [Taneesha, Tanitia, Tenicia, Teneesha, .. 10 more]

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Ajua - Tanisha
Ajua [Aju, Ajo, Adwowa], Tanisha [Tenicia, Tanysha, Tynisha, Tinecia, Tanniece, Tannisha, Teneesha, Tiniesha, ..]