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Ajua - Tanisha

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Ajua 1 .. Source fr. Ghanaian element. "Born on Monday." Ajua is uncommonly used as a first name. See also Asha. .. [Adwowa, .. 2 more]

Tanisha 2 May be connected to a Hausa (African) day name for children born on Monday .. Tanisha is prevalent (Top 19%) as a feminine name. The form Tynisha is popular as a variation of this name. [Taneesha, Taniesha, Tannicia, Tanysha, Tinecia, .. 9 more]

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[Ajua - Tanisha]
Ajua [Aju, Ajo, Adwowa], Tanisha [Tanysha, Tanitia, Tynisha, Tenicia, Tinecia, Tiniesha, Tannicia, Tannisha, Teneesha, Tanniece, ..]