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Monk names

Monk baby names and what they mean, for monk, monastery, priest, nuns.

Usage of these girl names was at its apex in 1990 (adoption of 0.17%) and is almost as conventional today (adoption 0.14%, 14.5%), but with names like Bridget, Teresa, Iona, Chantal and Carmel becoming somewhat dated. Monserrat (#591), Camilla (#364), Claire (#44) and Kelly (#431) are four of the more chic birth names among these, and there is also a revival in birth name usage for Camilla, Claire and Monserrat. Claure (top 64%) and Carmell (58%) are familiar last names.

Here is the list of Monk names for boys.

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Top 1000 baby names ranking of Monk names: Bridget, Camilla, Carmel, Chantal, Claire

Aidan 1 .. .. was a seventh century Irish monk. Not in Top 1000. [Adan, Aden, .. 4 more]

Auberta 2 .. .. built the famous monastery Mont Saint .. Outside Top 1000. See also Yuberta.

Bridget 3 .. .. an order of nuns, the Bridgettines .. Bridget, Bright, etc. (cf. Bridge) are common Bri- prefix surnames. [Beret, Berett, Bergett, Biddy, Birgit, Birkitta, Bridee, Bridey, Bridgete, Bridgett, .. 62 more]

Camellia 4 .. Source fr. Latin word. "Helper to the priest." Camelcia, Chamellia and Ciamellia are kreatif variations. The meaning of this old Roman .. [Camella, Cammelia, .. 1 more]

Camilla 5 .. Source fr. Latin word. "Helper to the priest." Milly and variant were favored as baby names today. Feminine of the old Roman family .. [Cam, Camelia, Camella, Cami, Camia, Camila, Camile, Camill, Camylla, Camylle, .. 28 more]

Capucine 6 .. .. a certain order of Franciscan monks .. Unusual, with the androgynous -ine ending, like Cateline.

Carmel 7 .. .. 12th century, a monastery was founded .. A somewhat quaint birth name, Carmel exists more frequently as a last name. [Carma, Carmalit, Carmania, Carmarit, Carmela, Carmelitia, Carmella, Carmellia, Carmesha, Carmi, .. 35 more]

Chantal 8 .. .. an order of nuns, the Vistandines .. Outside Top 1000. [Chandal, Chanta, Chantarai, Chantasia, Chantaye, Chantella, Chantelle, Chanter, Chantille, Chantoya, .. 63 more]

Chiara 9 .. .. the order of nuns known as .. Chiara, like the similar-sounding Chari, exists more often as a last name. [Chiarina, Kiarra, .. 2 more]

Claire 10 .. .. Franciscan order of nuns and one .. Claire and Clara are contemporarily stylish versions undergoing rebound. [Ceara, Cearra, Chiara, Clairissa, Clairita, Clarabelle, Clare, Claresta, Claribel, Clarie, .. 51 more]

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Monk names: Iona, Kelly, Monserrat

Columba 11 .. .. founded an influential monastery on the .. Not Top 1000 names. [Collie, Colly, Columbine, .. 2 more]

Edana 12 .. .. seventh century Irish saint and monk. Rare. Edana, Aidana, Aydana, like Elviana, use the -ana ending. [Aidana, .. 1 more]

Eudocia 13 .. .. learning about it from a monk .. Avdotya and variants are barely found as women's names, and Doxie appears regularly (upper 39%) as a surname. [Avdotya, .. 8 more]

Flaminia 14 .. Derived fr. Latin word. "Priest." Flaminia is not frequently used as a baby name.

Iona 15 .. .. century founded a monastery of the .. Adoption of Iona was widespread among parents in the 1900s and is now lower, with Iona becoming less fashionable. See also Ioanna.

Kamilla 16 .. Based on Latin element. "Helper to the priest." Adoption of Cammie and form was common today. Variant of Camilla, which can possibly .. [Camilla, Cammie, Kamila, Kamille, .. 6 more]

Kelly 17 .. .. "strife", "bright headed", or "church, monastery" .. Adoption of Kelly and variants as birth names in 2014 was down 38.7% compared to 2004. [Kelianne, Kellee, Kelleen, Kelleigh, Kelli, Kellyann, .. 6 more]

Mireio 18 .. .. daughter, the christening priest disagreed, as .. Mireille, Mireya and Mirella are familiar as versions of Mireio. [Mireilla, Mireille, Mirelle, .. 5 more]

Monserrat 19 .. .. Spain (Montserrat), a monastery and a .. Usage of Monserrat and Montserrat as girls' names in 2014 was >100% less than the previous decade. [Montserrat]

Parrish 20 .. .. managed by a pastor or priest. Not in Top 1000. [Parish]

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Summary of Monk names (and variants) for girls.

Aidan - Parrish
Aidan [Aden, Adan, Aiden, Audan, Ayden, Aydenn], Auberta, Bridget [Brygit, Brygid, Bryget, Bryjet, Bryjit, Brygette, Brygitte, Labridget, ..], Camellia [Camella, Camelia, Cammelia], Camilla [Mille, Milly, Milli, Milla, Kamyla, Millee, Millie, Kamille, ..], Capucine, Carmel [Lina, Mina, Lita, Melina, Karmen, Melita, Karmela, Karmelit, ..], Chantal [Shonta, Shonda, Shawnta, Shawnda, Shontel, Shontelle, Shawntile, Shawntille, ..], Chiara [Kiara, Kiarra, Chiarra, Chiarina], Claire [Seara, Klayre, Searra, Kliara, Klyara, Klaryce, Klaretta, Klarissa, ..], Columba [Colly, Collie, Colombe, Columbia, Columbine], Edana [Aidana, Aydana], Eudocia [Doxy, Doxie, Docia, Docie, Eudokia, Eudoxia, Eudosia, Eudoxie], Flaminia, Iona, Kamilla [Milla, Kamila, Millie, Kamyla, Kamella, Kemilla, Kamilka, Kamille, ..], Kelly [Kelli, Kellye, Kelley, Kellie, Kellina, Kellyann, Kelleigh, Kellyanne, ..], Mireio [Mireya, Mirell, Myrelle, Mirelle, Mirella, Mireille, Mireilla], Monserrat [Montserrat], Parrish [Parish]

Saffron - Vallombrosa
Saffron [Saffren, Saphron, Saffran, Saffronia], Teresa [Tess, Tessa, Tesia, Tessy, Tresa, Teskia, Tessie, Tressa, ..], Vallombrosa [Valombrosa]