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Monk names and what they mean, for monk, monastery, priest, nuns for women. Here is the list of Monk names for boys. Usage of these girl names was at its apex in 1990 (usage of 0.1685%) and is almost as widespread today (usage 0.1441%, down 14.5%), but with names like Bridget, Teresa, Iona, Chantal and Carmel becoming somewhat dated. Monserrat (#591), Camilla (#364), Claire (#44) and Kelly (#431) are four of the more chic birth names among these, and there is also a revival in birth name usage for Camilla, Claire and Monserrat.

Aidan - Camilla

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Aidan 1 .. .. was a seventh century Irish monk. Uncommon. Aidan, Adan, Audan, like Raegan, Derran, end with the favored androgynous -an. [Adan, Aden, .. 4 more]

Auberta 2 .. .. built the famous monastery Mont Saint .. Uncommon. Compare Auberta, and common surnames Hurta (Upper 25%), Certa (38%), which also end with -rta. See also Ruberta.

Bridget 3 .. .. an order of nuns, the Bridgettines .. Usage of Bridget, Briggitte, etc. as baby names in 2014 was 32.9% less than the previous decade. [Beret, Berett, Bergett, Biddy, Birgit, Birkitta, Bridee, Bridey, Bridgete, Bridgett, .. 62 more]

Camellia 4 .. Source fr. Latin word. "Helper to the priest." Unconventional. Compare Camellia, Camelia, Cammelia, and popular last names Ceglia (Top 41%), Caglia (98%), with the -lia suffix. The meaning of this old Roman .. [Camella, Cammelia, .. 1 more]

Camilla 5 .. Source fr. Latin word. "Helper to the priest." Cam, Cama, Camala, Camela and Camella are more novel as variations of Camilla. Feminine of the old Roman family .. [Cam, Camelia, Camella, Cami, Camia, Camila, Camile, Camill, Camylla, Camylle, .. 28 more]

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[Aidan - Camilla]
Aidan [Aden, Adan, Aiden, Audan, Ayden, Aydenn], Auberta, Bridget [Brygit, Brygid, Bryget, Bryjet, Bryjit, Brygette, Brygitte, Labridget, ..], Camellia [Camella, Camelia, Cammelia], Camilla [Mille, Milly, Milli, Milla, Kamyla, Millee, Millie, Kamille, ..]

[Capucine - Vallombrosa]
Capucine, Carmel [Lina, Mina, Lita, Melina, Karmen, Melita, Karmela, Karmelit, ..], Chantal [Shonta, Shonda, Shawnta, Shawnda, Shontel, Shontelle, Shawntile, Shawntille, ..], Chiara [Kiara, Kiarra, Chiarra, Chiarina], Claire [Seara, Klayre, Searra, Kliara, Klyara, Klaryce, Klaretta, Klarissa, ..], Columba [Colly, Collie, Colombe, Columbia, Columbine], Edana [Aidana, Aydana], Eudocia [Doxy, Doxie, Docia, Docie, Eudokia, Eudoxia, Eudosia, Eudoxie], Flaminia, Iona, Kamilla [Milla, Kamila, Millie, Kamyla, Kamella, Kemilla, Kamilka, Kamille, ..], Kelly [Kelli, Kellye, Kelley, Kellie, Kellina, Kellyann, Kelleigh, Kellyanne, ..], Mireio [Mireya, Mirell, Myrelle, Mirelle, Mirella, Mireille, Mireilla], Monserrat [Montserrat], Parrish [Parish], Saffron [Saffren, Saphron, Saffran, Saffronia], Teresa [Tess, Tessa, Tesia, Tessy, Tresa, Teskia, Tessie, Tressa, ..], Vallombrosa [Valombrosa]