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Moon Names

Page 1/4. 28 Moon names and what they mean, for moon for females. Here is the list of Moon names for boys. These girl names reached the height of their popularity in 1995 and have remained as popular to this day, but with names like Luz, Chandra, Selina, Celina and Cynthia falling out of fashion. Thea, Luciana, Aisha and Luna are four of the more trendy baby names in this list.

Aisha .. The name is also linked to the moon goddess ..
[Aayshah, Aeesha, Aeeshah, Aeisha, Aesha, .. 57 more]

Aranrhod .. The legendary heroine may originally have been a moon goddess ..

Artemis .. Mythology: name of the Greek goddess of the moon, of hunting, and of chastity, equivalent to the Romans' Diana ..
[Artemesia, Artemisia]

Bader .. (Arabic) "Full moon." .. This can mean full moon at the most romantic hour ..

Cadence .. Literary: Cadence Roth is the main character in Armistead Maupin's 1992 novel "Maybe the Moon" ..
[Cadance, Cadena, Cadenza, Cady, Kadena, .. 3 more]

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Moon names: Aisha, Cadence

Aisha is a commonly used name, while Aranrhod, Artemis, Bader and Cadence are rare in comparison. (2000 U.S. Census)

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Related Names

Suggested categories: dream (vision), light (bright), month, water (rain).

A to Z Index of all names (with variants) for girls

[Aisha - Cadence]
Aisha [62], Aranrhod [1], Artemis [2], Bader [1], Cadence [8]

[Celena - Luna]
Celena [11], Celina [15], Chandra [8], Crescent [7], Cynthia [52], Deva [1], Indu, Lewana [4], Luciana [1], Luna [4]

[Luz - Soleil]
Luz [3], Mahina, Neoma [2], Nokomis, Parthenia [6], Salena [3], Selena [30], Selina [18], Shandra, Soleil

[Soma - Zelenia]
Soma, Thea [3], Zelenia [2]


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