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Celena 6 .. Derived fr. Greek element. "The moon." Cela, Celeena, Celinka, Cesia and Cesya are more unusual as variant forms of Celena. Goddess of the moon, later identified .. [Cela, Celeena, Celina, Cesia, Selina, .. 6 more]

Celina 7 .. Source fr. Latin, Greek. "The moon." Rare. Celina, like Agilina, Darlina, ends with the familiar feminine-sounding -lina. Variant of Celia or Selena .. [Celena, Celinde, Salinda, Selena, Selinda, Selinde, .. 10 more]

Chandra 8 .. Source fr. Hindi, Sanskrit elements. "Moon shining." Less common today. Chandra was the variant last found (1992) in the Top 1000. The greatest Hindu goddess Devi is .. [Candra, Chader, Chandy, .. 5 more]

Crescent 9 .. .. phase of the moon, derived from .. A baby name that is only scarcely used. [Crescence, Cressentia, .. 5 more]

Cynthia 10 .. .. goddess of the moon known to .. Very popular birth name (#491 the previous year), and found regularly as a feminine first name. [Cinda, Cindie, Cinthia, Cinthie, Cyn, Cyndee, Cyndra, Cyndy, Cynth, Cyntia, .. 42 more]

Deva 11 .. .. another name for the moon goddess. Deva (cf. Leva, Neva) is a popular surname that ends with -eva. [Devi]

Indu 12 .. Stems fr. Hindi element. "Moon." Not in Top 1000. See also Inda.

Lewana 13 .. Origin fr. Hebrew language. "The moon." Unique. Lewana, Levana, Livana, like Geovana, Miyana, end with the common feminine-sounding -ana. [Levana, .. 3 more]

Luciana 14 .. Stems fr. Italian, Armenian elements. "moon." Adoption of Luciana and Ciana as birth names in 2014 was up 9.9% compared to 2013. [Ciana]

Luna 15 .. Root fr. Latin language. "Moon." Common. Luna, like Breeauna, Duna, ends with the common feminine -una. .. of Artemis, goddess of the moon. [Luneth, Lunetta, Lunneta, .. 1 more]

Luz 16 .. Also (Armenian) "moon". Biblical: an early .. Somewhat uncommonly used as a baby name, Luz is on the other hand found fairly frequently as a last name. [Luzelena, .. 2 more]

Mahina 17 .. Source fr. Hawaiian word. "Moon, moon light." Unusual as a children's name, but Mahina is comparable to the more common Mina. See also Masina. .. of Diana, goddess of the moon.

Neoma 18 .. Based on Greek word. "New moon." Uncommon. Neoma, Nioma, like Naoma, Senoma, end with the favored feminine-sounding -oma. [Neomah, .. 1 more]

Nokomis 19 .. Source fr. Native American Indian. "Daughter of the moon; grandmother." Nokomis is rarely used as a children's name. From Longfellow's famous poem The song ..

Parthenia 20 .. .. goddess of the moon, and Hestia .. Popular, and Parthenia, Pathinia, etc. are comparable to common surnames Castonia (top 80%), Grzenia (53%), which also end with -nia. [Partheenia, Pathinia, .. 4 more]

Salena 21 .. Root fr. Hindi, Greek elements. "The moon." Popular, and Salena, Saleena are comparable to common Sale- surnames Salery (upper 96%), Saleen (84%). Variant of Selena. [Saleena, Selena, .. 1 more]

Selena 22 .. Root fr. Greek word. "The moon." Adoption of Selena, Sena, etc. as baby names in 2014 was up 8% compared to the previous year. .. Selena was the moon goddess, sister .. [Caleen, Celene, Celina, Celinda, Salena, Selene, Selenia, Selia, Selie, .. 21 more]

Selina 23 .. Stems fr. Greek language. "The moon." Selena is a fashionable version undergoing rebound. Of uncertain origin .. [Caleen, Calina, Celena, Celenia, Sena, .. 13 more]

Shandra 24 .. .. of Chandra (Sanskrit) "of the moon". Outside Top 1000. See also Shanda.

Soleil 25 .. Actress Soleil Moon Frye. Soleil is unusual as a female name.

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Moon names: Celena, Celina, Chandra, Cynthia, Luciana, Luna, Luz, Neoma, Parthenia, Salena

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Moon names: Selena, Selina

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