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Mother Names

Page 1/4. 70 Mother names and what they mean, for mother for baby girls, listing 1-20.

Accalia .. Mythology: the name of the human foster mother of Romulus and Remus, the twins who founded Rome ..

Aditi .. In Hindu cosmology, Aditi is the mother of the gods.

Agrippina .. Sister of the corrupt Roman emperor Caligula and mother of the also unsavory Roman Emperor Nero, who had her murdered.

Alma .. "Alma mater" is the term for a college or university, meaning "fostering mother" ..
[Almah, Allma]

Alta .. Short form of Altagracia, a reference to the "high grace" of Mary, the mother of Jesus.
[Allta, Altha]

Althea .. Greek mythology: mother of Meleager ..
[Altha, Althaea, Althaia, Altheda, Althelia, .. 4 more]

Ambika .. (Sanskrit) "Mother." ..
[Ambeeka, Ambeika]

Amina .. Mother of the prophet Muhammad.
[Ameena, Ameenah, Amena, Aminah, Amineh, .. 1 more]

Amy .. Mythology: wife of King Latinus, whose daughter Lavinia married Aeneas and according to the "Aeneid", became the mother of the Roman people ..
[Aimee, Aimie, Aimy, Amada, Amata, .. 16 more]

Angharad .. Name of the mother of 12th-century chronicler Giraldus Cambrensis ..

Ann .. Saint Anne (mother of the Virgin Mary) ..
[Aine, Ana, Anabel, Anci, Anechka, .. 91 more]

Annamaria .. The popularity of this blend may originate in Roman Catholic veneration of Saint Anne and Saint Mary, mother and daughter.
[Annamarie, Annemarie, Annmaria]

Annunciata .. Allusion to the Annunciation, when the Virgin Mary found out she would be Jesus' mother ..
[Anonciada, Annunziate, Anunciacion, Anunciata, Anunziata]

Aranrhod .. Name of the mother of Dylan and Lleu Llaw Gyffes in the "Mabinogi" ..

Augusta .. Imported to England by the German mother of George III ..
[Agostina, Agustina, Asta, Auguste, Augustia, .. 12 more]

Candace .. Also possibly derived from a Nubian word meaning "queen mother" ..
[Canda, Candaice, Candance, Candas, Candase, .. 24 more]

Cassiopeia .. Greek mythology: Cassiopeia was an Ethiopian queen, the wife of Cepheus and mother of Andromeda, the maiden who was chained to a rock and rescued by Perseus .. According to legend, both mother and daughter were placed among the stars after death, and there are constellations named after them.
[Cassiopia, Kassioleia, Kassiopia]

Ceridwen .. Also supposedly the name of the mother of the legendary sixth-century Welsh hero Taliesin.
[Cari, Ceradwyn, Ceri, Ceridwyn, Cerridwen, .. 1 more]

Clymene .. Greek mythology: most notably the the daughter of Oceanus and mother of Atlas and Promethus, though several legendary figures also bear this name.

Cornelia .. It was borne in the second century BC by the devoted mother of revolutionary reformers Tiberius and Gaius ..
[Cor, Cornalia, Corneelija, Cornela, Cornelija, .. 21 more]

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Mother names: Alma, Alta, Althea, Amina, Amy, Ann, Augusta, Candace, Cornelia

Alma, Alta, Althea, Amina, Amy, Ann, Annamaria, Augusta, Candace and Cornelia are commonly used names, while Accalia, Aditi, Agrippina, Ambika, Angharad, Annunciata, Aranrhod, Cassiopeia, Ceridwen and Clymene are rare in comparison. (2000 U.S. Census)

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