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Movie Names

(See: Opera Names, Film Names)

16 Movie names and what they mean, for movie for baby girls, listing 1-16. Here is the list of Film names for boys.

Asta .. Asta is the name of the terrier owned by Nick and Nora Charles in the famous "Thin Man" movies of the 1930s.
[Astera, Asteria, Asti, Astra, Estella, .. 6 more]

Bernadette .. The 1943 movie "Song of Bernadette" made it popular among Catholic families ..
[Benadette, Bennie, Benny, Bera, Beradette, .. 27 more]

Bree .. Jane Fonda played a call girl character named Bree in the 1971 movie "Klute" ..
[Breehan, Brighe]

Candace .. It was made popular in the 20th century by a character in the movie "Meet the Stewarts" (1942) ..
[Canda, Candaice, Candance, Candas, Candase, .. 24 more]

Cher .. Cher is also the name of the heroine of the movie and TV series "Clueless".
[Chere, Cheree, Cherey, Cheri, Cherice, .. 17 more]

Cimarron .. It was made famous by an Edna Ferber novel that was the basis for movies made in 1933 and 1961.
[Cimeron, Simarron, Simeron]

Elsa .. Literary: name of the lioness in the book "Born Free" by Joy Adamson, which was made into a movie ..
[Else, Elsie, Elssa, Elsy, Helsa, .. 2 more]

Gigi .. Literary: the name of a young girl in a French novel by Colette, later made into an award-winning stage play and movie musical, with glamorous and "gamine" charm given the name by Leslie Caron's performance.
[Geegee, GG]

Gilda .. Familiar since the 1940s due to the movie "Gilda" starring Rita Hayworth ..

Judith .. Movie critic Judith Crist ..
[Giuditta, Jodie, Jody, Judeana, Judee, .. 11 more]

Mamie .. The name is borne by Patrick Dennis's eccentric fictional character Auntie Mame, a central character of a book, a Broadway musical, and a movie ..
[Maime, Mame, Mayme]

Sabrina .. Known in modern times through the play and movie "Sabrina Fair" ..
[Breena, Brina, Sabreen, Sabreena, Sabrena, .. 6 more]

Stella .. Linked in most minds to the movie "A Streetcar named Desire", where Marlon Brando bellowed "Stella!" ..
[Estella, Estelle, Estrella, Stela, Stelle]

Thelma .. The movie "Thelma and Louise" gave the name exposure.
[Telma, Thellma]

Tirzah .. In the movie "Ben Hur", Juda's sister was named Tirzah.
[Thersa, Thirsa, Thirshka, Thirza, Thirzah, .. 7 more]

Vedette .. It is also used in French for a movie celebrity.

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Movie names: Bernadette, Bree, Candace, Elsa, Gigi, Gilda, Judith, Mamie, Sabrina, Stella, Thelma

Bernadette, Bree, Candace, Cher, Elsa, Gigi, Gilda, Judith, Mamie, Sabrina, Stella and Thelma are commonly used names, while Asta, Cimarron, Tirzah and Vedette are rare in comparison. (2000 U.S. Census)


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