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Nature baby names and what they mean, with 21 results. These Nature names, such as Flower names, are a trendy choice for parents looking for unusual names based on words. Usage of these girl names was at its highest a century ago (USAGE OF 2.49%) and is somewhat less today (USAGE 1.38%, 44.9% LESS), with names such as Misty falling out of fashion. Ivy (#129), Skye (#385), Magnolia (#633) and Summer (#195) are four of the more contemporarily stylish names for newborns in this list, while Burry (TOP 16%) and Beary (20%) are conventional last names.

Nature names

Berry - Sylvia | Teal

Berry - Sylvia

Nature name introduced as given name .. Berra is a slightly favored birth name. [Berrie, .. 1 more]

Uncommon nature name. May also be .. Popular as last names. Compare Bird (UPPER 1%), Byrd (1%) and popular surnames Bord (UPPER 30%), Burd (3%), which also end with -rd. [Byrdie, Birdie, .. 2 more]

An ancient Phrygian nature goddess worshipped .. Cybele, Cybel and Cybille are unusual as birth names. [Cybille, .. 1 more]

.. the goddess of nature and animals .. Faune and variants are not frequently used as girls' names. [Fawna, .. 3 more]

A name from nature: green shade .. Fern occurs regularly (top 7%) as a surname. [Ferne, .. 1 more]

A name from nature: the sweet .. Less common today. Gardenia was last found in 1992 in the Top 2000. See also Giardena.

.. Three Graces were goddesses of nature .. Usage of Grace, Gracielle, etc. as birth names in 2015 was up 1.5% compared to a year ago. [Grazyna, Grazia, Grayce, Gratia, Grata, Gracilia, Graciella, Gracie, Gracey, Eugracia, .. 19 more]

A name from nature first conined .. Hazel, Hazle, etc. became more trendy in 2015, rising +44 positions as girls' names with Hazel gaining the most. [Hazle, Hazelle, .. 2 more]

Origin fr. Old German. "Exalted nature." Adoption of Heidi and variants as children's names in 2015 was 1.2% less than 2005. Swiss short form of Adelaide or .. [Hydee, Heidee, Heide, Heida, Haidee, .. 2 more]

Name from nature; an evergreen climbing .. Conventional, with usage of 0.17% for Ivy and variants as birth names in 2015, higher than 0.144% the year before. [Ivyanne, Iva, .. 4 more]

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Nature names: Bird, Fern, Gardenia, Grace, Hazel

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Nature names: Heidi, Ivy, Lark, Laurel, Magnolia

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Nature names: Misty, Myrtle, Skye, Stormy, Summer, Sylvia

Nature name: a type of playful .. Adoption of Lark was higher 7 decades ago. Cross-gender use.

Nature name related to Laura. Laurel is in the Top 2000. [Lorelle, Loralle, Lauriel, Laurelle, .. 4 more]

Nature name: the magnolia flower, named .. Adoption of Magnolia and variants as girls' names in 2015 was up 33.7% compared to a decade ago. [Nola, Maggie, .. 1 more]

A name from nature. See also .. Usage of Misty as a children's name has dwindled circa the 1970s. [Mysti, Mistie, .. 2 more]

Botanical and nature name based on .. Used somewhat frequently as children's names, Myrtle, Myrtis, etc. are comparable to the popular Myrle. [Myrtis, Myrtie, Mirtie, .. 6 more]

Source fr. Spanish word. "Nature." Not in Top 2000. See also Nadra.

.. and Skylar, as nature names, and .. Used frequently as children's names, Skyla, Skye, etc. are similar to the familiar Shila. [Skyla, .. 2 more]

Name from nature based on the .. Stormee is more unusual as a variation of Stormy. [Stormie, Stormi, .. 2 more]

A nature name; the season used .. Usage of Sommers and forms was higher in 1997 and is less today. [Summers, Sommers, .. 1 more]

.. was an ancient nature goddess, mother .. Silvaine, Silvania, Silvanna, Silviana and Silvianne are more unconventional as variations of Sylvia. [Zylvia, Zilvia, Sylvina, Sylvianne, Sylviana, Silvia, Silvanna, Silvania, Silvana, .. 14 more]

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Summary Index of Nature names [and variants] for girls.

1. Berry - Sylvia
Berry [Berree, Berrie], Bird [Byrd, Birdey, Birdie, Byrdie], Cybele [Cybel, Cybille], Fauna [Faune, Fawna, Fauniel, Fauniella], Fern [Ferna, Ferne], Gardenia, Grace [Grazia, Grayce, Grazyna, Grazina, Graziosa, Gratiela, Graziella, Gratiella, ..], Hazel [Hazal, Hazle, Hazell, Hazelle], Heidi [Hydee, Heida, Heidy, Heide, Haidee, Heidee, Heidey], Ivy [Iva, Ivee, Ivey, Ivie, Ivalyn, Ivyanne], Lark, Laurel [Lorel, Laural, Laurell, Lauriel, Loralle, Lorelle, Laurelle, Lauralle], Magnolia [Nola, Maggy, Maggie], Misty [Mysti, Misti, Mystee, Mistie], Myrtle [Myrta, Mirtie, Mertis, Mertle, Myrtia, Myrtis, Myrtie, Myrtice], Natura, Skye [Sky, Skie, Skyla], Stormy [Storm, Stormi, Stormie, Stormee], Summer [Somer, Sommers, Summers], Sylvia [Zylvia, Sylvie, Sylwia, Zilvia, Sylvina, Sylvine, Sylvonna, Sylvianne, ..]

2. Teal

Teal [Teil, Teall, Teill, Teela, Teille, Tealle]

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