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Nature Names

Page 1/3. Nature names, such as Flower names, are a trendy choice for parents looking for unusual names based on words. 57 Nature names and what they mean, for nature, earth, geography for baby girls, listing 1-20. Here is the list of Earth names for boys.

Adamina .. (Hebrew) "Earth." .. Biblical: God created Adam out of the "red earth".
[Ada, Adameena, Adamine, Adaminna, Addie, .. 4 more]

Adana .. (Hebrew) "Earth." ..

Afra .. (Hebrew, Arabic) "Color of earth." ..
[Affera, Affery, Affra, Aphra]

Astraea .. When she retired from the earth, according to legend, she became the constellation Virgo ..

Avani .. (Sanskrit) "Earth." ..

Baja .. Geography name: the peninsula attached to the southernmost end of California, which forms part of Mexico.

Barcelona Geography name: the second largest city in Spain, and the site of the 1992 Summer Olympics ..

Bay .. Geography name: an indentation of land in a coastline ..

Berry .. Nature name introduced as given name in the 20th century ..
[Berree, Berrie]

Bird .. Uncommon nature name ..
[Birdey, Birdie, Byrd, Byrdie]

California Geography name: the state on the West Coast of America.

Cambria .. Geography name: the Latin form of Cymru, the Welsh name for Wales, derived from "cymry" ..
[Cambaria, Cambree]

Canada .. Geography name: the largest country to the north of the US ..

Carondelet Geography name: street name in New Orleans ..
[Carondalay, Carondella]

China .. Geography name ..
[Chyna, Chynna]

Cybele .. Mythology: an ancient Phrygian nature goddess worshipped as the Great Mother in Asia Minor .. The mother of all gods, men, and wild nature, lions were her faithful companions ..
[Cybel, Cybille]

Delphine .. The Greeks believed that Delphi was the earth's womb ..
[Delfa, Delfin, Delfine, Delfyne, Delpha, .. 3 more]

Eartha .. (Old English) "Earth." ..
[Erda, Ertha, Erthel, Herta, Hertha]

Fauna In Roman mythology, the goddess of nature and animals, who was famous for her chastity.
[Faune, Fauniel, Fauniella, Fawna]

Fern .. A name from nature: green shade-loving plant ..
[Ferna, Ferne]

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Nature names: Bird, Cambria, China, Delphine, Fern

Berry, China, Delphine, Eartha and Fern are commonly used names, while Adamina, Adana, Afra, Astraea, Avani, Baja, Barcelona, Bay, Bird, California, Cambria, Canada, Carondelet, Cybele and Fauna are rare in comparison. (2000 U.S. Census)

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