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Nature names, such as Flower names, are a trendy choice for parents looking for unusual names based on words. Nature names and what they mean, for nature for women. Here is the list of Nature names for boys. Usage of these girl names is at its highest presently (usage of 0.2709%), except for names such as Myrtle, Stormy, Fern, Misty and Sylvia which have fallen out of fashion. The more fashionable names for newborns in this compilation are Hazel (#107), Ivy (#146), Skye (#368), Grace (#21) and Summer (#182), and there is a resurgence in birth name popularity for Grace, Hazel and Ivy.

Berry - Ivy

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Berry 1 .. Nature name introduced as given name .. Berrie (top 32%) and Berry (1%) exist commonly as last names. [Berree, .. 1 more]

Bird 2 .. Uncommon nature name. May also be .. Birdey and Byrdie are more uncommon as versions of Bird. [Birdey, Birdie, Byrdie, .. 1 more]

Cybele 3 .. An ancient Phrygian nature goddess worshipped .. Cybele, Cybel and Cybille are seldom found as female names. [Cybel, Cybille]

Fauna 4 .. the goddess of nature and animals .. Faune and variants are not frequently used as girls' names. [Faune, .. 3 more]

Fern 5 .. A name from nature: green shade .. Popular as last names. Compare Fern (upper 7%), Ferna, Ferne and common last names Fearn (upper 15%), Feran (70%), which also start with Fe-. [Ferna, .. 1 more]

Gardenia 6 .. A name from nature: the sweet .. Outside Top 1000. See also Giardena.

Grace 7 .. .. Three Graces were goddesses of nature .. Popular as last names. Compare Grace (upper 1%) with common -ace surnames Space (upper 15%), Brace (4%). [Engracia, Gracelynn, Gracia, Gracie, Gracija, Grata, Gratia, Grayce, Grazia, Grazyna, .. 17 more]

Hazel 8 .. A name from nature. Name of .. Usage of Hazle and forms stepped up during 1890-1899 and is lower today. [Hazal, Hazelle, Hazle, .. 1 more]

Heidi 9 .. Origin fr. Old German. "Exalted nature." Heidi has gained in popularity as a children's name since 1880-1889. Short form of Adelaide or Adelheid .. [Haidee, Heida, Heide, .. 3 more]

Ivy 10 .. Name from nature; an evergreen climbing .. Ivey (upper 1%), Ivie (5%) and Ivy (2%) exist commonly as last names. [Iva, Ivyanne, .. 4 more]

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Nature names: Bird, Fern, Grace, Hazel, Heidi, Ivy

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Summary of Nature names (and variants) for girls.

Berry - Ivy
Berry [Berree, Berrie], Bird [Byrd, Birdey, Birdie, Byrdie], Cybele [Cybel, Cybille], Fauna [Faune, Fawna, Fauniel, Fauniella], Fern [Ferna, Ferne], Gardenia, Grace [Grazia, Grayce, Grazyna, Grazina, Graziosa, Gratiela, Graziella, Gratiella, ..], Hazel [Hazal, Hazle, Hazell, Hazelle], Heidi [Heida, Heide, Hydee, Heidy, Haidee, Heidey], Ivy [Iva, Ivee, Ivey, Ivie, Ivalyn, Ivyanne]

Lark - Teal
Lark, Laurel [Lorel, Laural, Laurell, Lauriel, Loralle, Lorelle, Laurelle, Lauralle], Magnolia [Nola, Maggy, Maggie], Misty [Mysti, Misti, Mystee, Mistie], Myrtle [Myrta, Mirtie, Mertis, Mertle, Myrtia, Myrtis, Myrtie, Myrtice], Natura, Skye [Sky, Skie, Skyla], Stormy [Storm, Stormi, Stormie, Stormee], Summer [Somer, Sommers, Summers], Sylvia [Zylvia, Sylvie, Sylwia, Zilvia, Sylvina, Sylvine, Sylvonna, Sylvianne, ..], Teal [Teil, Teall, Teill, Teela, Teille, Tealle]