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Noble names and what they mean, for noble, lady, aristocrat, aristocratic for women. Here is the list of Noble names for boys. These girl names were at the peak of their popularity during 1920-1929 and are somewhat less popular today, with names such as Mercedes, Dulce, Nancy, Luz and Barbara falling out of fashion. The trendier names for newborns among these are Freya (#584), Arabella (#174), Adelaide (#316), Ada (#382) and Alice (#97), with Ada, Adelaide and Alice having a resurgence in popularity.

Aaricia - Adalgisa

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Aaricia 1 .. Source fr. Scandinavian word. "Proud, distinguished and noble princess." A rare baby name. See also Arica.

Abigail 2 .. .. a term for a lady's maid .. Very popular choice for a given name for girls (#8 in 2014), Abigail also exists commonly as a first name among women in the community according to the US Census. The variations Gail, Abby and Abbey are familiar as variant forms of Abigail. [Abagael, Abagale, Abagil, Abba, Abbee, .. 38 more]

Aceline 3 .. Source fr. French word. "Noble." Rarely used as a name for babies. See also Aveline. Feminine of Acelin. [Asceline]

Ada 4 .. From Old German element. "Noble." The name Ada has become progressively more popular with parents since 1980-1989. The form Aida is widely used as a variation of this name. A pet form of Adele and .. [Adan, Adda, Addiah, Addy, Adey, .. 9 more]

Adalgisa 5 .. Based on Old German element. "Noble, precious promise." Adalgisa is an uncommon female name. See also Adelisa. Italian name .. [Adalgise, Adelvice, .. 1 more]

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[Aaricia - Adalgisa]
Aaricia, Abigail [Gal, Gale, Gayel, Gayle, ..], Aceline [Asceline], Ada [Adie, Aida, Adiah, Aidah, ..], Adalgisa [Adalgise, Adelgise, Adelvice]

[Adalia - Brett]
Adalia [Addal, Addala, Adalie, Adalley, ..], Adara [Adra, Adrah], Addie [Addy], Addula, Adela [Adella, Adelle, Edelle, Adellah, ..], Adelaide [Elke, Lady, Heidi, Laidey, ..], Adelie, Adelinde [Linda, Adele, Adeline, Adelinda], Adeline [Lina, Delly, Edelie, Delyne, ..], Adelma, Adima, Adina [Adena, Adine, Adeena, Adinah, ..], Adira [Edira, Adeera], Adolpha [Adolfa, Adollfa], Agave, Aili, Akela [Akeelah], Alarice [Alarica, Alaricka, Alarieka, Allaryce], Alberga [Alberge, Elberga, Elberge], Alberta [Elbertine, Elbertina, Elberthina, Elberthine, ..], Alcinda [Alicinda, Allcinda, Alacinda, Alicynthia], Aldona, Alice [Licha, Lissa, Lyssa, Lichah, ..], Alicia [Lesha, Lesia, Licia, Leisha, ..], Aliki, Alina [Lina, Lyna, Lynah, Linah, ..], Alison [Alyson, Alysoun, Alysann, Alysanne, ..], Alix [Aliki, Lissandre, Alissandre, Alissandrine, ..], Altagracia [Allagracia, Altagrazia], Arabella [Orbel, Orbella, Orbelle, Orabelle, ..], Arista [Aristella, Aristelle], Artemis [Artemesia, Artemisia], Arwen [Arwyn], Audra, Audrey [Audry, Audrye, Audris, Audrina, ..], Barbara [Bonny, Varina, Varvara, Borbala, ..], Beibhinn [Bebhinn], Betty [Betti, Bettie, Bettina, Bettine, ..], Bibi [Bebe, Beebee], Brett [Britt, Bretta, Brette, Brettany]

[Brianna - Jacqueline]
Brianna [Brynna, Brynne, Brynnan, Breayanna, ..], Carmel [Mina, Lita, Melita, Melina, ..], Caroline [Sharlena, Sharlene, Sharline, Sharlyne, ..], Clarissa [Klarisa, Clorissa, Klarissa, Klarrisa, ..], Consuelo [Suelo, Connie, Consuela, Consolata, ..], Della [Dell, Delle, Dellene, Delline], Delma [Delmy, Delmi, Delmira], Dolly [Dollee, Dolley, Dollie], Domina, Dona, Donna [Donny, Donya, Ladonna, Donnisse, ..], Dulce [Dulsia, Dulsine, Dulsiana, Dulsibell, ..], Ealga, Edelmira, Edlyn [Edlin, Edlinn, Edlynn, Edlinna], Elberta [Elbertha, Elberthe], Eleanor [Nora, Nore, Norah, Norina, ..], Elfrida [Fryda, Frieda, Friede, Friedah, ..], Eliza [Liz, Elza, Liza, Lyza, ..], Elke [Ilka, Elka, Ellke, Elkie], Elmira [Mira, Myra, Myrah, Mirah, ..], Esyllt, Ethel [Ethyl, Ethyll, Ethlyn, Ethlynn, ..], Ethelberta, Etheldreda [Dreda], Ethelinda [Ethlin, Ethlinda, Ethylind, Etholinda, ..], Eugenia [Janie, Jeena, Jenna, Jennie, ..], Fatima [Fatma, Fatmah, Fatimah, Fateemah], Fay [Fei, Fey, Fee, Feike, ..], Freya [Fraya], Frieda [Frida, Freda, Fredda], Galatea [Galatee, Galathea], Gevira, Godiva, Guadalupe, Hilary [Hilary, Hillary, Hillery, Hilliary, ..], Imelda [Amelda, Imalda, Ymelda, Himalda], Isabel [Ysobel, Yzobel, Yzobelle, Yzabelle, ..], Isolde [Ysolda, Ysolde, Ysotta, Ysotte, ..], Jacqueline [Zakelina, Zhakelina, Zhaqueline, Zacqueline, ..]

[Jane - Yara]
Jane [Shene, Vania, Vanya, Sinead, ..], Jezebel [Jezibel, Jezybell, Jezebelle, Jezibelle, ..], Kinsey [Kinsee, Kinsie, Kinzee, Kinnsie, ..], Ladonna [Ledonna], Lady [Ladey, Laidy], Latrice [Letrice, Latricia, Letreece, Leatrice, ..], Laura [Lory, Lorri, Lorry, Lorrie, ..], Leonora [Ora, Norah, Leora, Leonore, ..], Lindsay [Lynzy, Lynzi, Lynsey, Lynzey, ..], Luz [Luziana, Luzette, Luzelena], Madonna [Madona], Majida [Maji, Majidah], Mamie [Mame, Maime, Mayme], Martha [Pat, Mattie, Mirtha, Pattie, ..], Matriona [Matrina, Matryna, Matresha, Motreina], Mercedes [Merced, Mercede, Mercedez], Mona [Moyna, Monna, Monalisa, Monalissa, ..], Nabila [Nabeela, Nabilah], Nancy [Nanny, Nannie, Nansee, Nansey, ..], Ninon [Ninette, Nynette], Olivia [Olva, Ollie, Olivya, Olivine, ..], Patricia [Patty, Trish, Trisha, Tricia, ..], Paz, Rawnie, Rosalind [Rozelyn, Rozelind, Rozelinda, Rozelynda, ..], Rosalyn [Roslyn, Rozlynn, Rosalynn, Roselynn], Rosario, Socorro [Secorra, Socaria, Socorra, Sucorra], Talbot [Talbert, Talbott, Tallbot], Talisa, Tricia [Trisia, Trissa, Trishana, Trissina, ..], Vanessa [Vinisha, Vonessa, Vonesse, Vonnessa, ..], Vevina, Vivian [Vyvyan, Vyvyana, Vivyanne, Vyvyanne, ..], Yara [Iara, Uira]