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Girl Names of Norse Origin

Norse baby names and what they mean, with 41 results. Usage of these girl names reached its peak in 1991 (ADOPTION OF 1.41%) and has become much lower since (ADOPTION 0.18%, 87.3% LESS), with names such as Brenda becoming less in vogue. Astrid (#890), Freya (#417) and Liv (#720) are three of the more chic baby names among these, while Bock (TOP 2%) and Back (3%) are popular surnames. Here is the list of Norse names for boys.

Norse names

Ailsa - Gunnborg | Gunnvor - Ulla | Vigdis

Ailsa - Gunnborg

"Island of Alfsigr." Aissa is also a marginally prominent kid's name. Place name ..

"Goddess." Rather quirky as a children's name, Asa occurs more often as a surname. A Scandinavian female name, it is ..

"Star-like; love." Popular as last names, and Asta (UPPER 25%) is comparable to popular -sta last names Agusta (UPPER 80%), Agosta (13%). Also a short form of Anastasia ..

AstridAstrid, var. Estrid1, Asta
"Beautiful goddess." Usage of Astrid and variants as girls' names in 2015 was 39.8% more than in 2005. Scandinavian name, derived from áss meaning ..

"Stream." Beck is not in the Top 2000. Also used for boys. Place name ..

"Sword." Brenda, Brynda, etc. became less trendy in 2015, dropping on average -5 rankings as girls' names with Brenda leading the decline. Related to the English word "brand" ..

.. from the Old Norse personal name .. Used somewhat frequently as a children's name, Corey is similar to the popular Cary. Cross-gender use.

"New day." Dagne is found regularly (upper 96%) as a surname. Probably relates to Dagmar.

"Grandmother." Rather uncommon as a children's name nowadays, though Edda still occurs regularly as a feminine first name. See also Adda. Norse mytholgy: Edda was an old ..

"Norse goddess of medicine." Eir is a rarely used feminine name.

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Norse names: Astrid, Brenda, Corey, Dagny, Elli

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Norse names: Erica, Erna, Freya, Gerda

"Old age." Gender-neutral name. Less popular today. Elli last appeared in 2014 in the Top 2000. Norse mythology: an old woman with ..

"Complete ruler." Aerica, Aericka, Airica, Airicka and Airika are more unique as versions of Erica. Latinate feminine form of Eric, and ..

"Capable." Somewhat novel as a girls' name nowadays, but Erna is still recorded frequently as a first name for women. Mythology ..

"Beautiful goddess." Estrid is uncommon as a children's name. Variant of Astrid.

"Lady." Adoption of Freya and forms is common among parents today. Scandinavian mythology ..

"Shelter." Used somewhat widely as baby names, Gerda, Gerde, etc. are similar to the familiar Verda. Modern form of Gerd or Gerth ..

"To grow." Rare. Gro is not found in the US Demographics. From groa, or possibly from Celtic ..

Pet form of names derived from .. Outside Top 2000. See also Gala.

"Strife, battle." Gunnhilda and variants are rarely found as female names. From gunnr and hildr.

"Catious." Not much used as a birth name. Contains gunnr "strife".

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Summary Index of names [and variants] for Norse names for girls.

1. Ailsa - Gunnborg
Ailsa, Asa, Asta, Astrid [Asta, Estrid], Beck, Brenda, Corey, Dagny, Edda, Eir, Elli, Erica, Erna, Estrid, Freya, Gerda, Gro, Gull, Gunhilda, Gunnborg

Gunnvor, Haldana, Haralda, Helga, Iduna, Inga, Ingrid [Inga], Kelda, Kindra, Laufeia, Liv, Ola, Olga [Ola, Helga], Rhona, Rica, Rona [Rhona], Shelby, Sigrid, Tova, Ulla


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