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Peace names

Peace baby names and what they mean, for peace, peaceful, delicate, slender, graceful, calm, pale, harmony.

These girl names were at the top of their popularity in 2014 (adoption of 0.131%), except for names like Winifred which have become less in vogue. The most trendy baby names among these are Aspen (#397), Blake (#589), Livia (#666), Mira (#613) and Willow (#138). Lucey (top 7%) and Bleke (97%) are conventional surnames.

Here is the list of Peace names for boys.

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Top 1000 baby names ranking of Peace names: Amani, Aspen, Bianca, Blake, Dalia

Adin 1 .. Root fr. Hebrew word. "Delicate and slender." Not Top 1000 names. Appears in the Old Testament as .. [Adina, .. 1 more]

Adina 2 .. Root fr. Hebrew word. "Noble, gentle, delicate." Not in Top 1000. Also possibly "longing". [Adeana, Adeena, Adine, .. 3 more]

Amandeep 3 .. Root fr. Hindi language. "Lamp of peace." Not in popularity charts. See also Amande.

Amani 4 .. Based on Kiswahili element. "Peace." Amaan is a kreatif form.

Amanpreet 5 .. Derivative of Hindi element. "One who loves peace." Not Top 1000 name.

Amity 6 .. Derived fr. Latin language. "Friendship, harmony." Outside Top 1000. A virtue name. [Amitie]

Aspen 7 .. .. the West, with delicate, heart shaped .. Aspen (cf. Aspden) is a popular Asp- prefix last name. Also a boys' name.

Axelle 8 .. Source fr. Old German language. "Father is peace." Unusual, with the -lle suffix for Axelle, like Averylle. Feminine of Axel. [Axella]

Bianca 9 .. .. Nicaraguan fashion model, peace worker, and .. Bianca has risen in favor with parents since 1880-1889. [Beonca, Beyonca, Blanca, Blancha, .. 6 more]

Blake 10 .. Derivative of Old English element. "Pale." Blake has gained increasing favor as a girls' name since the 1880s. Surname used as a given name. [Blakelee, Blakeley, .. 4 more]

Blondell 11 .. Also possibly (French) "little pale one". Not that common as a baby name, Blondell is found more often as a surname. [Blondelle, Blondie, .. 2 more]

Cadhla 12 .. From Irish language. "Beautiful, graceful." Kyla is a chic version. [Keela, .. 1 more]

Caoilainn 13 .. Root fr. Irish language. "Slender and white, fair or pure." Not Top 1000 names. From "caol fionn" .. [Caoilfhionn, Caelainn, Keelin, .. 6 more]

Chessa 14 .. Source fr. Slavic element. "At peace." Chessa, Chesna, etc. are seldom adopted as children's names. [Chesna, .. 2 more]

Choire 15 .. .. with music, like Harmony and Melody. Choire is unique as a birth name.

Columba 16 .. .. Christian symbol for peace and the .. Outside Top 1000. [Collie, Columbine, .. 3 more]

Columbine 17 .. .. name for a delicate two colored .. Columbine, Colombe and Columbina were not among 2014's Top names. [Colombe, .. 1 more]

Concordia 18 .. From Latin element. "Harmony." Unusual, with the feminine-sounding -dia ending for Concordia, like Clodia. .. the goddess of peace succeeding a .. [Concord, .. 1 more]

Dalia 19 .. Root fr. Arabic, Hebrew words. "Slender branch, tendril." Dalia and Dalila are prevalent as variant forms. See also Dahlia. [Daliah, Dalya, Dalyah, .. 4 more]

Dalila 20 .. Derived fr. Swahili, Tanzanian. "Delicate, gentle." Popular as girls' names, Dalila and Lila are similar to the familiar Lola. [Lila]

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Summary of Peace names (and variants) for girls.

Adin - Dalila
Adin [Adina, Adeana], Adina [Adine, Adinah, ..], Amandeep, Amani, Amanpreet, Amity [Amitie], Aspen, Axelle [Axella], Bianca [Byanca, Blanche, ..], Blake [Blakeny, Bladeney, ..], Blondell [Blondy, Blondie, ..], Cadhla [Kyla, Keela], Caoilainn [Keelan, Keelin, ..], Chessa [Chessy, Chessie], Choire, Columba [Columbia, Columbine, ..], Columbine [Colombe, Columbina], Concordia [Concord, Concorde], Dalia [Dalya, Dalyah, ..], Dalila [Lila]

Dove - Hedwenn
Dove [Dova], Doveva, Edith [Eydie, Eydith, ..], Eireen, Emeline [Emylin, Emylynn, ..], Ersilia [Hersila, Hersilia, ..], Evania [Evanny, Evannie, ..], Farica [Flicka, Fericka], Freda [Frieda, Frydda, ..], Frederica [Rikki, Rikky, ..], Friedelinde [Friedalinda], Fritzi [Fritzie], Galina [Galya, Halina], Gazella [Gazelle], Godfreya [Gotfreya, Godfreyda], Halcyone [Halcyon, Halcyona], Halfrida, Harmony [Harmonia, Harmonie, ..], Hayfa [Haifa], Hedwenn

Hersilia - Malina
Hersilia [Erzilia, Hersila, ..], Inga [Innga, Inngeborg, ..], Irene [Rina, Yarina, ..], Janoah [Janowa], Jasmine [Yasmine, Yasminia, ..], Karinya, Kasmira, Kaylee [Kaylley, Kaylleigh, ..], Keely [Keylley, Keyllie, ..], Kellen [Kellan, Kellyn], Kylie [Kylin, Kylianne, ..], Lacey [Laisey, Laycie, ..], Lana [Lanna, Lanny, ..], Leah [Lia, Leigh, ..], Linden [Lindon, Lindynn], Livia [Livya, Lyvia, ..], Lubomira [Luba], Ludmilla [Lyuba, Lyudmila], Lulu, Malina

Malva - Rickie
Malva [Melva, Melvina], Maysa, Mira [Myrene, Myrilla, ..], Miroslava, Nitsa, Nydia [Nidia, Needia], Olivia [Olva, Ollie, ..], Orinthia [Ornina, Orrinthia, ..], Pacifica [Pasifica], Paxton [Paxten], Paz, Peace, Peale [Peele, Pealle], Placidia [Placida, Plasida], Rabab [Rabiah], Rena [Rina, Rinah, ..], Rene [Renie, Rennie], Rhiannon [Rianon, Riannon, ..], Rica [Riqua, Rycca, ..], Rickie [Rikky, Ryckie, ..]

Rowena - Zulema
Rowena [Rowina, Rowenna, ..], Salama [Saloma, Soloma, ..], Salome [Solome, Solomea, ..], Selima [Selimah, Saleemah], Serena [Seryna, Serinna, ..], Serenity [Serene], Shalom [Shilom, Sholome, ..], Shanti [Shante, Shantee, ..], Shiloh [Shylo, Shyloh], Shulamith [Sula, Sulamith, ..], Sigfreda [Sigfryda, Sigfrieda, ..], Teresa [Tresa, Tressa, ..], Tranquilina [Tranquila, Tranquilinia], Wanetta [Wanita, Wanette], Wilfreda [Wilfridda, Wilfrieda], Willow, Winifred [Wynne, Wynnifred, ..], Zulema [Zuma, Zulma, ..]