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Peaceful Names

(See: Peace Names)

17 Peaceful names and what they mean, for peaceful for baby girls, listing 1-17. Here is the list of Peace names for boys.

Edith .. Anglo-Saxon name borne by princesses and Christian saints, one of which was the daughter of Edgar the Peaceful (10th century) ..
[Dita, Eadie, Eadith, Eda, Ede, .. 19 more]

Emeline .. (German) "Peaceful home." ..
[Emaleen, Emalene, Emaline, Emalyn, Embline, .. 14 more]

Evania .. (Greek) "Peaceful."
[Evana, Evanne, Evanna, Evannie, Evanny]

Farica .. (Old German) "Peaceful ruler." ..
[Faricka, Fericka, Flicka]

Freda .. (Old German) "Peaceful." ..
[Freada, Freddie, Freeda, Freida, Frida, .. 2 more]

Frederica .. (Old German) "Peaceful ruler." ..
[Farica, Federica, Fred, Freda, Fredalena, .. 24 more]

Fritzi .. (Old German) "Peaceful ruler." ..

Halfrida .. (Old German) "Peaceful heroine; Peaceful home."

Karinya .. (Australian) "Peaceful home." ..

Lulu .. (Swahili, Tanzanian, Hawaiian) "Calm, peaceful, protected." ..

Miroslava .. (Slavic) "Peaceful glory." ..

Pacifica .. (Spanish) "Peaceful." ..

Rica Variant of Erica (Old Norse) "complete ruler" or Frederica (Old German) "peaceful ruler" ..
[Rhica, Ricca, Ricki, Rickie, Ricky, .. 7 more]

Rickie Nickname of Frederica (Old German) "peaceful ruler" ..
[Ricki, Ricky, Ricquie, Rika, Riki, .. 3 more]

Shanti .. (Hindi) "Peaceful."
[Shanta, Shantae, Shantai, Shantay, Shante, .. 1 more]

Sigfreda .. (Old German) "Peaceful victory."
[Sigfrieda, Sigfrida, Sigfryda, .. 1 more]

Tranquilina .. (Spanish, Latin) "Calm, peaceful."
[Tranquila, Tranquilinia]

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Peaceful names: Edith, Emeline, Freda, Lulu

Edith, Emeline, Freda, Frederica, Lulu, Rickie and Shanti are commonly used names, while Evania, Farica, Fritzi, Halfrida, Karinya, Miroslava, Pacifica, Rica, Sigfreda and Tranquilina are rare in comparison. (2000 U.S. Census)


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