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Amadea - Wendy

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Amadea 1 .. .. great prominence by Peter Shaffer's play .. Amadea, Amadee and Amedee are not Top 1000 baby names. [Amadee, Amedee]

Barrie 2 .. .. James Barrie, author of "Peter Pan" .. Barrie (cmp. Marrie, Quarrie) is a common surname with the -rrie suffix. [Bari, Barri]

Bernadette 3 .. .. Actress Bernadette Peters. Unusual. Bernadette (cmp. Yette, Lynnette) ends with the common feminine-sounding -ette. [Benadette, Bernadetta, Bernadotte, Bernaetta, Bernardette, Bernardine, Bernee, Berneta, Bernetta, Bernette, .. 21 more]

Candida 4 .. .. supposedly cured by Saint Peter himself .. A moderately untypical baby name nowadays, but Candida is still recorded commonly as a female first name. [Candi, Candy, .. 3 more]

Eloise 5 .. .. name and her tutor, Peter Abelard .. Popular last names, like last names Ellis, Elie, which also start with El-. [Aloysia, Ellie, Eloisa, Eloyse, .. 4 more]

Heloise 6 .. .. century French philosopher Peter Abelard fell .. Heloise, like Alise, Voise, is a popular last name ending with -ise. [Aloysia, Eloise, Heloisa, Lois, .. 1 more]

Patches 7 Related to Peter. Patch and Patches are rare as women's names. [Patch]

Pernella 8 .. Feminine of Peter. Parnella, Pernella, Pernelle, Pernilla and Pernille are seldom found as women's names. [Parnella, Pernelle, .. 2 more]

Perri 9 .. Feminine variant of Peter and Pnina .. Unusual. Perri (cmp. Gerri, Karri) ends with the common feminine -rri. [Perrianne, Perrin, Perrine, .. 1 more]

Perrin 10 .. Feminine of Peter or Peregrine. Perrin (Upper 2%), Perrine (4%) and Perren (32%) occur frequently as last names. [Perran, Perrine, .. 2 more]

Petra 11 .. Feminine variant of Peter. Pier is .. Petra, var. (cmp. Petta, Petry) are popular last names starting with Pet-. [Pella, Pernilla, Pernille, Perrine, Peta, Peterina, Petrine, Petronela, Petronella, Petronia, .. 15 more]

Pierette 12 .. .. of Pierre, from Peter (Greek) "rock". Unusual. Compare Pierette, Piera, Pierina, Pietra, and common last names Pierotti, Pieratt, which also begin with Pie-. [Piera, Pietra, .. 1 more]

Provence 13 .. the 1990s by Peter Mayle's books. Not in Top 1000.

Roberta 14 .. .. Singers Roberta Peters, Roberta Flack. Rare. Roberta (cmp. Ethelberta, Herta) ends with the favored feminine-sounding -erta. [Baubie, Berdie, Bertie, Berty, Bobbe, Bobbie, Bobine, Bobinette, Roba, Robbie, .. 43 more]

Tabitha 15 .. .. works, who was resurrected by Peter .. Tabitha, Tabytha, etc. became less trendy in 2014, falling on average -13 positions as girls' names with Tabitha falling the most. [Tabatha, Tabbie, Tabbitha, .. 9 more]

Talicia 16 Ballet celebrities Peter Martins and Darci .. Scarce as birth names, but Tallie, Talicia, etc. are comparable to the more common Sallie. [Tal, Talie, Tallie, Tallya, .. 7 more]

Wendy 17 .. .. heroine in James Barrie's "Peter Pan" .. Usage of Wendy as a girls' name has diminished circa 1970-1979. [Wenda, Wendeline, .. 7 more]

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Peter names: Bernadette, Candida, Eloise, Petra, Roberta, Tabitha, Wendy

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Amadea [2], Barrie [2], Bernadette [31], Candida [5], Eloise [8], Heloise [5], Patches [1], Pernella [4], Perri [4], Perrin [4], Petra [25], Pierette [3], Provence, Roberta [53], Tabitha [12], Talicia [11], Wendy [9]