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Amanda - Wendy

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Amanda 1 .. .. poets and playwrights brought this name .. Well-used, with usage of 0.0429% for Amanda and variants as children's names in 2014, but lower than 0.0438% a year ago. [Amada, Amandi, Amandy, Amata, Mandee, Mandi, .. 10 more]

Araminta 2 .. by an 18th century English playwright. Araminta is uncommon as a baby name. See also Armina.

Carol 3 .. .. playwright Caryl Churchhill. Ranked in Top 1000. [Carel, Carely, Cariel, Carla, Carleen, Carlota, Carola, Carolena, Carolin, Carolyn, .. 82 more]

Gloria 4 .. Supposedly coined by playwright George Bernard .. Common. Gloria (cf. Lacoria, Toria) ends with the favored feminine-sounding -oria. [Glaura, Gloree, Gloriana, Gloribel, Glorie, Glory, .. 17 more]

Oona 5 .. Playwright Eugene O'Neill gave this name .. Somewhat popular as girls' names, Una, Oona, etc. are comparable to the popular Ina. [Oonagh, Una]

Phaedra 6 .. .. love has inspired playwrights from ancient .. Rare. Phaidra, var., like Lasandra, Casaundra, end with the favored feminine -dra. [Faydra, Fedra, Phadra, Phaidra, .. 3 more]

Tina 7 .. .. playwright Tina Howe; basketball player Tina .. Tina, Teena, Tena and Tiny are commonplace as versions. [Teena, Tena, Tine, Tiny, .. 3 more]

Wendy 8 .. .. playwright Wendy Wasserstein; actress Dame Wendy .. Wendy (upper 81%), Windy (88%), like Gendy (upper 89%), Bandy (3%), are common -ndy suffix last names. [Wenda, Wendaline, Wendee, Wendeline, .. 5 more]

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[Amanda - Wendy]
Amanda [15], Araminta, Carol [92], Gloria [22], Oona [2], Phaedra [7], Tina [7], Wendy [9]