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Poem baby names and what they mean, for poem, poetic, poetry, romantic, arthurian, romance.

Adoption of these girl names was at its apex during the years 1950-1959 (usage of 0.1978%) and is somewhat lower today (usage 0.1122%, 43.3%), with names like Belinda, Pamela, Carissa, Cynthia and Carmen falling out of fashion. The more fashionable girl names in this list are Annabel (#448), Evangeline (#276), Raven (#507), Fiona (#204) and Lana (#351), with Annabel, Evangeline, Fiona and Lana enjoying a rekindling in popularity. Ravin (top 37%) and Riven (99%) are familiar last names.

pinAbital - Charis

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Top 1000 baby names ranking of Poem names: Althea, Annabel, Armida, Belinda, Carissa, Carmen

Abital 1 .. .. name is a poetic reference to .. Not Top 1000 names. [Abeetal, .. 1 more]

Alcina 2 .. .. in the 16th century Orlando poems. Outside Top 1000. [Alcee, Allcine, Allcinia, Alsyna, .. 6 more]

Althea 3 .. .. Lovelace, as a poetic name for .. Popular, and Althaea, var. are comparable to common surname Anglea (upper 50%), which also ends with -ea. [Altha, Althaea, Althaia, Elthea, .. 5 more]

Amaryllis 4 .. .. A poetic name for a simple .. Amaryldis, Amaryllisau and Auamaryllis are kreatif forms. [Amarilis]

Annabel 5 .. Lee, in the poem of the .. Annabel has grown progressively more popular since 1920-1929. [Anabel, Anabella, Annabal, Annabell, .. 4 more]

Apollonia 6 .. .. god of sunlight, music, and poetry .. Not in popularity charts. [Abbeline, Abbelina, Appoline, Appolinia, Apollyne, Apolonia, .. 5 more]

Araxie 7 .. From Armenian word. "River that inspires poetic talent." Araxie is unique as a children's name.

Armida 8 .. in an epic poem "Gerusalemme Liberata" .. Armida and variants grew in popularity in the 1940s and are now less widespread. [Arminda]

Avalon 9 .. In Arthurian legend, it is the .. Not in popularity charts. See also Avelyn.

Bader 10 .. .. moon at the most romantic hour .. Not Top 1000 names. [Badr]

Ballade 11 .. a musical or poetic form, usually .. Unique. Ballade (cf. Bathilde) ends with the androgynous -de.

Belinda 12 .. .. beauty in his poem The Rape .. Listed in Top 1000. [Bel, Belindra, Belle, Bellinda, .. 8 more]

Blythe 13 .. .. lines of Shelley's poem To a .. Unusual. Blythe, Blithe, like Berthe, has the -he ending. [Blithe]

Caledonia 14 .. .. used as a poetic name for .. Not in Top 1000. See also Celadonia.

Calliope 15 .. .. muse of epic poetry. See Clio .. Not in popularity charts. [Callia, Callyope, .. 1 more]

Carissa 16 .. .. his epic 1590 poem The Faerie .. Carissa, Carisa, Charissa, Karisa and Karissa are generally used as versions. [Caresa, Caris, Karisa, .. 7 more]

Carmen 17 .. .. of the tragic romantic heroine of .. Carmen and Mina are Top 1000 baby names. [Carma, Carmie, Carmin, Carmine, Carmyna, Karmina, Karmita, .. 21 more]

Ceri 18 .. Origin fr. Welsh. "Fair, blessed poetry." Keri is widely used as a form of Ceri. Short form of Ceridwen and Cerise .. [Cerian, .. 1 more]

Ceridwen 19 .. Based on Welsh language. "Fair, blessed poetry." Less popular today. Cari was the version last found (1990) in the Top 1000. .. of the goddess of poetic inspiration .. [Cari, .. 5 more]

Charis 20 .. .. character in his poem The Faerie .. Charise (upper 64%), Charissa (42%), Charisse (36%), Cherise (41%) and Karissa (37%) are commonly occurring as given names. [Caressa, Carisa, Carrissa, Chareese, Charesa, Charese, Charisa, Charisha, Cherise, Karas, .. 17 more]

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Summary of Poem names (and variants) for girls.

Abital - Charis
Abital [Avital, Abeetal], Alcina [Alsina, Alsyna, Alzina, Alsinia, ..], Althea [Thea, Eltha, Althia, Elthea, ..], Amaryllis [Amarilis], Annabel [Annabell, Annabella, Annabelle, Annabelinda, ..], Apollonia [Apollyne, Apolonia, Apollinia, Appolonia, ..], Araxie, Armida [Arminda], Avalon, Bader [Badr], Ballade, Belinda [Linda, Lindy, Lindie, Velinda, ..], Blythe [Blithe], Caledonia, Calliope [Callia, Callyope, Kalliope], Carissa [Karisa, Karissa, Charissa, Kharissa, ..], Carmen [Mina, Lita, Karmyn, Karmita, ..], Ceri [Keri, Cerian], Ceridwen [Ceri, Ceridwyn, Cerridwen, Cerridwyn, ..], Charis [Karissa, Karisse, Karrisa, Sherisa, ..]

Christabel - Geraldine
Christabel [Crystabel, Cristabella, Cristabelle, Crystabella, ..], Claribel [Klarybel], Clarinda [Clorinda], Clio [Cleo, Klio], Corinna [Korena, Korina, Korinne, Korrina, ..], Corisande [Corisanda, Corissande, Corrisande], Cosette [Cosetta, Cozette], Cynthia [Synthia, Synthie, Synthya, Syntheea, ..], Ealga, Eithne [Enya, Etna, Ethni, Ethnee, ..], Elaine [Laine, Lainey, Layney, Helaine, ..], Eluned [Lunet, Lunette, Lynette, Lynnette, ..], Elvira [Lira, Elvire, Elwira, Elvyra, ..], Emer [Eimer, Eimear, Eimhir], Emma [Ima, Emmy, Emmye, Emmylou, ..], Erin [Erynn, Kerin, Terin, Taryn, ..], Euron [Auron, Euryl, Eurys, Euriona], Evangeline [Evie, Vangy, Vangie, Ewangelina, ..], Fiona [Fione, Fyona, Ffyona, Fionna, ..], Geraldine [Jerry, Jerrie, Jerrileen, Jerroldeen, ..]

Gitanjali - Myra
Gitanjali [Gitanjoli, Geetanjali], Gladys [Gladyss, Gwladus, Gwladys, Gwyladyss, ..], Gwenith [Gwenyth], Haidee [Hadee, Hyday, Jaidee, Haydee], Iberia [Ibeeria], Igraine [Igrayne, Ygraine], Iliana [Illia, Illiana, Illianna, Illionya, ..], Jacobina [Jacobine, Jacobyna, Jakobina, Jakobine, ..], Jennifer [Jenny, Jenyfer, Jenniver, Jennyfer, ..], Kalliope [Kallyope], Lalla, Lana [Lanae, Lanna, Lanny, Lanette], Laverne [Verne, Leverne, Loverna, Laverrne, ..], Leonora [Ora, Norah, Leora, Leonore, ..], Lorna [Lorrna], Lynette [Lynett, Lynnet, Lynetta, Lynnette, ..], Malvina [Melva, Melvie, Melvina, Melvine, ..], Medora, Mireio [Mirelle, Mirella, Myrelle, Mireilla, ..], Myra [Mira, Myrah, Myree, Myriah]

Nokomis - Una
Nokomis, Olinda [Olynda], Orinda, Ouida, Pamela [Pammy, Pammie, Pammela, Permelia, ..], Pippa [Pip, Pippy], Priscilla [Prissy, Prissie, Prisilla, Prysilla, ..], Raven [Ravyn, Rayven, Rayvinn, Rayvenne], Rima, Rosalind [Rozelyn, Rozelind, Rozelinda, Rozelynda, ..], Trista [Trysta, Tristyn, Trystan, Trystin, ..], Tristana [Tristen, Tristenna], Una [Unna, Unah, Unagh, Oonagh, ..]