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Power names and what they mean, for power, powerful for females. Here is the list of Power names for boys. These girl names reached the peak of their popularity in 2002 (usage of 0.2807%) and are somewhat less popular today (usage 0.2281%, down 18.7%), with names like America, Ashanti, Inga, Philomena and Sibyl becoming somewhat outmoded. The most trendy baby names here are Ainsley (#334), Aubrey (#20), Eleanor (#78), Jade (#139) and Maeve (#482), with Eleanor undergoing a revival in usage.

Adira - America

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Adira 1 .. Based on Hebrew element. "Strong, noble, powerful." Not widespread. Adira, Adeera and Edira are not listed in the US Demographics. [Adeera, .. 1 more]

Agate 2 .. .. have numerous magical and curative powers .. Agate was not among 2014's Top names. See also Agape.

Ainsley 3 .. .. borne by a powerful family long .. Popular, with usage of 0.1308% for Ainsley and variants as girls' names in 2014, higher than 0.1238% the previous year. [Ainslee, Ainslie, Aynslee, Aynslie, .. 3 more]

Allura 4 .. .. noun, which means "power of attraction". Uncommon. Allura, Alloura, Alura, like Laura, Quetura, end with the favored feminine -ura. [Alloura, Alura, .. 1 more]

America 5 .. Origin fr. Old German word. "Work power; home leader." Gender-neutral name. Usage of America as a birth name in 2014 was down 70.4% compared to 10 years ago. Feminine of Amerigo, the name of ..

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[Adira - America]
Adira [Edira, Adeera], Agate, Ainsley [Ansley, Ainslie, Aynslee, Aynslie, Aynsley, Ainsleigh], Allura [Alura, Allure, Alloura], America

[Ashanti - Tully]
Ashanti [Shanti, Shantee, Ashaunti, Ashuntae, Shauntae, Shauntee, ..], Aubrey [Aubry, Aubri, Aubrie, Aubury, Aubriana, Aubrianne, ..], Bethesda, Brites, Devi, Edris [Edra, Eidra, Eydra], Eleanor [Nora, Nore, Nelly, Norah, Norina, Nonnie, ..], Inga [Inge, Inger, Innga, Ingegerg, Ingeborg, Inngeborg, ..], Isis, Jade [Zhade, Jayda, Jayde, Jayden, Jaydra, Jaydee, ..], Justine [Justy, Justie, Justina, Justinn, Justyne, Justyna, ..], Kendra [Kinna, Kindra, Kyndra, Kyndria, Kenndrea, Lakendra, ..], Maeve [Mave, Meave], Philomena [Filomena, Filimena, Filomene, Filumena, Philomene, Philomina], Ragnild [Renilda, Renilde, Ranillda, Reinheld, Reynilda, Reynilde, ..], Ricarda [Richia, Richina, Richmal, Richette, Richilene, Richmalle, ..], Salvia [Sallvia, Salvina], Sibyl [Sybil, Sybill, Sybella, Sybelle, Sybilla, Sybille, ..], Stephanie [Stevie, Stevey, Stevana, Stevena, Stevonna, Stevonne, ..], Tully

[Ulrica - Ulrica]
Ulrica [Ulla, Ulrika, Ulrike, Ullrica, Uulrica, Ullricka, ..]