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Power Names for girls

Page 1/4. 27 Power names and what they mean, for power, powerful for females. Here is the list of Power names for boys. These girl names reached the height of their popularity in 2002 and are somewhat less popular today, with names like Ashanti, Justine, Philomena, Inga and America falling out of fashion. Eleanor, Maeve, Ainsley and Aubrey are four of the more trendy baby names in this list.

Adira .. (Hebrew) "Strong, noble, powerful."
[Adeera, Edira]

Agate .. The agate is a semiprecious gemstone which was once believed to have numerous magical and curative powers ..

Ainsley .. Also transferred use of the Scottish surname Ainslie, which is borne by a powerful family long established in Scotland.
[Ainslee, Ainsleigh, Ainslie, Ansley, Aynslee, .. 2 more]

Allura .. Based on the noun, which means "power of attraction".
[Alloura, Allure, Alura]

America .. (Old German) "Work power." ..

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Power names: Ainsley, America

America is a commonly used name, while Adira, Agate, Ainsley and Allura are rare in comparison. (2000 U.S. Census)

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Suggested categories: capital, gift, great, lion, title, virtue, wealthy.

A to Z Index of all names (with variants) for girls

[Adira - America]
Adira [2], Agate, Ainsley [7], Allura [3], America

[Ashanti - Isis]
Ashanti [15], Aubrey [12], Bethesda, Brites, Devi, Edris [3], Eleanor [78], Gitta [1], Inga [8], Isis

[Jade - Stephanie]
Jade [24], Justine [11], Kendra [20], Maeve [2], Philomena [6], Ragnild [10], Ricarda [20], Salvia [2], Sibyl [22], Stephanie [49]

[Tully - Ulrica]
Tully, Ulrica [11]


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