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Power names and what they mean, for power, powerful for women. Here is the list of Power names for boys. Adoption of these girl names was at its peak in 2002 and is somewhat lower today, with names like America, Sibyl, Philomena, Inga and Ashanti becoming somewhat outmoded. The most trendy baby names here are Eleanor (#78), Maeve (#482), Ainsley (#334), Aubrey (#20) and Jade (#139), with Eleanor undergoing a revival in usage.

Adira - Ulrica

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Adira 1 .. Source fr. Hebrew. "Strong, noble, powerful." Adira is a scarce first name. See also Adria. [Adeera, Edira]

Agate 2 .. .. have numerous magical and curative powers .. Seldom used as a birth name. See also Agathe.

Ainsley 3 .. .. borne by a powerful family long .. A very popular choice for a girls' name (#334 in 2014) that is also found conventionally as a last name. Name used for both sexes. The form Ansley is commonplace as a version of this name. [Ainslee, Ainslie, Aynslee, Aynslie, .. 3 more]

Allura 4 .. .. noun, which means "power of attraction". Rare as a name for newborns. See also Alurea. [Alloura, Alura, .. 1 more]

America 5 .. Source fr. Old German word. "Work power; home leader." Also suitable as a boys' name. Usage of America for girls has diminished over time. Feminine of Amerigo ..

Ashanti 6 .. .. name of a powerful African empire 17 .. Usage of Ashanti as a name for children has faded over time since 2002. The variation Shanti is common as a form of Ashanti. [Asante, Ashantae, Ashante, Ashaunta, Ashauntee, .. 10 more]

Aubrey 7 .. Based on Old German element. "Elf or magical being, power." Also used as a boys' name. A very common choice for a baby name (#20 the past year), Aubrey also exists frequently as a last name. The variation Aubri is common as a form of Aubrey. Originally a man's name .. [Aubary, Aubery, Aubree, Aubrette, Aubriana, .. 7 more]

Bethesda 8 .. .. to have healing powers after being .. Unique as a given name.

Brites 9 .. Based on Portuguese element. "Power." Scarcely used as a birth name. Also variant of Bridget.

Devi 10 .. .. her exercise of power for good .. Rare as a birth name for girls. See also Dova.

Edris 11 .. Source fr. Old English. "Rich and powerful." Scarce as a birth name for girls, Edris occurs more often as a surname. See also Eris. Feminine of Edric. [Edra, Eydra, .. 1 more]

Eleanor 12 .. .. Her powerful personality, intelligence, and energy .. Eleanor is a conventional (Top 3%) feminine name. The variations Nelly, Nelda, Leonora, Lena, Helen, Elly, Elle, Eleonore, Elenora, Eleanore and Eileen are popular as forms of the name. [Aleanor, Alenor, Aline, Eileanoir, El, .. 73 more]

Gitta 13 .. of Brigitte (Irish, Gaelic) "strength, power". Rarely used as a girls' name. See also Geeta. [Gitte]

Inga 14 .. .. Ing was a powerful god of .. The name Inga has declined in popularity as a girls' name over the years since 1890-1899. The form Ingeborg is prevalent as a version of the name. [Ingaberg, Ingaborg, Ingegerg, Inger, Inngeborg, .. 3 more]

Isis 15 .. The most powerful of all the .. Popular choice for a name for girls (#706 in 2014), Isis is also recorded regularly as a first name among females of all ages according to the US Census. See also Iris.

Jade 16 .. .. have the magical power of providing .. Also suitable as a boys' name. Very popular choice for a given name for girls (#139 in 2014), Jade also occurs regularly as a first name among women in the community according to the US Census. The forms Jayda, Jaeda and Jada are prevalent as versions of Jade. [Jada, Jadeana, Jaden, Jadien, Jadira, .. 19 more]

Justine 17 .. .. a powerful sorcerer. Lawrence Durrell wrote .. Somewhat uncommon as a girls' name, Justine exists fairly commonly as a last name. The variation Justa is common as a variant form of Justine. [Giustina, Justeen, Justene, Justina, Justy, .. 6 more]

Kendra 18 .. .. English names Ceneric meaning "bold power" .. Kendra is commonplace (Top 9%) as a feminine name, appearing frequently (Top 24%) as a last name in the US Census. The variations Lakendra, Kenia and Kandra are commonplace as variant forms of the name. [Kandra, Kena, Kendrah, Kendri, Kendrie, .. 15 more]

Maeve 19 .. .. , name of the powerful and legendary .. Maeve is intermittently used as a female name. See also Mauve. [Mave, Meave]

Philomena 20 .. From Greek element. "Powerful love." A somewhat uncommon name for baby girls now, but recorded commonly as a first name among females of all ages according to the US Census. See also Philopena. Name of a popularly-worshipped saint who .. [Filimena, Filomena, Filumena, Philomina, .. 2 more]

Ragnild 21 .. Source fr. Teutonic word. "All-knowing power." Scarcely used as a given name. [Ragnhild, Ragnhilda, Ragnilda, Reinheld, Renilde, .. 5 more]

Ricarda 22 .. From Old German element. "Powerful leader." Rare as a given name for baby girls these days, though Ricarda is still found frequently as a first name among females of all ages according to the US Census. Feminine of Richard. [Richanda, Richarda, Richardene, Richardina, Richel, .. 15 more]

Salvia 23 .. .. for its healing powers and for .. Salvia is an uncommonly used female name, occurring commonly (Top 25%) as a last name according to the US Census. See also Salcia. [Sallvia, Salvina]

Sibyl 24 .. .. In Turkish, Sibel means "powerful queen" .. Sibyl is a conventional (Top 43%) feminine name. The variation Sybil is popular as a form of the name. [Cybele, Cybil, Cybilla, Sabylla, Sibbell, .. 17 more]

Stephanie 25 .. .. celebrity Steffi Graff; actresses Stephanie Powers .. Stephanie is a frequently occurring (Top 1%) women's name, and it occurs regularly (Top 33%) as a surname in the US Census. The forms Stephany, Stephane and Stefanie are commonly used as variations of Stephanie. [Fania, Phanie, Stefa, Stefani, Stefanie, .. 44 more]

Tully 26 .. From Irish, Gaelic language. "Powerful people." Scarce as a birth name for females, Tully is found more often as a surname. Name suited for both genders.

Ulrica 27 .. Based on Old German element. "Power of the wolf; power of .. ." Ulrica is an irregularly used given name. The variation Ulrike is generally used as a form of this name. Feminine of Ulric. [Rieka, Ricka, Ulka, Ullrica, Ulrika, .. 6 more]

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Power names: Ainsley, America, Ashanti, Aubrey, Eleanor, Inga, Isis, Jade, Justine, Kendra

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Power names: Maeve, Philomena, Sibyl, Stephanie

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Adira [2], Agate, Ainsley [7], Allura [3], America, Ashanti [15], Aubrey [12], Bethesda, Brites, Devi, Edris [3], Eleanor [78], Gitta [1], Inga [8], Isis, Jade [24], Justine [11], Kendra [20], Maeve [2], Philomena [6], Ragnild [10], Ricarda [20], Salvia [2], Sibyl [22], Stephanie [49], Tully, Ulrica [11]