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Precious names

Precious baby names and what they mean, for precious, semiprecious.

These girl names were at the apex of their popularity in the year 2007 (usage of 0.132%) and are almost as common today (usage 0.123%, 7% less), but with names like Lulu, Beryl, Emerald, Coral and Jewel becoming somewhat dated. Lana (#351), Jade (#139), Alana (#198) and Amber (#309) are four of the more fashionable birth names among these, with Amber and Lana having a rebound in popularity. Imber (top 26%) is a conventional last name.

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Top 1000 baby names ranking of Precious names: Alana, Alannah, Amber, Beryl, Coral

Adalgisa 1 .. Derived fr. Old German word. "Noble, precious promise." Adalgiaza, Adalgima and Adalgira are kreatif forms. Italian name .. [Adalgise, Adelgise, .. 1 more]

Agate 2 .. .. agate is a semiprecious gemstone which .. Not in popularity charts. See also Agatta.

Alaine 3 .. Based on Old German language. "Precious." Listed in Top 1000. French feminine form of Alain. [Alaina, Alane, Alayne, Alenne, Aleyne, Allaine, Allayne, Allena, Allyn, .. 7 more]

Alamea 4 .. Derived fr. Hawaiian word. "Ripe, precious." Not Top 1000 name. See also Aluma.

Alana 5 .. From Old German, Hawaiian words. "Precious; awakening." Ranked in Top 1000. A rather modern Latinate feminine form .. [Alaina, Alanah, Alani, Alanis, Alawna, Aleyna, Aleynah, Allana, Alleyne, Allyn, .. 23 more]

Alannah 6 .. Source fr. Old German element. "Precious." Ranked in Top 1000. See also Alynah. Variant spelling of Alanna (see Alana) ..

Allena 7 .. Stems fr. Old German. "Precious." Ranked in Top 1000. Variant of Alaine. [Alana, Alanice, Alanna, Alena, Alene, Alleyne, Alynne, .. 5 more]

Almodine 8 .. Source fr. Latin language. "Precious stone." Not in popularity charts. See also Almondine.

Amber 9 .. name for a semiprecious gem made .. Ranked in Top 1000. [Ambar, Ambereen, Amberetta, .. 2 more]

Amethyst 10 .. Based on Greek element. "Precious purple jewel." Not Top 1000 names. According to ancient Greek superstition, an .. [Amathyst, Amatista, .. 2 more]

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Precious names: Emerald, Jade, Jewel

Anmol 11 .. Stems fr. Hindi language. "Precious, priceless." Not in Top 1000. See also Aimil.

Aziza 12 .. Root fr. Arabic, Hebrew words. "Beloved precious; mighty." Rare. Aziza, like Adeliza, has the unusual -iza ending. [Azize, .. 1 more]

Bao 13 .. From Chinese. "Precious treasure; guarantee." Not in Top 1000. See also Bab.

Beryl 14 .. Root fr. Greek language. "Light green semiprecious gemstone." Outside Top 1000. The word is of Indian origin .. [Beril, Berrie, Beryn, .. 4 more]

Caoimhe 15 .. Derived fr. Irish, Gaelic language. "Gentle, beautiful, precious." Unusual, but Caoimhe is comparable to common -he last name Coache (upper 68%). From "caomh". [Keavy, Keeva, Keevah, .. 1 more]

Coral 16 .. .. word for the semiprecious natural sea .. Unique. Coral, Koral (cf. Celestial) have the androgynous-sounding -al suffix. [Coralee, Coralline, Coralyn, Coralyne, Koralline, .. 8 more]

Emerald 17 .. Stems fr. English. "Precious gemstone." Usage of Emerald, Emeraldina, etc. as children's names in 2014 was 2.8% more than the year before. Jewel name .. [Em, Emeraldina, Emmarald, .. 3 more]

Jade 18 .. Stems fr. English word. "Precious stone." Jade, Jadrian, etc. became less trendy last year, falling -326 positions as baby names with Jayden leading the fall. Jewel name .. [Jada, Jadee, Jadeyn, Jadira, Jadrienne, Jadyn, Jaeda, Jayden, Jaydra, .. 15 more]

Jancis 19 .. .. in the novel "Precious Bane" (1924) .. Jancis, Jances and Jancess are not often used as baby names. [Jances, Jancess]

Jewel 20 .. Literally, a precious gem. The given .. Jewelene, Jewelisa, Jewella, Jewelle and Jewelyn are more novel as forms of Jewel. [Jewelene, .. 6 more]

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Summary of Precious names (and variants) for girls.

Adalgisa - Jewel
Adalgisa [Adalgise, Adelgise, Adelvice], Agate, Alaine [Allyn, Alleen, Allena, Allene, Alline, Allaine, Allayne, Alleine, ..], Alamea, Alana [Lana, Alona, Lanah, Lanna, Lanny, Alonna, Lannah, Lannie, ..], Alannah, Allena [Alene, Alena, Allene, Alynne, Allynn, Alleyne, Allynne, ..], Almodine, Amber [Ambur, Ambre, Ambar, Ambereen, Amberetta], Amethyst [Amathyst, Amatista, Amethist, Amethiste], Anmol, Aziza [Azize, Azizi], Bao, Beryl [Berri, Beril, Beryn, Berry, Berrie, Beryle, Berylla], Caoimhe [Keva, Keeva, Keavy, Keevah], Coral [Koral, Coraly, Korall, Koralie, Coralyn, Coralyne, Coralline, Koralline, ..], Emerald [Em, Emeralda, Emeraude, Emmarald, Esmeralda, Emeraldina], Jade [Jayda, Jayde, Zhade, Jaidra, Jaiden, Jaydee, Jaydra, Jayden, ..], Jancis [Jances, Jancess], Jewel [Jewell, Jewelle, Jewella, Jewelyn, Jewelene, Jewelisa, Juelline]

Lana - Yakira
Lana [Lanae, Lanna, Lanny, Lanette], Lulu, Nadira [Nadra, Nadirah], Ophira [Ofira, Ofeera], Precious [Precia, Preciosa], Silver [Silverey, Silverie], Treasure [Tesora, Tresor], Yakira [Yekara]