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Prophet names and what they mean, for prophet, messenger, oracle, prophetess, vision for women. Here is the list of Prophet names for boys. Adoption of these girl names was at its peak in 2000 and has remained as widespread to this day, but with names such as Moriah, Sibyl, Sybil, Delphine and Bernadette falling out of style. The most trendy birth names among these are Amina (#408), Aisha (#559), Iris (#245), Hannah (#28) and Maia (#626), with Hannah undergoing a resurgence in usage.

Aisha - Sybil

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Aisha 1 .. .. a wife of the prophet Muhammad .. Aisha is a prevalent (Top 21%) female name. The variations Tinisha, Taisha, Maisha and Asha are commonly used as variant forms of Aisha. [Aayshah, Aeesha, Aeisha, Aeshah, Aiesha, .. 57 more]

Aislinn 2 .. From Irish, Gaelic element. "Dream, vision." Aislinn is rarely used as a women's name. See also Ayslin. Not in use as a given .. [Aishling, Aislin, Aislyn, Ashling, Isleen, .. 3 more]

Amina 3 .. Mother of the prophet Muhammad. Very popular choice for a birth name (#408 in 2014), Amina is also recorded regularly as a first name among females of all ages according to the US Census. See also Amita. [Ameena, Ameenah, Aminah, Amynah, .. 2 more]

Angel 4 .. From Greek element. "Messenger; messenger of God." A name suitable for both sexes. Angel is commonplace (Top 10%) as a women's name, and it occurs often (Top 3%) as a surname in the US Census. The form Angle is generally used as a variation of Angel. Derived from the Church Latin name .. [Ang, Angle, .. 1 more]

Angela 5 .. Based on Greek language. "Messenger; angel, messenger of God." A very popular baby name (#191 in 2014) that also occurs somewhat commonly as a last name. The forms Anglea, Angie, Angelita, Angelina, Angelia and Angele are generally used as versions of Angela. From Church Latin .. [Aingeal, Andjelka, Angel, Angelee, Angelene, .. 42 more]

Arella 6 .. Origin fr. Hebrew word. "Messenger from God, angel." Arella is an intermittently used female name. See also Arely. [Arela, Arelle]

Asma 7 .. .. the niece of the Prophet Muhammad .. Seldom used as a name for girls, occurring more often as a surname. See also Esma.

Azaria 8 .. .. of the biblical prophet who recalled .. A name suited for both genders. Popular as a birth name for females.

Bernadette 9 .. .. girl who had visions of the .. Bernadette is a commonplace (Top 9%) female name, and it occurs frequently (Top 74%) as a last name according to the US Census. The forms Bernie, Bernardina and Berna are popular as versions of Bernadette. [Benadette, Benny, Beradette, Bernadea, Bernadene, .. 26 more]

Chazona 10 .. From Hebrew element. "Oracle, prophetess." Chazona is uncommon as a female name. [Chazonah, Hazonach, .. 1 more]

Cherith 11 .. Cherith is sparsely used as a feminine name. See also Cherida. .. in which the prophet Elijah hid .. [Cheryth, Kerrith, .. 1 more]

Cybil 12 .. .. mythology to a prophetess or fortune-teller .. Cybil is scarcely used as a first name. See also Sybil. [Cybill]

Deborah 13 .. Biblical: a prophetess who summoned Barak .. Common as a given name (#753 last year), and recorded often as a first name among females of all ages according to the US Census. The variations Devorah, Debra, Debera and Debbie are commonly used as forms of this name. [Deb, Debb, Debbera, Debbi, Debbra, .. 19 more]

Delfina 14 .. .. refers to the oracle of Delphi .. Usage of the name Delphine as a birth name for girls has declined over the years since 1920-1929. See also Delfine. [Delphi, Delphine, .. 1 more]

Delphine 15 .. .. of a famous oracle. The Greeks .. Delphine has faded in popularity as a birth name for girls over the years since 1920-1929. [Delfa, Delfin, Delfyne, Delphina, Delphinia, .. 3 more]

Fatima 16 .. .. daughter of the prophet Muhammad who .. Fatima is familiar (Top 25%) as a feminine name. The form Fatimah is commonly used as a variation of this name. [Fateema, Fatimah, Fatmah, .. 2 more]

Hannah 17 .. Biblical: mother of the prophet Samuel .. Hannah is conventional (Top 9%) as a female name, and it occurs commonly (Top 2%) as a last name according to the US Census. The forms Hannelore, Chana and Anna are widely used as versions of Hannah. [Ann, Anna, Annie, Chanah, Channach, .. 19 more]

Hermia 18 .. Origin fr. Greek word. "Messenger." A scarce name for newborns. The form Hermila is commonly used as a version of Hermia. .. name of the Greek messenger god .. [Hermila, Herminia, .. 1 more]

Hermione 19 .. Based on Greek element. "Messenger; earthly." Hermione is unconventional as a feminine name. The forms Herminia and Herma are familiar as versions of this name. Feminine of Hermes .. [Erma, Herma, Hermina, Herminia, .. 2 more]

Idris 20 .. From Welsh, Arabic elements. "Fiery leader; prophet." Also suitable as a boys' name. Idris is a scarce women's name, and it occurs regularly (Top 71%) as a surname in the US Census. [Edris, Eedris]

Iris 21 .. A flower name. Mythology: Iris was .. Very common choice for a birth name for girls (#245 the previous year), Iris also occurs often as a first name among women in the community according to the US Census. See also Isis. [Irida, Iridiana, Irisa, Irita, .. 2 more]

Maia 22 .. .. the messenger god. In Roman tradition .. The name Maia has gained in popularity over time. The form Mya is commonplace as a variation of Maia. [Maaja, Maj, May, Mayah, Moja, .. 6 more]

Medina 23 .. Based on Arabic element. "City of the Prophet." A seldom-used given name for baby girls that is used more conventionally as a surname. See also Madina. The city in Saudi Arabia where .. [Mdina]

Moriah 24 .. .. known as "land of the vision" .. Popular choice for a given name (#977 in 2014), Moriah also exists regularly as a first name among women in the community according to the US Census. See also Merah. [Moraia, Moraiah]

Nechama 25 .. .. of a minor prophet in the .. Nechama is unusual as a given name. [Nachmanit, Nechamah, Nehamah, .. 2 more]

Nunzia 26 .. Origin fr. Italian word. "Messenger." Nunzia is a rarely used first name. From the word "nuntia" .. [Nunciata]

Orela 27 .. Related to "oracle". Unique as a name for kids. See also Oriel. [Orelda, Orilla, .. 1 more]

Roya 28 .. Origin fr. Arabic word. "Vision, dream." Seldom used as a given name for baby girls, Roya is used more often as a last name. See also Rhaya. [Royanna]

Sevilla 29 .. Variant of Sibyl (Greek) "prophetess, oracle" .. Seldom used as a birth name, occurring more often as a surname. See also Sabilla.

Sibyl 30 .. From Greek element. "Prophetess, oracle." Sibyl is a conventional (Top 43%) female name. .. the messages from oracles devoted to .. [Cybele, Cybil, Cybilla, Sabylla, Sibbell, .. 17 more]

Sybil 31 .. Source fr. Greek. "Prophetess, oracle." Sybil and Sibyl have faded in favor as given names over the years since 1910-1919. The variation Sibyl is prevalent as a variant form of Sybil. Variant of Sibyl .. [Cybele, Cybill, Sibilla, Sibylla, Sybella, .. 8 more]

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Prophet names: Aisha, Amina, Angel, Angela, Azaria, Bernadette, Deborah, Delfina, Delphine, Fatima

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Prophet names: Hannah, Iris, Maia, Moriah, Sibyl, Sybil

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Aisha [Tiesha, Teisha, Tyesha, Tyisha, Yiesha, Tynisha, Tinisha, Yieshah, ..], Aislinn [Isleen, Aislin, Aislyn, Aisling, Aislynn, Ashling, Ashlynn, Aishling], Amina [Amena, Ameena, Aminah, Amynah, Amineh, Ameenah], Angel [Ang, Angle, Angelea], Angela [Gelya, Anngil, Anngela, Annjela, Tangela, Anngilla, Anngiola, Annijilla, ..], Arella [Arela, Arelle], Asma, Azaria, Bernadette [Berny, Bernie, Bernina, Bernita, Berneta, Bernessa, Bernette, Bernetta, ..], Chazona [Hazona, Chazonah, Hazonach], Cherith [Kerith, Cheryth, Kerrith], Cybil [Cybill], Deborah [Debs, Dobra, Debrah, Devora, Devorah, Debralee, Debriana, Debreanna, ..], Delfina [Delphi, Delphia, Delphine], Delphine [Delfa, Delfin, Delpha, Delfyne, Delfine, Delphina, Delphinea, Delphinia], Fatima [Fatma, Fatmah, Fateema, Fatimah, Fateemah], Hannah [Nan, Hanny, Nanny, Honna, Hannie, Nanney, Nannie, Hannelore, ..], Hermia [Hermila, Hermilda, Herminia], Hermione [Erma, Herma, Hermia, Hermina, Hermine, Herminia], Idris [Edris, Eedris], Iris [Irida, Irita, Irisa, Irisha, Iridiana, Iridianny], Maia [Mya, May, Maja, Maya, Moia, Moya, Moja, Mayah, ..], Medina [Mdina], Moriah [Moraia, Moraiah], Nechama [Nachuma, Nehamah, Nechamah, Nechamit, Nachmanit], Nunzia [Nunciata], Orela [Orelda, Orella, Orilla], Roya [Royanna], Sevilla, Sibyl [Sybel, Sybil, Sybill, Sibylla, Sybilla, Sybelle, Sybille, Sybella, ..], Sybil [Sybel, Sibyl, Sybill, Sibylla, Sybelle, Sybilla, Sybille, Sybella, ..]