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Prosperity Names

5 Prosperity names and what they mean, for prosperity for baby girls, listing 1-5.

Ardith .. Ardith is also an old Swedish name that means "spiritual prosperity", and is traditionally given to baby girls as a blessing.
[Ardath, Ardelia, Ardell, Ardella, Aedelle, .. 1 more]

Lakshmi .. Lakshmi is the goddess of abundance, beauty, and prosperity.

Neema .. (Swahili) "Born in prosperity."

Otthild .. (Old German) "Prosperity in battle." ..
[Otthilda, Ottila, Ottilia, Ottilie, Ottiline, .. 2 more]

Rafa .. (Arabic) "Well-being, prosperity."

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Prosperity names: Ardith

Ardith is a commonly used name, while Lakshmi, Neema, Otthild and Rafa are rare in comparison. (2000 U.S. Census)

Featured categories: abundance, benefit, fortune, gold, good, heaven, interest, luxury, plenty, riches, substance, victory, wealth.

Jethra .. (Hebrew) "Plenty, abundance." ..

Iphigenia .. Her father sacrificed her to gain advantage in the Trojan war, though in most versions of the story, she is saved by Artemis ..
[Efigenia, Ephigenia, Ephigenie, Ifigenia, Iphigeneia, .. 2 more]

Ayda .. (Arabic) "Benefit." ..

Corey .. Author Corrie ten Boom.
[Cory, Cori, Coriann, Corianne, Corie, .. 14 more]

Annalisa .. (Latin) "Graced with God's bounty." ..
[Analeisa, Analicia, Analiesa, Analiese, Analisa, .. 17 more]

Cybil .. Variant of Sibyl, the name given in Greek mythology to a prophetess or fortune-teller ..

Christa .. Chrysta's spelling may refer to the Greek word for "gold" or "golden".
[Chryssa, Chrysta, Chrystie, Crista, Crysta, .. 6 more]

Abigail .. Biblical: the name of King David's third wife, described as "good in discretion and beautiful in form" ..
[Abagael, Abagail, Abagale, Abageal, Abagil, .. 36 more]

Coral .. From "corallium", the Latin word for the semiprecious natural sea growth, often deep pink to red in color ..
[Coralee, Coralena, Coralie, Coraline, Corallina, .. 8 more]

Araceli .. (Latin) "Altar of heaven." ..
[Aracelia, Aracely, Aracelis, Arcelia, Arcilla, .. 3 more]

Ziv .. Ziv is also the name of the second month in the Jewish calendar, the month of celebration of Israel's Independence.
[Zeeva, Ziva, Zivah]

Charmaine .. The name was used for the love interest in the film, a French innkeeper's daughter ..
[Char, Charamy, Charamalique, Chari, Charma, .. 22 more]

Valley Geography name: a low spot in a landscape ..
[Vallee, Vallia, Vallie]

Mercedes .. Also the name of the German luxury car, which was named for a little girl named Mercedes ..
[Merced, Mercede, Mercedez]

Colette .. Saint Collette was a 15th century French nun who gave her money to the poor ..
[Cloette, Coco, Coe, Coetta, Coleta, .. 7 more]


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