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Queen Names from Agnes - Ann

Page 2/24. 229 Queen names and what they mean, for queen, king, royal, ruler, crown, empress, emperor, royalty, conqueror for females. Listing 6-15.

Agnes .. The popular Saint Agnes (fourth century) was a young Roman virgin martyred by the Roman Emperor Diocletian ..
[Ag, Agafi, Agafia, Agafon, Aggi, .. 70 more]

Agrippa .. Name of a first-century Roman emperor, the son of Herod ..
[Agrafina, Agrippina, Agrippine]

Agrippina .. Sister of the corrupt Roman emperor Caligula and mother of the also unsavory Roman Emperor Nero, who had her murdered.

Alarice .. (Old German) "Noble, regal ruler." .. Alaric was a king of the Visigoths who sacked Rome.
[Alarica, Alaricka, Alarieka, Allaryce]

Alexandra .. Used in the English royal family and its many branches ..
[Alandra, Alastrina, Alastriona, Alejanda, Alejandra, .. 106 more]

Alix .. Alexandra, last Empress of Russia, was known to her family as Alix.
[Alex, Alexa, Alexis, Aliki, Alissandre, .. 2 more]

Almarine .. (Old German) "Work ruler."
[Almerin, Almerine]

Amy .. Mythology: wife of King Latinus, whose daughter Lavinia married Aeneas and according to the "Aeneid", became the mother of the Roman people ..
[Aimee, Aimie, Aimy, Amada, Amata, .. 16 more]

Anastasia .. The name of one of the daughters of Nicholas II, the last Russian czar, who supposedly survived the massacre of the royal family, and a film was based on this story (1956) ..
[Ana, Anastacia, Anastaise, Anastase, Anastasha, .. 42 more]

Ann .. A name favored by royalty and commoners for centuries .. Among the royal name bearers: two queens of England, a queen of France, an empress of Russia and, today, Princess Anne of England .. Anne Boleyn, Queen of England ..
[Aine, Ana, Anabel, Anci, Anechka, .. 91 more]

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Queen names: Agnes, Alexandra, Amy, Anastasia, Ann

Agnes (Top 5%), Alexandra (Top 9%), Alix (Top 66%), Amy (Top 1%), Anastasia (Top 21%) and Ann (Top 1%) are common first names, while Agrippa, Agrippina, Alarice and Almarine are rare in comparison. (2000 U.S. Census)

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