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Eavan - Richelle

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Eavan 1 .. Actress Evan Rachel Wood. Not in Top 1000. [Evan]

Rachel 2 .. "Ewe, female sheep." A very familiar children's name (#155 in latest rankings) which is also used somewhat often as a surname. .. TV series "Friends" was named Rachel .. [Rachael, Rachelce, Racheli, Rachelle, Rae, Raechell, Raquelle, Ray, Raychel, Rechell, .. 20 more]

Rae 3 Short form of Rachel (Hebrew) "ewe" .. Rae and Ray have trended downward in popularity as children's names since 1890-1899. [Raeann, Raeanna, Raedine, Raelee, Raelena, Raelene, Raelynne, Ray, Raye, Rayona, .. 16 more]

Raquel 4 .. Variant of Rachel. Conventional, with usage of 0.0505% for Raquel and variants as girls' names in 2014, but lower compared to 0.0517% the previous year. [Racquel, Racquell, Raquela, Raquelle, .. 1 more]

Ray 5 Short form of Rachel (Hebrew) "ewe". Rare. Ray, like Annamay, Claramay, ends with the common androgynous -ay. [Raye, .. 2 more]

Richelle 6 .. .. of Richard and Rachelle (see Rachel) .. Common surnames, like last names Riopelle, Lashelle, with the -elle ending. [Ricca, Ricki, Rikkie, .. 2 more]

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Rachel names: Rachel, Rae, Raquel, Ray, Richelle

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[Eavan - Richelle]
Eavan [1], Rachel [30], Rae [26], Raquel [5], Ray [3], Richelle [5]