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Rachel Names for girls

Page 1/2. 6 Rachel names and what they mean, for rachel for females.

Eavan .. Actress Evan Rachel Wood.

Rachel .. "Ewe, female sheep." Jennifer Aniston's character in the popular TV series "Friends" was named Rachel .. Actresses Raquel Welch, Rachel Ward, Rachel Griffins .. Author Rachel Carson.
[Rachael, Racheal, Rachelanne, Rachelce, Rachele, .. 25 more]

Rae Short form of Rachel (Hebrew) "ewe" or a feminine form of Ray ..
[Raeann, Raeanna, Raeanne, Raedell, Raedine, .. 21 more]

Raquel .. Variant of Rachel.
[Racquel, Racquell, Raquela, Raquelle, Roquel]

Ray .. Short form of Rachel (Hebrew) "ewe".
[Raye, Rayla, Raylene]

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Rachel names: Rachel, Rae, Raquel, Ray

Rachel, Rae, Raquel and Ray are commonly used names, while Eavan is rare in comparison. (2000 U.S. Census)

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[Eavan - Ray]
Eavan [1], Rachel [30], Rae [26], Raquel [5], Ray [3]

[Richelle - Richelle]
Richelle [5]


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