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Radiance Names

2 Radiance names and what they mean, for radiance for baby girls, listing 1-2.

Zara .. (Arabic) "Radiance." ..
[Zaira, Zarah, Zaria, Zariah, Zarina, .. 5 more]

Ziv .. (Hebrew) "Radiance, brilliance or light of God." ..
[Zeeva, Ziva, Zivah]

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Radiance names: Zara

Zara and Ziv are rare names. (2000 U.S. Census)

Featured categories: brightness, brilliance, cheer, glory, happiness, joy, light, magic, pleasure, ray, splendor, warmth.

Morgan .. (Welsh, Old English) "Circling sea or great brightness." ..
[Morgaine, Morgana, Morgance, Morgane, Morganica, .. 5 more]

Aglaia .. (Greek) "Brilliance." ..

Charisma .. Actress Charisma Carpenter.
[Carisma, Charisma, Karisma]

Addula .. (Teutonic) "Noble cheer."

Charmian .. (Greek) "Delight." From Kharmion, a diminutive of "kharma" meaning "delight" or "little joy" ..
[Charmin, Charmiane, Charmyan, Sharmian, Sharmiane, .. 3 more]

Charmaine .. It was first invented for a 1924 play "What Price Glory?" by Maxwell Anderson and Laurence Stallings, which was later made into a successful silent film in 1926 and was remade in 1952 ..
[Char, Charamy, Charamalique, Chari, Charma, .. 22 more]

Alaula .. (Hawaiian) "Light of dawn or sunset glow."

Hala .. (Arabic) "Halo."

Aine .. (Gaelic, Celtic) "Happiness." ..

Aglaia .. The other two are Thalia "blossoming", and Euphrosyne "joy".

Alaula .. (Hawaiian) "Light of dawn or sunset glow."

Catherine .. The name may also have been derived from Hecate, the name of the Greek goddess of magic ..
[Cadi, Cait, Caitey, Caitie, Caitlin, .. 206 more]

Misty .. See also Mystique.
[Misti, Mistie, Mystee, Mysti]

Tirzah .. (Hebrew) "Delight, pleasantness, cypress tree." ..
[Thersa, Thirsa, Thirshka, Thirza, Thirzah, .. 7 more]

Alcina .. Literary: Italian poet Ludovico Ariosto used the name Alcina for a mistress of alluring enchantments and sensual pleasures in the 16th century Orlando poems.
[Alcee, Alcine, Alcinia, Allcine, Allcinia, .. 5 more]

Alina .. (Greek) "Sun ray." ..
[Aleen, Aleena, Alena, Alenah, Alene, .. 20 more]

Hadara .. (Hebrew) "Beauty, splendor, glory." ..
[Hadarah, Hadarit, Haduraq]

Rima .. Literary: in Hudson's "Green Mansions", Rima was an elusive maiden of the South American rain forest who spoke the language of animals and birds.


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