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Rain Names

8 Rain names and what they mean, for rain for baby girls, listing 1-8. Here is the list of Rain names for boys.

Ara .. "Brings rain." ..
[Ari, Aria, Arria]

Jorah .. "First rain or autumn rain." .. In Israel, at the end of the drought season with the return of the rain, people drop what they are doing and run into the street shouting "Jorah!" ..

Liana .. Name of a vine common to tropical rain forests ..
[Leana, Leanna, Leiana, Liahna, Liane, .. 3 more]

Noelani .. Noe (noh-AY) means "mist, misty rain".

Raina .. Modern use also refers to rain from the sky.
[Raenah, Raene, Rainah, Raine, Rainee, .. 19 more]

Rainbow .. Comedian/actor Richard Pryor's daughter, Rain ..

Rima .. Literary: in Hudson's "Green Mansions", Rima was an elusive maiden of the South American rain forest who spoke the language of animals and birds.

Tulia .. Of uncertain meaning, though it may be related to the Etruscan word "tul", which refers to a heavy rain or downpour ..
[Toolia, Toulia, Toolya, Toulya, Tula, .. 3 more]

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Rain names: Ara, Liana, Raina

Ara, Liana, Raina and Rima are commonly used names, while Jorah, Noelani, Rainbow and Tulia are rare in comparison. (2000 U.S. Census)

Featured categories: thor, zeus, award, bloom, descend, fall, gift, image, rolling, snow, stream, tender, water.

Elli .. Norse mythology: an old woman with this name defeats Thor in a wrestling match, which according to Loki, was because she was Old Age in disguise, and old age is victorious over all.

Aegina .. Mythology: the name of a nymph who was impregnated by Zeus ..

Acquanetta .. Invented name related to "aqua", which is Latin for "water" ..
[Acquanette, Aquanette, Aquannette]

Alana .. Award-winning pop vocalist Alanis Morissette ..
[Alaina, Alaine, Alanah, Alane, Alani, .. 28 more]

Andromeda .. Also the name of a shrub that blooms in spring.

Alcestis .. In Euripides' play of the same name, Alcestis descends to Hades instead of her husband, and is then rescued by Hercules.

Baptista .. "To dip."
[Baptiste, Batista, Battista, Bautista]

Elizabeth .. Politician Elizabeth Dole ..
[Alixyveth, Babette, Beileag, Belita, Bell, .. 184 more]

Donata .. From the same root as "donate".
[Donatila, Donatilia]

Penelope .. The name is also possibly derived from the Greek name "penelops" for a kind of duck that was said to have rescued and nurtured Penelope when she was exposed to die as an infant ..
[Pen, Penelopa, Penina, Penna, Pennelope, .. 3 more]

Autumn .. The fall season ..


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