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Rare Names

19 Rare names and what they mean, for rare for baby girls, listing 1-19. Chrystal, Cinderella, Cordelia, Eartha, Hortensia and Julia are commonly used names, while Alverdine, Benedicta, Clarette, Lenis, Marjolaine, Mireio, Ophrah, Samuela, Senga, Sivney, Sloane, Tryphena and Wisdom are rare in comparison. Here is the list of Rare names for boys.

Alverdine .. Rare feminine form of Alfred ..

Benedicta .. Rare ..
[Benedetta, Benedicte, Benedictine, Benedikta, Benedyta, .. 7 more]

Chrystal .. Rare variant spelling of Crystal, influenced by Greek "khrysos" meaning "gold".

Cinderella .. Very rare.
[Cendrillon, Cenerentola, Cindie, Cindy, Ella]

Clarette .. Rare elaborated form of Clare, with the French feminine diminutive -ette ..

Cordelia .. Literary: in "King Lear" (1605), Shakespeare portrays Cordelia as a lovable, virtuous woman of rare honesty ..
[Cordelie, Cordella, Cordelle, Cordey, Cordi, .. 11 more]

Eartha .. Used by the Puritans in the 17th century, but rare since ..
[Erda, Ertha, Erthel, Herta, Hertha]

Hortensia .. The English form Hortense is rare.
[Hartencia, Hartinsia, Hortencia, Hortense, Hortenspa, .. 3 more]

Julia .. Used among the early Christians, but rare in the Middle Ages ..
[Giulia, Giuliana, Giulianna, Giulianne, Giulietta, .. 38 more]

Lenis .. Rare.
[Lene, Leneta, Lenice, Lenita, Lennice, .. 1 more]

Marjolaine .. Rare botanical name.

Mireio .. More rare than the variant form Mireille ..
[Mireilla, Mireille, Mirell, Mireya, Mirelle, .. 3 more]

Ophrah .. Oprah Winfrey, actress and TV talk show hostess, has made this rare name familiar, although by accident ..
[Afra, Aphra, Ofra, Ofrit, Ophra, .. 3 more]

Samuela .. Rare compared to Samantha.
[Samella, Samelle, Samuella, Samuelle]

Senga .. A rare Scottish name that is Agnes spelled in reverse.

Sivney .. Rare Irish surname.
[Sivneigh, Sivnie]

Sloane .. Irish surname in rare use as a given name ..

Tryphena .. Rare.
[Trifena, Triphena, Tryphana, Tryphaena, Tryphenia]

Wisdom .. Rare virtue name.

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Rare names: Chrystal, Cordelia, Hortensia, Julia, Sloane

Featured categories: admirable, celebrated, chosen, cut, delicate, distinguished, esteemed, fine, good, light, miraculous, poor, prominent, red, slender, small, uncommon, unusual, wonderful.

Randi .. Feminine of Randy, or short form of Miranda (Latin) "admirable" ..
[Randa, Randee, Randelle, Randene, Randi, .. 1 more]


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