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Red names and what they mean, for red, pink, reddish for women. Here is the list of Red names for boys. These girl names were at the top of their popularity in the year 2013 and have remained as popular to this day, but with names such as Sandy, Robin, Garnet, Fabiola and Coral becoming somewhat dated. The more fashionable baby names in this list are Phoenix (#494), Scarlett (#30), Rowan (#412), Ruby (#90) and Siena (#698), with Ruby having a rebound in popularity.

Adamina - Begonia

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Adamina 1 .. Biblical: God created Adam out of the "red earth". Adamina is infrequently used as a women's name. The form Addie is commonplace as a variation of Adamina. [Ada, Adaminna, Ademina, .. 6 more]

Aruna 2 .. From Sanskrit element. "Crystalline reddish-brown." Atypical as a birth name for girls. See also Arene. ..

Auburn 3 .. Based on English element. "Moderate or reddish brown." Also used as a boys' name. Atypical as a name for girls.

Aven 4 .. Name of a plant with white, yellow or reddish flowers. Distinctive as a birth name. See also Ave.

Begonia 5 Flower name: the colorful house plant with fleshy leaves and white, yellow, pink or red blossoms .. Distinctive as a given name for baby girls, occurring more often as a surname.

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[Adamina - Begonia]
Adamina [Mina, Minna, Ademina, Ademeena, ..], Aruna, Auburn, Aven, Begonia

[Carnation - Petunia]
Carnation, Cinnabar, Coral [Koral, Korall, Koralie, Koralline, ..], Fabiola [Faviola], Fuchsia [Fusha], Garnet [Granata, Grenata, Garnette, Grenatta], Linnea [Lynae, Lynea, Lynnae, Lynnea, ..], Nerida, Nurit, Petunia

[Phoenix - Siena]
Phoenix [Fenix, Feenix, Phenice], Reed [Read, Reid, Reida, Reade], Robin [Robyna, Robynn, Robynne, Robynette, ..], Ross [Rosse], Rowan [Rowen, Roanna, Roanne], Ruby [Rubie, Rubina, Rubyna, Rubinia, ..], Rufina [Rufeena, Rufeine, Ruffina, Ruphyna], Sandy [Sandi, Sandee, Sandie, Sanndi], Scarlett [Scarlet, Scarletta, Scarlette], Siena [Sienna]

[Suri - Vanessa]
Suri, Ula [Eula, Ulla, Ulli, Yulla], Vanessa [Vinisha, Vonessa, Vonesse, Vonnessa, ..]