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Cora - Jorah

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Cora 1 .. Classical mythology: name of Persephone, the goddess of the underworld who lives there in winter, before her return in spring causes the cycle of life to continue .. The name Cora is gaining increasing favor with parents. The variations Corrine, Corinne, Corie, Coretta and Coralee are familiar as variant forms of Cora. [Corabel, Corabella, Corabeth, Coralie, Coree, .. 53 more]

Jorah 2 .. In Israel, at the end of the drought season with the return of the rain, people drop what they are doing and run into the street shouting "Jorah!" .. Atypical as a name for girls. See also Jori.

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[Cora - Jorah]
Cora [Korey, Korry, Korina, Korrie, Koryne, Korilla, Koryssa, Korinne, Korynna, Lacoria, ..], Jorah