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Revival Names

7 Revival names and what they mean, for revival for baby girls, listing 1-7. Here is the list of Revival names for boys.

Aislinn .. Not in use as a given name during the Middle Ages, but was adopted as part of the Irish revival in the 20th century ..
[Aislin, Aisling, Aislyn, Aislynn, Ashling, .. 2 more]

Christiana .. As a recent revival, it is used as an elaborated form of Christina ..
[Christiane, Christiann, Christianna, Christianne, Christianni, .. 15 more]

Elaine .. The name first appeared in the 15th-century "Morte D'Arthur" of Thomas Malory, while Tennyson's poetry "Idylls of the King" promoted 19th-century revival of the name ..
[Alaina, Alayna, Alayne, Allaine, Elaene, .. 21 more]

Elfrida .. 19th-century revival of the female personal name lfpryd ..
[Alfreda, Alfrida, Alfrieda, Elfie, Elfre, .. 20 more]

Maggie .. Popular now due to revival of interest in "old-fashioned" names ..
[Magali, Maggey, Maggi, Maggy, Magli, .. 1 more]

Margery .. Brought to England in the 12th century and used somewhat until a late-19th-century revival, mainly as Marjorie ..
[Marchery, Marge, Margeree, Margerey, Margerie, .. 12 more]

Marjorie .. Brought to England in the 12th century as Margery, and used steadily until a late 19th-century revival ..
[Marcharie, Marge, Margeree, Margery, Margerie, .. 14 more]

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Revival names: Christiana, Elaine, Maggie, Margery, Marjorie

Christiana, Elaine, Maggie, Margery and Marjorie are commonly used names, while Aislinn and Elfrida are rare in comparison. (2000 U.S. Census)

Suggested words: church, prayer, reformation, remembrance, renaissance, resurrection, service, tonic, youth.

Jenna .. Also fanciful alteration of Jenny with the -a ending ..
[Genna, Jena, Jennabel, Jennah, Jennalee, .. 3 more]

Alana .. (Old German, Hawaiian) "Awakening." ..
[Alaina, Alaine, Alanah, Alane, Alani, .. 28 more]

Alice .. Made famous by the heroine in Lewis Carroll's "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" (1865) and "Through the Looking Glass" (1872), who was based on his child friend Alice Lidell, daughter of the Dean of Christ Church, Oxford ..
[Adelice, Adelisa, Ailie, Aillie, Allis, .. 95 more]

Hafsa .. Name of a seventh-century person chosen, after Muhammad's death, to be the keeper of the first written copy of the Koran.
[Hafsah, Hafza]

Joy .. Used in the Middle Ages, and made popular in the 17th century under the influence of the Puritans, to whom being "joyful in the Lord" was an important duty ..
[Gioia, Gioya, Jioia, Jioya, Joi, .. 9 more]

Fifi .. (French, Hebrew) "Jehovah increases." ..

Elmira .. The city of Elmira is supposedly named after Elmira Teal, the daughter of the tavern owner where a meeting was held to discuss a new name for the city in 1828 ..
[Allmera, Allmeera, Almeria, Almira, Almyra, .. 14 more]

Esther .. Jews celebrate the festival of Purim in memory of her ..
[Eppie, Eistir, Ess, Essie, Essy, .. 14 more]

Anina .. (Aramaic) "Answer my prayer."
[Aninna, Annina]

Golda .. Made prominent by Golda Meir, the late prime minister of Israel ..
[Goldarina, Goldarine, Goldee, Goldi, Goldie, .. 3 more]

Beulah .. Used to refer to Israel, and in John Bunyan's "The Pilgrim's Progress", Beulah is the promised land ..
[Beaulah, Beula, Bewlah, Bulah, Byulah]

Geulah .. (Hebrew) "Redemption."

Comfort .. A virtue name introduced at the Reformation.


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