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Rock Names

15 Rock names related to or that mean rock for girls, listing Rock baby names 1-15. Alana, Lana, Petra, Rochelle, Santana and Tina are popular names. Andromeda, Callan, Cassiopeia, Cliona, Kallan, Pernella, Perrin, Pierette and Tesla are uncommon names. View Rock baby names below for name meanings or search Rock names for boys.

Alana ... Also possibly from the Gaelic "ailin" meaning "little rock" or possibly derived from Elaine or Helen ...
[Alaina, Alaine, Alanah, Alane, Alani, ... 28 more]

Andromeda ... was chained to a rock as a sacrifice to a sea monster until Perseus rescued her ...

Callan ... "Rock." ...
[Callen, Calynn, Kallan]

Cassiopeia ... the maiden who was chained to a rock and rescued by Perseus ...
[Cassiopia, Kassioleia, Kassiopia]

Cliona ... honored at Cliodhna "Cliona's Rock", Cork.
[Cleona, Clio, Cliodhna]

Kallan ... "Battle; rock." ...

Lana ... Gaelic) "little rock" ...
[Lanae, Lanette, Lanna, Lanny]

Pernella ... "Rock." ...
[Parnella, Pernelle, Pernilla, Pernille]

Perrin Feminine of Peter (Greek) "rock" or Peregrine (Latin) "wanderer".
[Perran, Perren, Perrine, Perryn]

Petra ... "Rock." ...
[Pella, Pernilla, Pernille, Perrine, Pet, ... 20 more]

Pierette ... from Peter (Greek) "rock".
[Piera, Pierina, Pietra]

Rochelle ... "Little rock; rest." ...
[Roch, Rochele, Rochell, Rochella, Rochette, ... 6 more]

Santana ... Name of a rock band famous in the 60s and 70s.

Tesla ... the name of a rock band.

Tina ... Rock singer Tina Turner ...
[Teena, Teenie, Teina, Tena, Tinamarie, ... 2 more]

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Rock names: Alana, Cliona, Lana, Petra, Rochelle, Santana, Tina

Related words: calm, champion, defender, diamond, foundation, gentle, hit, horse, lion, oak, patron, patroness, protector, rest, smooth, still, stone, tower, wave. Partial list of 5 results related to rock below. Click on above related words for more results.

Levina ... "Lightning bolt."

Kylie Possibly (English) "boomerang" or (Irish, Gaelic) "graceful" ...
[Keyely, Kilea, Kiley, Kyla, Kylah, ... 10 more]

Galina ... "Calm." ...

Careen ...
[Carreen, Karine]

Carlin ... "Little champion."


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