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Rhoda - Roza

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Rhoda 1 .. See also Rosa. Rhodes is a .. Rhodeia, Rhodia, Rhodie, Rhody and Roda are more exclusive as variant forms of Rhoda. [Rhodeia, Rhodia, Rhodie, Rodie, .. 4 more]

Rosa 2 .. "Rose." Prevalent. Rosa, Anarosa, Beliarosa, like Odessa, Koressa, end with the familiar feminine -sa. .. Rosa is the Latin form, Rose .. [Anarosa, Roser, Rosetta, Rosette, .. 10 more]

Rosalie 3 .. .. See also Rosa. Prominent. Rosalie, Rozalie, like Halie, Thalie, end with the popular feminine-sounding -alie. [Rosalee, Rosalia, Rosaline, Roselia, Roselle, Rozely, .. 13 more]

Rose 4 .. Flower name from rosa. The name .. A very popular girls' name (#194 a year ago), Rose also occurs often as a surname. [Rasia, Rasya, Rhodea, Rosa, Rosalia, Rosalie, Rosalina, Rosalind, Rosalinn, Rosanie, .. 49 more]

Roseanne 5 .. .. See also Rosa and Roza. Actresses .. Unique. Roseanne, Rozanne, etc., like Alysanne, Raeanne, end with the familiar feminine -anne. [Ranna, Roanna, Rosana, Rosannah, Roseanna, .. 11 more]

Roza 6 .. Variant of Rosa and Rose. The .. Roz, Roza, Rozalee, Rozalyn and Rozanna are more rare as variations. [Roz, Rozalee, Rozalyn, Rozanna, Rozelle, Rozletta, Rozlyn, .. 1 more]

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Rhoda [8], Rosa [14], Rosalie [18], Rose [59], Roseanne [16], Roza [8]