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Baby names of Russian origin, for russian, russia.

These girl names were at the peak of their popularity in the year 1990 (usage of 0.244%) and are somewhat less popular today (usage 0.1595%, down 34.6%), with names such as Larissa, Natalya, Natasha, Tamara and Yesenia becoming somewhat dated. The trendier names for newborns here are Alena (#617), Anastasia (#240), Maya (#74), Tiana (#554) and Vera (#367), with Anastasia and Vera enjoying a resurgence in usage. Samaro (top 55%) and Angelico (35%) are common last names.

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Top 1000 baby names ranking of Russian names: Aanya, Alena, Anastasia, Angelica, Anne

Aanya 1 .. Also Russian pet form of the .. Popular, and Aanya, Anya are similar to common last name Ataya (top 86%), which also ends with -ya. [Ania, Anya]

Aglaia 2 .. Russian name. Greek mythology: one of .. Aglaia was not among 2014's Top names. See also Alaia.

Agrafina 3 .. Russian name. See Agrippa. Not in popularity charts. [Agrafena]

Akilina 4 .. Greek and Russian form of Aquilina. Not Top 1000 names. [Acquilina, Aquilina, .. 1 more]

Alena 5 .. Russian variant of Helen or Magdalena .. Adoption of Alena and Alenka as children's names in 2014 was 17.8% more than the previous decade. [Alenka]

Alix 6 .. .. last Empress of Russia, was known .. Usage of Alix, Alissandrine, etc. as birth names in 2014 was down 1.1% compared to a year ago. [Alex, Alexis, Alissandrine, .. 4 more]

Anastasia 7 .. Russian feminine form of the Greek .. Stacy (top 1%), Stacey (2%), Anastasia (16%), Anna (16%) and Stash (25%) are found regularly as surnames. [Ana, Anastaise, Anastase, Anastazia, Anya, Nastassja, Stacy, Stash, Tasenka, Tasia, .. 37 more]

Angelica 8 .. Anjelika is Russian. Actress Anjelica Huston. Angelica has risen in favor as a girls' name since 1880-1889. [Angelika, Angyalka, .. 5 more]

Ania 9 .. .. of Anya, a Russian diminutive of .. Adoption of Ania, Aniyah, etc. as children's names in 2014 was down 3.8% compared to 2013. [Aniya, Aniyah]

Anne 10 .. .. an empress of Russia and, today .. Ann (upper 1%), Nancy (1%), Anna (1%), Annie (2%) and Anne (2%) are prevalent feminine names. [Aine, Anabel, Anica, Anika, Aniko, Anjanette, Anki, Ann, Anna, Annabella, .. 86 more]

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Russian names: Anya, Catherine, Dagmar

Anouska 11 French spelling of Russian Anuska, a .. Anouaka and Anouskaay are kreatif forms. [Annouska, Anyoushka, .. 2 more]

Antalya 12 .. Russian variant of Anatolia. Also an .. Not Top 1000 names. [Antaliya]

Anya 13 .. Russian diminutive of Anna, from Hannah .. Anya, Anja, etc. became less trendy in 2014, dropping on average -3 positions as girls' names with Anya leading the decline. [Aanya, .. 4 more]

Bronya 14 .. "Armour, strength and protection." Bronya is not often used as a birth name. See also Brinna.

Catherine 15 .. .. Great, empress of Russia, and three .. Cadi, Cait, Caitey, Caitie and Caitlinn are more rare as variant forms of Catherine. [Cadi, Caitey, Caitriona, Caren, Cari, Caronne, Carri, Carrin, Carron, Cassi, .. 202 more]

Czarina 16 .. the Russian equivalent of a female .. Not Top 1000 name. See also Cariana.

Dagmar 17 .. .. Alexander III of Russia, was Princess .. Less widespread today. Dagmar was last recorded in the 1900s in the Top 1000.

Duscha 18 .. "Happy." Duscha, Duschinka, etc. were not among 2014's Top names. [Duschenka, Duschinka, Dusa, .. 1 more]

Eudocia 19 .. .. was brought to Russia, where it .. Outside Top 1000. [Avdotya, Doxie, Eudokia, Eudosia, .. 5 more]

Galina 20 .. .. sometimes used as Russian variant of .. Galya is more unusual as a variation of Galina. [Galya]

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Summary of Russian names (and variants) for girls.

Aanya - Galina
Aanya [Ania, Anya], Aglaia, Agrafina [Agrafena], Akilina [Aquilina, Acquilina, Acuqileena], Alena [Alenka], Alix [Aliki, Lissandre, Alissandre, Alissandrine, ..], Anastasia [Tasia, Tasja, Tasya, Tasiya, ..], Angelica [Angyalka, Anjelica, Anjelika, Anjelique, ..], Ania [Aniya, Aniyah], Anne [Oni, Onie, Nona, Nonie, ..], Anouska [Anusha, Annouska, Annushka, Anyoushka], Antalya [Antaliya], Anya [Aine, Ania, Anja, Inya], Bronya, Catherine [Trine, Trinette, Yekaterin, Yekaterina, ..], Czarina, Dagmar, Duscha [Dusa, Dusica, Duschenka, Duschinka], Eudocia [Eudokia, Eudosia, Eudoxia, Eudoxie, ..], Galina [Galya]

Irene - Odessa
Irene [Rene, Rina, Renie, Yarina, ..], Jelena [Jelka, Jalena, Jelina, Yelena, ..], Karina [Karyna, Karine, Karinne, Karinna, ..], Karla [Karly, Karlie, Karlla, Karrla, ..], Katherine [Trine, Trinette, Yekaterin, Yekaterina, ..], Khristina [Kristina, Khrystyn, Khrystyne, Khrystyna, ..], Kyra [Kyrie, Kyrra, Kyria, Kyrene, ..], Lara [Larra, Larina, Larita, Larinda, ..], Larissa [Lissa, Lyssa, Lerissa, Lorissa, ..], Marina [Maryn, Marni, Marnie, Marnette, ..], Matriona [Matrina, Matryna, Matresha, Motreina], Maya [Mya, Miah, Miya, Maiya], Mischa, Misha, Nadia [Nata, Natka, Nadzia, Nadyenka, ..], Natalya [Natalia], Natasha [Tash, Toshia, Tashie, Tassiana, ..], Neiva [Neva, Nevya, Neives], Nikita [Nakita, Nickita, Nikeeta, Niquita], Odessa [Odissa, Odyssa, Odyssia]

Oksana - Wava
Oksana [Oksanna], Olena [Olina, Olenya, Olinia, Olinija, ..], Olga [Ola, Olia, Helga, Olenka], Pheodora [Fedora, Feodora, Fyedora], Samara [Semara, Sammara], Sasha [Zsazsa, Sascha, Sasheen, Saschenka, ..], Shura [Shurka], Sitka, Svetlana [Swetlana, Svetlanna, Svjetlana], Taisie [Tayzie], Taisiya [Taya, Tasia, Tasya, Tasiya, ..], Tamara [Thamar, Thamara, Thamera, Thamarra, ..], Tanya [Tonya, Tawnya, Tonnya, Tonyah, ..], Tasha [Tasya, Tosha, Tassie, Toshiana, ..], Tatiana [Tonya, Tetyana, Taziana, Tiatiana, ..], Tiana [Tiona, Tyana, Tyanna, Tionna, ..], Tonya [Toya, Latonya], Vanna [Vana, Lavanna, Vanetta], Vera [Veroshka, Verushka, Verochka, Veruschka, ..], Wava

Yalena - Zoya
Yalena [Lenya, Lenushka, Lenuschka, Lenyushka], Yarina [Yaryna, Yerina], Yekaterina [Ekaterina], Yelisabeta [Yelizabet, Yelisabetta, Yelizavetha], Yesenia [Yazenia, Yesemia, Yessenia, Yessenya], Yeva [Yevka], Yuliya [Yula, Yulka, Yulinka, Yulenka], Yuridiana, Zinaida [Zena, Zenaida, Zenaide, Zinaide], Zoya [Zoia, Zoyya, Zoyenka]