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Scandinavian baby names and what they mean, with 40 results. These girl names were at the apex of their popularity in 2005 (ADOPTION OF 1.1%) and are almost as common today (ADOPTION 0.9%, 12%), but with names such as Olga becoming somewhat dated. Dahlia (#412), Rayna (#724) and Mia (#6) are three of the more contemporarily stylish girl names in this compilation, while Boy (TOP 17%) and Guel (11%) are conventional last names. Here is the list of Scandinavian names for boys.

Scandinavian names

Aaricia - Larsen | Linnea - Wibeke

Aaricia - Larsen

"Proud, distinguished and noble princess." Aricia is a slightly favored birth name. See also Airicka.

"Forever." Aina (cf. Pina, Arana) is a popular -na suffix last name. See also Aila.

Anitra is common as a variation.

"Gorgeous, splendid, magnificient." Outside Top 2000.

Also a nickname or short form .. A children's name that is only intermittently used, Bo is found more commonly as a last name.

"Glorious, day's glory." Adoption of Dagmar peaked 125 years ago. A royal name in Denmark ..

"Valley." Dalia (upper 28%) and Dahlia (55%) are prevalent as feminine names, while Dahiana, Dahl, Dayha, Daleia and Dalla are rarely occurring. Also the flower named for 18th ..

"To grow." Gro is scantly used as a feminine name. From groa, or possibly from Celtic ..

"God rune." Gudrun is commonplace as a variant form. From guth and run ..

Pet form of names derived from .. Not Top 2000 name.

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Scandinavian names: Anitra, Dagmar, Dahlia, Gudrun, Halle

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Scandinavian names: Helga, Hulda, Inga, Ingrid, Karina

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Scandinavian names: Karmen, Kirsten, Kristina

Name made famous by actress Halle .. Halley (upper 4%) and Halle (10%) occur frequently as last names.

"Prosperous, successful; holy." Helle and forms were favored as baby names in the 1890s. From heilagr which can also mean ..

"Sweet, lovable; mole, weasel." Hulda and Huldah are generally used as versions. A Scandinavian name from huld. Biblical ..

"Guarded by Ing." Inga (top 23%), Inge (9%) and Inger (46%) exist often as surnames. Norse mythology ..

IngridIngrid, var. Inga2
"Ing's beauty." Ingrid and variants became less popular in 2015, dropping on average -7 rankings as baby names with Ingrid falling the most. Norse mythology ..

"Beloved." Kareen (upper 82%), Karena (76%), Karin (13%), Karina (18%) and Karine (69%) are frequently occurring as female names. Variant of Katherine ..

Variant of Carmen. Gender-neutral name. Popular as a birth name, Karmen is comparable to the common Kareen.

"Follower of Christ." Kirsten, Kirstynn, etc. became less popular last year, falling -562 rankings as children's names with Kirsten falling the most. Variant of Christine ..

"Follower of Christ." Khristina, Kristeena, Kristena, Kristiane and Kristianna are more unusual as variations of Kristina. Variant of Christina.

"Son of Lars." Unusual as baby names, but Larson, Larsen, etc. are comparable to the more conventional Carson. Lars is the Scandinavian form of ..

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Summary Index of names [and variants] for Scandinavian names for girls.

1. Aaricia - Larsen
Aaricia, Aina, Anitra, Berit, Bo, Dagmar, Dahlia, Gro, Gudrun, Gull, Halle, Helga, Hulda, Inga, Ingrid [Inga], Karina, Karmen, Kirsten, Kristina, Larsen

Linnea, Mia, Nilsine, Norell, Norna, Olga [Helga], Osma, Rayna, Signa, Silja, Siri, Solveig, Thora, Trina, Ula, Ulrika, Ursula, Valkyrie, Viveca, Wibeke

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