Sea Names from Cordula - Mairin

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Cordula 6 .. .. possibly from Welsh meaning "sea jewel" .. Rare as a name for baby girls. See also Cordella. [Cordulla, .. 2 more]

Damaris 7 .. .. who heard Paul speak at Mar's .. Damaris is frequently occurring (Top 30%) as a female name. The variation Maris is generally used as a variant form of Damaris. [Damalas, Damalis, Damara, Damariz, Dameryss, .. 14 more]

Daria 8 .. .. also means "the sea" in Persian .. Daria is a prevalent (Top 37%) feminine name, appearing frequently (Top 83%) as a last name according to the US Census. See also Dora. [Dari, Dariane, Dariele, Darienne, Darrelle, .. 12 more]

Doris 9 .. .. daughter of the sea god Oceanus .. Doris has trended downward in popularity as a baby name over time since 1920-1929. The forms Dorie and Dori are commonly used as variations of Doris. [Doree, Dori, Dorice, Dorita, Dorris, .. 11 more]

Dylana 10 .. Root fr. Welsh element. "Born from waves." Unique as a name for kids. The form Dylan is widely used as a variation of Dylana. Use of Dylan tends to be .. [Dillan, Dylan, .. 3 more]

Eppie 11 .. Derived fr. Greek, Hebrew, Persian elements. "Good to speak; my delight is .. ." A rare given name for girls. See also Evie. Pet form of Euphemia ..

Euphemia 12 .. Root fr. Greek language. "Good to speak." A somewhat scarce birth name. The forms Phoebe and Effie are widely used as versions of Euphemia. Latin form of a Greek name .. [Effam, Effemy, Effy, Ephan, Eufane, .. 17 more]

Genevieve 13 .. .. (Old German) white wave or (Celtic) .. Genevieve is recognizable (Top 8%) as a first name. The variations Jenny, Genoveva and Genevie are commonplace as variant forms of this name. [Gena, Geneva, Genevie, Gennie, Genoveva, .. 12 more]

Halcyone 14 .. .. laid its eggs on the sea .. A rare birth name for females. [Halcyon, .. 1 more]

Halimeda 15 .. Derivative of Greek word. "The sea." Rare as a birth name. The form Hallie is familiar as a variation of the name. [Halameda, Hallie, .. 4 more]

Ianthe 16 .. Mythology: a sea nymph, daughter of .. Seldom used as a baby name. [Iantha, Ianthia, .. 2 more]

Ionia 17 .. to the Ionian Sea and the .. Ionia is a unique female name. See also Sonia. [Eionia, .. 2 more]

Jennifer 18 .. .. , which also can mean "white waves" .. A very common choice for a birth name for females (#220 the past year), Jennifer also exists somewhat often as a last name. The variations Jenniffer, Jennefer, Jenifer, Jen and Gennie are commonplace as forms of Jennifer. [Genever, Genifer, Gennie, Geniffer, Jeffie, .. 32 more]

Kai 19 .. Derived fr. Hawaiian element. "The sea." Common choice for a given name for girls (#1000 the previous year), Kai also exists frequently as a surname. A name used for both genders. The variation Kaia is familiar as a form of Kai. See also Kay. [Kaia]

Kailani 20 .. Stems fr. Hawaiian word. "Sea and sky." A popular choice for a given name for girls. See also Kailene.

Lusca 21 .. given to a sea monster that .. Unique as a name for baby girls. See also Lujza.

Madeline 22 .. .. town on the Sea of Galilee .. The name Madeline has risen in favor with parents since 1970-1979. The variations Maude, Marlena, Magdalene, Madlyn, Madelyn, Maddie and Lynn are familiar as forms of the name. [Dalanna, Lina, Madalaina, Madalene, Maddelena, .. 58 more]

Magali 23 .. .. daughter of the sea or child .. Magali is recognizable (Top 83%) as a feminine name. See also Magli. [Magaley, Magalie, .. 2 more]

Magdalena 24 .. .. area near the sea of Galilee. Common as a given name (#976 last year), and also existing somewhat frequently as a surname. The variation Magdalen is widely used as a form of Magdalena. [Magdalen, Magdalene, .. 2 more]

Mairin 25 .. Derivative of Irish, Gaelic word. "Star of the sea." Scarcely used as a name for newborns. The variation Marin is commonplace as a form of this name. Máirín is a pet .. [Mairim, .. 1 more]

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Sea names: Damaris, Daria, Doris, Euphemia, Genevieve, Jennifer, Kai, Kailani, Madeline, Magdalena

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