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Sea Names from Daria - Kai

Page 2/8. 72 Sea names and what they mean, for sea, wave for females. Listing 6-15.

Daria .. Darya also means "the sea" in Persian ..
[Dari, Darian, Dariane, Darianna, Darice, .. 12 more]

Doris .. Mythology: a daughter of the sea god Oceanus ..
[Doree, Dori, Doria, Dorian, Dorice, .. 11 more]

Dylana .. (Welsh) "Born from waves." ..
[Dillan, Dillon, Dylan, Dylane, Dyllan]

Genevieve .. Possibly (Old German) "white wave" or (Celtic) "of the race of women" ..
[Gena, Genavieve, Geneva, Geneve, Geneveeve, .. 12 more]

Halcyone .. In ancient mythology, the kingfisher laid its eggs on the sea, which would then float on the water for the two weeks before the winter solstice .. During this time, the waves were always calm, hence the expression "halcyon days" to mean a time of tranquil happiness.
[Halcyon, Halcyona]

Halimeda .. (Greek) "The sea."
[Halameda, Halette, Hali, Hallie, Meda, .. 1 more]

Ianthe .. Mythology: a sea nymph, daughter of Oceanus ..
[Iantha, Ianthia, Ianthina, Janthia]

Ionia Place name: refers to the Ionian Sea and the Ionian Islands off Greece.
[Eionia, Ionija, Ionya]

Jennifer .. From Gwenhwyfar, which also can mean "white waves" ..
[Genever, Genifer, Genna, Genni, Gennie, .. 32 more]

Kai .. (Hawaiian) "The sea." ..

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Sea names: Daria, Doris, Genevieve, Jennifer, Kai

Daria, Doris, Genevieve, Jennifer and Kai are commonly used names, while Dylana, Halcyone, Halimeda, Ianthe and Ionia are rare in comparison. (2000 U.S. Census)

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