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Autumn 1 .. Derivative of English. "Season of harvest." Usage of Autumn as a birth name in 2014 was 0.6% less than a year ago. The fall season. See also related ..

Decembra 2 .. to the holiday season like Noel. Decembra was not a Top birth name in 2014.

Jorah 3 .. .. of the drought season with the .. Unusual, but Jorah is comparable to common last names Norah (upper 63%), Parah (75%), with the -rah suffix. See also Jorry.

Kaeya 4 .. .. to the rainy season in India .. Unusual, but Kaeya is similar to common -ya last names Palya (top 58%), Kaya (14%). See also Kaia.

Season 5 .. "Time of sowing." Not that prominent as a birth name nowadays, but Season is still recorded frequently as a feminine first name. Actress Season Hubley. See also Spring ..

Summer 6 .. The season used as a girl's .. Summer (cf. Nimmer, Blummer) is a common -mmer suffix surname. [Somer, Sommers, .. 1 more]

Winter 7 .. Season name. Spring, Summer, and Autumn .. Popular as last names, and Winter (upper 1%) is similar to common surnames Counter (upper 18%), Kunter (99%), which also end with -nter. [Wintar]

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