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Shadow Names

2 Shadow names and what they mean, for shadow for baby girls, listing 1-2.

Shadow ..

Zilla .. (Hebrew) "Shadow." ..
[Zila, Zillah, Zylia]

Popularity of Shadow baby names

Shadow and Zilla are rare names. (2000 U.S. Census)

Featured categories: black, blind, breath, brown, chase, color, complexion, cut, dye, echo, eye, fantasy, follower, grain, guard, guide, heart, idol, illusion, image, japan, match, measure, mirror, mist, model, obscure, point, portrait, promise, protection, reflection, refuge, rest, round, screen, servant, shape, shelter, sign, soul, spirit, track, twin, vision.

Anima ..

Aura .. The word is used to describe the atmosphere surrounding an individual.
[Aure, Aurea, Auria, Auriana, Ora, .. 1 more]

Charmaine .. Also possibly a variant of the older form Charmian, the name of one of Cleopatra's attendants in Shakespeare's "Anthony and Cleopatra", and influenced by names such as Germaine ..
[Char, Charamy, Charamalique, Chari, Charma, .. 22 more]

Angel .. Angel is common as an American Black girl's name.
[Ang, Angelea, Angle]

Cecilia .. (Latin, Old Welsh) "Blind." .. The feminine form is more popular than the male form because of the blind Saint Cecilia (second or third century) virgin martyr known as the patron saint of music ..
[C'Ceal, Cacelia, Ceceilia, Ceceley, Ceceli, .. 84 more]

Abelia .. (Hebrew) "Breath, vapour." ..
[Abella, Abelle]

Armona .. (Hebrew) "Chestnut brown."

Bunty .. From a dialectal pet name for a little lamb, from "bunt", meaning "to butt gently" ..

Ilka .. Writer Ilka Chase.
[Ilke, Milka]

Rabab .. (Arabic) "Pale cloud."

Tawny .. Tawny and its variants probably are meant for a particular pronunciation of Tanya (taw- rather than tah-), or they refer to the literal meaning of tawny, the warm sandy color of a lion's coat.
[Tahnee, Taney, Tawna, Tawney, Tawnee, .. 5 more]

Afra .. (Hebrew, Arabic) "Color of earth." ..
[Affera, Affery, Affra, Aphra]

Laila .. Usually refers to dark hair or a dark complexion ..
[Laela, Laliah, Lailie, Laily, Laleh, .. 2 more]

Amit .. (Hebrew) "Comrade, friend."

Hafsa .. Name of a seventh-century person chosen, after Muhammad's death, to be the keeper of the first written copy of the Koran.
[Hafsah, Hafza]

Cliona .. In later tradition she becomes a fairy queen, honored at Cliodhna "Cliona's Rock", Cork.
[Cleona, Clio, Cliodhna]

Crystal .. The English word for the clear glass, sometimes cut into the shape of a gemstone ..
[Christal, Christalene, Christalin, Christall, Christalle, .. 70 more]

Liv .. (Old Norse) "Defense." ..


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