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Sarah - Sharon

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Sarah 1 .. Biblical: originally called Sarai, Sarah was the wife of Abraham .. Usage of Sarah as a baby name is commonplace (#50 the previous year). Sarah also exists somewhat frequently as a surname. The variations Shari, Sarita, Sarai and Salley are familiar as forms of Sarah. [Sadee, Sadella, Sadellia, Sadye, .. , Shara, .. 61 more]

Shari 2 .. Variant of Sarah or phonetic form of Sherry. An occasionally used birth name nowadays, though occurring frequently as a first name among women in the community according to the US Census. See also Shery. [Shara, Sharae, Sharelle, .. 1 more]

Sharon 3 .. Biblical place name: refers to flat land at the foot of Mount Carmel .. Well-known as a birth name for girls (#879 in 2014), and also existing somewhat regularly as a last name. The variations Sherron, Sharyn, Sharolyn, Shari and Shara are generally used as variant forms of Sharon. [Charin, Cheron, Shara, Sharan, .. , .. 23 more]

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[Sarah - Sharon]
Sarah [Zara, Shari, Shara, Sydel, Zahra, Zaria, Zarah, Sorcha, Zarita, Sydelle, ..], Shari [Shara, Sharae, Sharee, Sharelle], Sharon [Sheran, Sharyn, Sheron, Sherri, Sheryn, Sherry, Sharron, Sherron, Sherynn, Sharronne, ..]