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Mabel 46 .. .. Singer Mabel Mercer. Mabel has faded in favor as a name for children over the years. The variation Maybell is familiar as a variant form of Mabel. [Amabel, Amable, Amayble, Mable, Maybell, .. 8 more]

Macy 47 .. .. to Lacy. Pop singer Macy Gray. A name suitable for both women and men. The name Macy has risen in popularity as a baby name over the years. The variation Macie is generally used as a variant form of Macy. [Macee, Macie, .. 4 more]

Madonna 48 .. .. modern times by singer/actress Madonna .. Usage of the name Madonna as a name for children has decreased over time. See also Ladonna. [Madona]

Mahalia 49 .. .. Singer Mahalia Jackson. Mahalia is prevalent (Top 97%) as a given name. See also Mohala. [Mahala, Mahali, Mahalla, .. 6 more]

Mandy 50 .. .. Pop singer Mandy Moore. Mandy has diminished in favor as a given name for baby girls over the years since 1970. The variation Mandie is prevalent as a variant form of this name. [Manda, .. 2 more]

Maria 51 .. .. due to singer Mariah Carey. Maria .. Very widely favored as a given name (#115 in 2014), and also occurring somewhat regularly as a last name. The forms Marya and Marie are generally used as versions of Maria. [Maree, Marialena, Marie, Marietta, Marja, .. 12 more]

Marian 52 .. .. Singer Marian Anderson; Robin Hood's love .. An intermittently used name for baby girls, but used somewhat commonly as a surname. The variations Maryann and Mariam are widely used as variant forms of this name. [Mariam, Marion, .. 4 more]

Marie 53 .. .. singer Marie Osmond. A popularly used birth name for girls (#579 the previous year), Marie also occurs somewhat often as a surname. See also Marje. [Maree]

Mary 54 .. .. Mary Matalin; pop singer Mary J .. Marie and Marian have decreased in popularity as names for girls over time since 1900. The forms Mollie, Mimi, Maurita, Marylin, Maryann, Marita, Mariette, Mariel, Mariana, Mara and Maire are familiar as variations of Mary. [Mair, Maire, Mallie, Manette, Mara, .. 98 more]

Melba 55 .. surname by opera diva Nellie Melba .. Melba is a recognizable (Top 12%) feminine name. See also Mella. [Malva, .. 2 more]

Melissa 56 .. .. Singer Melissa Manchester; actress Melissa Gilbert .. The name Melissa has grown progressively more popular as a name for baby girls. The variations Missy, Millie, Mellie and Lisa are commonly used as variant forms of Melissa. [Lisa, Malissa, Melesa, Melicia, Melise, .. 26 more]

Michelle 57 .. .. Sara Michelle Gellar; singer Me'Shell N'Degé .. The name Michelle has surged in popularity as a baby name over time. The variations Mickie, Micheline, Michal and Mia are common as forms of Michelle. [Chelle, M'chelle, Me'Shell, Micaela, Michaeline, .. 31 more]

Mignon 58 .. .. Opera singer Mignon Dunne. Usage is irregular as a given name for girls now. Mignon is still found regularly as a first name among females of all ages according to the US Census. [Mignonette, Mingnon, .. 3 more]

Mireio 59 .. .. Singer Mireille Mathieu. Unusual as a birth name. The variation Mirella is popular as a form of Mireio. [Mireilla, Mirell, Mirelle, .. 5 more]

Miriam 60 .. .. Singer Miriam Makeba. Miriam is a prevalent (Top 7%) feminine name. The forms Mitzi and Maryam are familiar as versions of this name. [Mairim, Meriam, Mirham, Mirjam, Miryam, .. 13 more]

Missy 61 .. Pop singer Missy Elliott. An occasionally used name for newborns nowadays, but Missy is still recorded frequently as a first name among females of all ages according to the US Census. See also Micky. [Missie]

Monserrat 62 .. .. Opera diva Montserrat Caballe. The name Monserrat has gained increasing favor with parents since 1880. The variation Montserrat is familiar as a variant form of Monserrat. [Montserrat]

Natalie 63 .. .. Wood, Natalie Portman; singer Natalie Cole. Natalie is a common (Top 5%) female name, appearing commonly (Top 79%) as a last name according to the US Census. The variations Nettie, Nathalie, Natalya and Natalee are familiar as variant forms of Natalie. [Nastassja, Nat, Natale, Natalee, Natalene, .. 41 more]

Nicole 64 .. .. Singer Nicolette Larson; actress Nicole Kidman. The name Nicole has risen in popularity over time since 1880-1889. The forms Nikole, Nikia, Nicolasa, Nickole and Nettie are generally used as variations of Nicole. [Cole, Lacole, Nettie, Niceole, Nicholle, .. 46 more]

Nora 65 .. .. Nora Ephron; pop singer Norah Jones. The name Nora has risen in favor as a name for kids since 2000. The form Norah is prevalent as a variation of the name. [Lanora, Noora, Norelle, .. 5 more]

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Singer names: Mabel, Macy, Madonna, Mandy, Maria, Marian, Marie, Mary, Melba, Melissa

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Singer names: Michelle, Miriam, Missy, Monserrat, Natalie, Nicole, Nora

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