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Singer Names

Page 6/7. 121 Singer names and what they mean, for singer for baby girls, listing 101-120. Roberta, Rosemary, Sade, Sarah, Selena, Shana, Sheena, Sheryl, Tammy, Tanya, Tina, Tori, Tracy, Tricia, Whitney and Winona are commonly used names, while Shadiya, Shania, Sinead and Trilby are rare in comparison.

Roberta .. Singers Roberta Peters, Roberta Flack.
[Baubie, Berdie, Berta, Bertie, Berty, .. 48 more]

Rosemary .. Singer Rosemary Clooney.
[Romy, Rosemaree, Rosemarey, Rosemaria, Rosemarie, .. 2 more]

Sade .. The Nigerian singer Sade has influenced popularity of the name and the shar-DAY pronunciation ..
[Sada, Sadia, Sadina]

Sarah .. Singer Sarah Vaughn ..
[Sadee, Sadella, Sadelle, Sadellia, Sadie, .. 61 more]

Selena .. Late Latin pop singer Selena.
[Caleen, Caleena, Calina, Celene, Celenia, .. 25 more]

Shadiya .. "Singer." ..
[Shadai, Shade, Shadi, Shadia, Shadya]

Shana .. Singer Shania Twain.
[Lashana, Shan, Shanah, Shanda, Shandi, .. 3 more]

Shania .. Made popular due to country-western singer Shania Twain.

Sheena .. Made popular by singer Sheena Easton.
[Sheenagh, Sheenah, Sheina, Shena, Shiona, .. 3 more]

Sheryl .. Singer Sheryl Crow ..
[Cheralin, Cheralyn, Cheralynne, Cherilynn, Sharell, .. 19 more]

Sinead .. Sinead was made familiar to Americans by singer Sinead O'Connor ..
[Shinead, Seonald, Sina, Sine]

Tammy .. Singer Tammy Wynette ..
[Tam, Tami, Tamie, Tamilyn, Tamlyn, .. 5 more]

Tanya .. Country singer Tanya Tucker.
[Tahna, Tahnee, Tahni, Tahnia, Tahnya, .. 14 more]

Tina .. Rock singer Tina Turner ..
[Teena, Teenie, Teina, Tena, Tinamarie, .. 2 more]

Tori .. Pop singer Tori Amos.
[Torey, Toria, Toriana, Torie, Torree, .. 6 more]

Tracy .. Singer Tracy Chapman ..
[Trace, Tracee, Tracey, Traci, Tracie, .. 4 more]

Tricia .. Singer Trisha Yearwood.
[Latrisha, Treasha, Trichia, Tris, Trisa, .. 6 more]

Trilby Literary name coined in the early 20th century: Trilby was the main character of the eponymous novel and play who became a great singer ..
[Trilbea, Trilbee, Trilbeigh, Trilbey, Trilbie, .. 1 more]

Whitney .. Singer/actress Whitney Houston.
[Whiteney, Whitnea, Whitneigh, Whitnee, Whitni, .. 6 more]

Winona .. Made familiar in modern times by actress Winona Ryder and country singer Wynonna Judd.
[Wenona, Wenonah, Winnie, Winnona, Winoena, .. 5 more]

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Singer names: Roberta, Rosemary, Sade, Sarah, Selena, Shana, Shania, Sheena, Sheryl, Sinead

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Singer names: Tammy, Tanya, Tina, Tori, Tracy, Tricia, Whitney, Winona

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