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Barrie - Rowena

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Barrie 1 .. .. the fame of Sir James Barrie .. Rather unusual as a baby name, Barrie is used more often as a last name. [Bari, .. 1 more]

Belinda 2 .. .. was used by Sir John Vanbrugh .. Belinda, Belle, Linda and Lindy are commonplace as variations. [Bel, Belle, Bellynda, Bindy, Lindy, .. 7 more]

Charmian 3 .. .. took it from Sir Thomas North's .. Unconventional. Compare Charmin, var., and popular last names Chargin (Upper 73%), Chaman (82%), which also begin with Ch-. [Charmin, Charmyan, Sharmian, Sharmyane, .. 4 more]

Imogen 4 .. .. play "Cymbeline" and Sir Walter Scott's .. Not Top 1000 names. [Emogen, .. 6 more]

Lynette 5 .. .. tales, Lynette accompanied Sir Gareth on .. Adoption of Lynetta and forms peaked in the 1960s and has become lower, with Lynnette and Lynette becoming less trendy. [Lanette, Linett, Linette, Linnet, Lynelle, Lynessa, Lynetta, Lynnet, Lynnette, .. 1 more]

Rowena 6 .. .. two heroines in Sir Walter Scott's .. A somewhat offbeat birth name nowadays, but Rowena still exists often as a feminine first name. [Rhowena, Roweena, Rowina, .. 2 more]

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[Barrie - Rowena]
Barrie [2], Belinda [12], Charmian [8], Imogen [7], Lynette [10], Rowena [5]