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Bronte 6 .. Literary: transferred use of the surname of the sisters Charlotte, Emily, and Anne .. A scarce given name.

Careen 7 .. The younger sister of Scarlet .. Careen is scarcely used as a first name. See also Carynn. [Carreen, .. 1 more]

Decca 8 .. It was famous as the Mitford family nickname for the journalist sister Jessica, and as a defunct American record label. Decca is rare as a female name. See also Mecca. [Decka, .. 1 more]

Eithne 9 .. Saint Ethenia, a daughter of King Laoghaire, was one of Saint Patrick's first converts, together with her sister Fidelma. Unique as a name for babies. See also Aithne. [Aine, Ena, Ethnah, Ethni, .. 7 more]

Elodie 10 .. Saint Elodia or Alodia was a ninth-century Spanish martyr along with her sister Nunilo. Rare as a given name for baby girls. See also Elidia. [Elodea, Helodea, .. 4 more]

Eris 11 .. Mythology: goddess of discord and destruction, and sister of Ares the god of war. Eris is an unusual female name. See also Cris. [Aeress, Eriss, .. 2 more]

Fay 12 .. Fay and Fay have trended downward in popularity as names for girls over time. A name suitable for both genders. The form Fae is commonly used as a variation of Fay. Late 19th-century coinage, influenced by the legend of King Arthur, in which Morgan le Fay, his half-sister, is a mysterious sorceress also known as "Lady of the Lake" .. [Fae, Fayanna, Fei, .. 5 more]

Hope 13 .. Was favored for sisters by Puritans and Catholics .. The name Hope has risen in favor with parents. See also Hebe.

Irene 14 .. Saint Irene (fourth century) was one of the three sisters martyred for their faith in Macedonia .. Popular as a birth name (#668 in 2014), and also occurring somewhat regularly as a surname. The forms Rina and Irina are commonly used as versions of Irene. [Aireen, Airina, Eiren, Erena, Irayna, .. 23 more]

Isis 15 .. Sister to Osiris and mother of Horus. The name Isis has become progressively more popular as a given name for girls. See also Iris.

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