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Sky Names

12 Sky names related to or that mean sky for girls, listing Sky baby names 1-12. Amber, Carina, Lani, Raina and Skye are popular names. Azure, Cyanea, Itzel, Jovana, Kailani, Kalani and Keilani are uncommon names. View Sky baby names below for name meanings or search Sky names for boys.

Amber ... meaning "the sky" ...
[Ambar, Ambereen, Amberetta, Ambre, Ambur]

Azure ... "Sky blue." ...
[Azor, Azora, Azura, Azuree, Azurine, ... 2 more]

Carina ... Often used in Italy in the exclamation "Che carina!" meaning, "How darling!" or "How cute!" Also the name of a constellation in the southern sky ...
[Careena, Caren, Carena, Carenna, Cariana, ... 11 more]

Cyanea ... "Sky blue."

Itzel ... "Star of the aurora sky." ...

Jovana ... "father of the sky" ...
[Jeovanna, Jovanna, Jovena, Jovina, Jovita]

Kailani ... "Sea and sky."

Kalani ... "The heavens, sky; royal one."
[Kailani, Kalana, Kalaine, Kaloni]

Keilani ... "Heaven, sky; glorious and royal one."

Lani ... "Sky."

Raina ... Modern use also refers to rain from the sky.
[Raenah, Raene, Rainah, Raine, Rainee, ... 19 more]

Skye ... Sky and Skye are used as nicknames for Skyler and Skylar ... and possibly in reference to the Isle of Skye in Scotland.
[Skie, Sky, Skyla]

Related words: brow, crown, heaven, heavens, point, rise. Partial list of 8 results related to sky below. Click on above related words for more results.

Eilwen ... Possibly from ael "brow" or ail "just like" ...

Celia ... probably from "caelum" meaning "heaven" ...
[Ceil, Cele, Celie, Fecelia]

Adeola ... "The crown brings honor."
[Adola, Dola]

Miriam ... who saved his life as a baby when she hid him in a basket among the rushes at the river's edge for the Pharoah's daughter to find ...
[Mairim, Mariam, Maryam, Meriam, Meryam, ... 13 more]

Araceli ... "Altar of heaven; heavenly homemaker." ...
[Aracelia, Aracely, Aracelis, Arcelia, Arcilla, ... 3 more]

Regina ... "Queen of the Heavens" ...
[Gina, Raina, Raine, Regan, Regeena, ... 16 more]

Massima ... From the same root as "maximum" and Maximilian.

Top 1000 ranking of Sky names: Amber, Carina, Itzel, Kailani, Raina, Skye


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