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Slave Names

10 Slave names and what they mean, for slave for baby girls, listing 1-10. Here is the list of Slave names for boys.

Ariadne .. Saint Ariadne of Phrygia (second century) was a slave who became a martyr ..
[Arene, Aria, Ariadna, Ariana, Ariane, .. 9 more]

Auriel .. A name used for slaves in the Roman Empire, perhaps as a descriptive term.
[Aureola, Aureole, Auriol, Oriel, Oriole]

Bathilda .. She was canonized for opposing the then-flourishing slave trade, and also for founding a convent.
[Bathild, Bathilde, Batilda, Batilde, Berthilda, .. 3 more]

Blanda .. Saint Blandina was a second-century martyr and slave girl.
[Blandina, Blandine]

Cinnamon .. Modern name, though it has been recorded as a masculine slave name in the 18th century ..
[Cynnamon, Sinemmon, Sinnamon]

Daphne .. It came to America as a slave name ..
[Daffi, Daffie, Daffy, Dafna, Dafne, .. 7 more]

Eliza .. Literary: name of the escaping slave in "Uncle Tom's Cabin", and Cockney flower girl Eliza Dolittle in "My Fair Lady" ..
[Aliza, Alizah, Elisa, Elizah, Elyza, .. 5 more]

Kizzy .. Use of Kezia and its variants can be traced back to slave names since the 18th century.
[Kissie, Kizzie]

Melanie .. Religion: Saint Melania was a wealthy heiress and philantrophist of the fourth and fifth century who freed thousands of slaves and engaged in lifelong good works ..
[Malaney, Malanie, Mel, Mela, Melaina, .. 25 more]

Shaneika .. Modern name that sounds like Ashanti, the name of the place in Africa that was home to many American slaves ..
[Shandee, Shandeigh, Shandey, Shandeya, Shanecka, .. 19 more]

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Slave names: Daphne, Eliza, Kizzy, Melanie

Daphne, Eliza, Kizzy and Melanie are commonly used names, while Ariadne, Auriel, Bathilda, Blanda, Cinnamon and Shaneika are rare in comparison. (2000 U.S. Census)

Featured categories: agent, follower, handmaid, instrument, servant.

Bay .. Also a plant name: the term "bay" is used for several different kinds of trees, including the bay laurel, whose leaves are used as a herb and flavouring agent, and were also twined into wreaths by the Greeks, to crown victors ..

Abra .. Biblical: King Solomon's favorite concubine was named Abra ..
[Abame, Abarrane, Abrah, Abrahana]

Chiara .. Name of several Italian saints, most notably Clare of Assisi (13th century), and follower of Francis of Assisi and founder of the order of nuns known as the Poor Clares ..
[Chiarina, Chiarra, Kiara, Kiarra]

Abigail .. She referred to herself as David's "handmaid", and her name became widely used as a term for a lady's maid ..
[Abagael, Abagail, Abagale, Abageal, Abagil, .. 36 more]

Allyriane .. The lyre was a stringed instrument, a predecessor of today's harp or guitar.

Jewel .. "Plaything, delight." ..
[Jewelene, Jewelisa, Jewell, Jewella, Jewelle, .. 2 more]

Paige .. "Young servant." ..
[Padget, Padgett, Page, Paget, Pagett, .. 1 more]

Edda .. Norse mytholgy: Edda was an old woman who became pregnant by the god Heimdallr and gave birth to Thrall, ancestor of the class of serfs ..


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