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Society Names

3 Society names related to or that mean society for girls, listing Society baby names 1-3. Belinda and Ignacia are popular names. Tacy is an uncommon name. View Society baby names below for name meanings or search Society names for boys.

Belinda ... It was used by Sir John Vanbrugh for a character in his comedy "The Provok'd Wife" (1697) and by Alexander Pope for the society beauty in his poem "The Rape of the Lock" (1712) ...
[Bel, Belenda, Belindra, Belle, Bellinda, ... 7 more]

Ignacia ... founder of the Society of Jesus, or Jesuits.
[Ignatia, Ignazia, Iniga]

Tacy ... Initially used as a given name by the Society of Friends, the Quakers.
[Tace, Tacey, Tacia, Tacie, Tacitha, ... 1 more]

Related words: band, branch, church, clan, class, combination, company, culture, estate, family, friendship, mankind, order, race, ring, settlement, sheep, state, system. Partial list of 17 results related to society below. Click on above related words for more results.

Lucretia ... The name of a Roman matron who committed suicide in public protest against dishonor ...
[Crecia, Lachresa, Lacreash, Lacrecia, Lacresha, ... 20 more]

Santana ... Name of a rock band famous in the 60s and 70s.

Zona ... The name of the stars that make up the belt in the constellation of Orion.

Elizabeth ...
[Alixyveth, Babette, Beileag, Belita, ... , Biff, ... 184 more]

Pandora ... She was given charge of a mysterious box and told not to open it ... she opened the box ...
[Dora, Doura, Pandorah, Panndora, Pandorra, ... 1 more]

Alexandra ... Used in the English royal family and its many branches ...
[Alandra, Alastrina, Alastriona, Alejanda, Alejandra, ... 106 more]

Alice ... daughter of the Dean of Christ Church, Oxford ...
[Adelice, Adelisa, Ailie, Aillie, Allis, ... 95 more]

Mariko ... "Ball, circle."

Ayla ... Literary: Ayla is the heroine of Jean Auel's "Clan of the Cave Bear" series.

Arabella ... where it has an upper-class aura ...
[Ara, Arabel, Arabela, Arabelle, Arbela, ... 12 more]

Sierra ... The name is also associated with environmental concerns due to the Sierra Club.
[Ciara, Ciera, Cierra, Siera]

Alma ... "Alma mater" is the term for a college or university ...
[Almah, Allma]

Arabella ... A ship named the Arbella brought a group of Puritan English aristocrats to the Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1630 ...
[Ara, Arabel, Arabela, Arabelle, Arbela, ... 12 more]

Alvarita Combination of Alva and Rita.

Candia ... founder of the chocolate company.

Varina ... hero of the Confederacy.

Chelsea ... Possibly linked with British pop culture of the late 1960s and songs like Joni Mitchell's "Chelsea Morning" ...
[Celsea, Chel, Chelci, Chelcie, Chelcy, ... 26 more]

Top 1000 ranking of Society names: Belinda


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